Saturday, November 14, 2009

Why did they have to make 7 am so flippin early?

So here I am up at the ungodly hour of 7 A.M. Why? Why you ask. Why would you drag your oh so tired butt out of bed at that hour of the morning? The answer my friends is simple. I do it for you. I have a wedding to attend this afternoon and you know what that means? Oh yeah, a wedding reception tonight. And we all know how that goes around here. And if you're new to my blog and missed the last wedding I attended, you can read about it here. I don't know if this wedding will top that one, but I'm sure it's going to try. And I wanted to get my posting done before my day really started.

Which is why I am up at 7 am. This is the time my hubby gets up on weekends. So I shut off the alarm, grumble something about coffee and head for the bathroom. Finished there, I shuffle to the kitchen where coffee is brewing, but not done. And my hubby has just finished feeding the cats. The following conversation (if you can call it that) ensues...

Hubby: So someone missed a feeding and we're back to opening a can of cat food at night.

Me: hmphy;ljysdjf?

Hubby: I just want to remind you that Special Kitty cans don't go in the recycling. They get thrown away.

Me: the only can I put in recycling lately was a Friskies.

Hubby: You mean 9 Lives?

Me: No. Friskies.

Hubby: well it's Special Kitty that's in the cabinet now.

Me: *huffily opening the cabinet and pulling out a Friskies can* Friskies!!

Hubby: Well the one I pulled out today was Special Kitty.

Me: Yes, because I bought those in the 4-pack but they don't like the same food all the time so I intermixed some Friskies cans and are we done here?! *imagine my voice rising to a whine at the end*

Hubby: Just don't put the wrong cans in the recycling. (So apparently 9 Lives and Special Kitty cans are not made of aluminium but some kind of radioactive teflon coated kryptonite or something because this is the only reason I can come up with for him yelling at me about something so ridiculous this early in the morning)*

Me: I'm going to go write now before the voices force me to hurt you. *shuffles off to cave*

*In my hubby's defense, he probably wasn't yelling, but did I mention it was 7 freakin A.M. and that I am not a morning person? And he tried to make it up to me by bringing me coffee when it was done??

The Stephen King book is phenomenal. I stayed up way too late last night reading. I don't know how he creates so many well fleshed out characters. This must be where the index cards and post-its come in handy because half the time I have to page back through the novel I'm writing to remember what I named a character. Next time I write a novel, I think I might have to make a better system first. I'm up to over 14,000 words. Not where I need to be but I'll catch up. Lulu read it when she came home the other day and when she got done she was all "OMG. That's just creepy! Do you know what's going to happen? Because there seems to be a lot of foreshadowing." Of course I know what's going to happen. Kind of. I have a general idea when I sit down and then it just comes out. Like my brain thinks about it on autopilot all the time and I don't even realize it. And you have to foreshadow. It's my favorite writer tool thing. Anyway, I just wanted her to make sure it flows and apparently it does. Yay!

But back to Stephen King...I'm on page 185 and the death toll is rising. Muahahaha. It's a pretty interesting concept he's using. And I just wonder how he came up with it. I wonder if he ever wonders how other people come up with things? Like when 30 Days of Night came out. Was he all Vampires. In Alaska. Where it stays dark for 30 whole days. Genius!!! Because that's how I was.

Went to dinner with a group of friends and family last night. Then we went to see 2012. It was nonstop edge of your seat the entire time! And the special effects were ah-mazing! I really liked the movie. My friend Brandi said she hated it because she was so nervous through the whole thing. My friend Roxy had an even worse reaction. She really doesn't handle disaster movies well apparently. But my family loved it!

Okay, gotta go...but in the interest of foreshadowing...the wedding tonight? Let's just say that one of the women who will be there tried to get her hands on my man a couple of years ago. If she so much as looks in his direction...there may be trouble. And you'll get to hear all about it tomorrow. Who's got bail money?? Just kidding...I like my revenge way more subtle...



  1. First in a big smooshed mass of cans how is one little kitty can going to make that much difference. I mean come on what are they going to say " oh no. You can't recycle that now. There is one tiny amount of none aluminm in it". Ha ha
    In my defense regarding the movie, I get way to engrossed and it didn't help that I understood the geology they were talking about. And I'm a wuss I guess.

  2. I want to see 2012. I may do that soon. Cat food cans...hmm, I dunno too much about the whole recycling thing but I don't think they would ban you from recycle world if you accidentally got one non-whatever can in the mix. I hope at least one (ME) of your adoring fans (ME) gets to check out your (ME) novel when its finished (ME)

  3. Roxy~ Yeah, no idea about the can thing. Maybe there's a red light and a buzzer and a computerized voice that shouts "Malfunction! Not pure aluminium!" No idea.

    Mark~ I don't know, could you be a little more clear on who should get to read my novel? I really don't get subtlety...lmao! When it's presentable, which it's not currently. ;]


  4. Ok, so over on Booshy you said your husband is a fun sucker. I now love you. I use that term to describe my husband all. the. time. Looking forward to reading more of your site, but I had to immediately zip over here when I read your comment.

  5.'s Sunday...did you go all WWF on that man-stealer at the wedding? Got to love wedding receptions! =)
    And I am that nervous person at the movies. I just get all uncomfortable when I don't know what's going to happen next. You should have seen me at I Am Legend. I practically planted myself in my husband's seat...while he was still sitting there. I hated it and loved it all at the same time. Oh, and good job on your 14,000 words! That's huge! =)

  6. Great job on getting feedback for your NaNo novel, 14,000 words is awesome!!

    I can't wait to see 2012, disaster movies are my absolute favorite. Loved, The Day after Tomorrow.

    I'll have to read what you did last wedding and now you are MIA? Writing, reading, or recovering...that is some serious foreshadowing! :-)

  7. There's a 7 am? I don't remember it!
    I'd be in a fighting mood too!
    He should know better than to talk to a person (of our nature) before coffee.

  8. Sooo ... do I need to worry that you have not posted anything about yer weddin'??

    I remember all too well the last sordid story that came out regarding your attendance at another ceremony...

    I was without internet this weekend and couldn't check in on my buds ... good thing I had a good book to keep me entertained ...

    I wanna be on the list of peeps to view your book too ... I'll buy it too when it gets published - but I am friggen curious now.

  9. Amy~ hello and welcome! Please feel free to look around and stay and join the fun. My commenters are an amazingly fun group of people and write some awesome blogs themselves! And yes, he's a fun sucker!

    Mindy~ Love I Am Legend! Sean and I went to see it as soon as it opened. Made him watch the original movie made from the book, it's an old Vincent Price movie before hand. Talk about special effects upgrades! Thanks for the encouragement!

    Angelia~ I loved that movie too! We own it, in fact. Me & the kids love disaster movies as well and 2012 did not dissapoint! Thanks for the encouragement!

    Heather~ That's what I'm saying! Really? And to fuss at me that early in the morning. I'm not sure what he was thinking!

    Danica~ without internet??!! Now that's a scary thought! are on the list!

    And now to post my wedding experience...

  10. I'd totally back you'd be a throw down...can I use the cake?

  11. Ha. I loved your reaction to hubby: "hmphy;ljysdjf?"

    I wud've just stuck with that. And looked at him as if he's speaking another language altogether, which he kinda was...given the hour and all.

    Did you ever read King's Gunslinger series?