Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I think I might be dying and it's all Lulu's boyfriends fault.

I feel like I'm dying. I have since yesterday afternoon. Intense sore throat, fever, chills, muscle ache, sneezing, stuffy nose, cough, headache, tummmyache, tight chest. Sounds like flu, huh? Feels like flu. Or when the chills hit, death. Here is the text convo I had with Lulu last night~

Me: I'm soooo sick.

Lu: So's Luke. What symptoms?

Me: Sore throat, like I can't swallow. Fever. Chills. Achey. Headache. Tummy ache. Cough. Sneezing. Runny/stuffy nose.

Lu: Wow. You just described him to a "T"! Wait! Did you all make out or something?

Me: Oooops...

Lu: Bitch!

Me: Um. No. He's sooo not my type.

Lu: I know. But since he got sick yesterday you must of got it from him.

Me: If it's swine flu, I'm going to kill him.

And then I went to bed. And was so miserable I didn't even sleep. I hate that! Especially since Hubby was sleeping fine! And snoring. But he was very nice to make my tea w/honey and tuck me into bed last night with an extra blanket because my teeth were chattering. Of course then the fever went down and I had to shuck off the extra blanket and the socks and the sweatshirt because I thought I might die of heat exhaustion.

Anyway...I read blogs this morning. But witty commentary seems to be eluding me so I'm sorry, but not comments from me today. And this is all your getting for a blog. Because I just sneezed all over my keyboard and monitor (it took me by surprise) and now I'm going to have to wipe it all down with a lysol wipee. And I'm pretty sure that will take the last bit of energy I possess. And I can't even call for help, because I have no voice either. Sean finds this hysterical.

Take care, and hopefully I'll be back tomorrow...


  1. I am so sorry to hear you are feeling so miserable.

    Get better soon ... we'll all miss your usual fun reads.

  2. Bad germs! Bad! Leave Spot alone!

    Hey, hope you get well soon, sending you some feel better vibes.

    I just found your witty blog, you can't DIE on me!

  3. So sorry your sick!

    Your post sounds like a Nyquil commercial! LOL

    No dying allowed, you have a book to finish and we would miss you terribly.

  4. Oh, sweetie! I'm so sorry you're ill! I TOLD you not to make out with Lulu's bf!! (Oops...did I say that out loud?) The guys just can't resist you....we seriously have to work on this.

    Rest, fluids...you know the drill. Even tho as a mom, we're technically not allowed to get sick...

  5. I'm so sorry you're sick!

    *Offers you some chicken soup*

    I hope you feel better!

  6. Well, crap. Hope you're back to your sarcastic, er, witty self tomorrow. Feel better soon! And stop kissing your daughter's boyfriend. That is so 10 years ago. =)

  7. Spot, feel better real soon. The NANOWRIMO people will want a doctors note so if you're fakin it they will know! Get some rest and drink some more of hubby's tea with honey.

  8. Thank you all for all the comments and well wishes!