Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The one where we discuss my work and other things...

I know my children are nearly adults. They know they are nearly adults. Somehow they just forget to act like it sometimes. And they still don't seem to realize that "working from home" includes the key phrase "working". Because I'm home most days, it still seems to fall to me to cook, clean & run our lives. You know; schedule doctors appts, grocery shop, deal with insurance, balance checkbooks, make travel arrangements, keep the calendar updated so people know when they're coming and going and who else is where. Oh and keep bored people entertained. And this is why my Facebook statuses so often proclaim that I'm incredibly happy to be home alone. Those are the days when I get things done. Those are the days when I spend from the time I get up until the time I go to bed working. And even after I go to bed if I'm reading an upcoming review book on my Kindle. Here are a few conversations we've had about my work lately:

Lu: (after coming home from work around 10 pm) Did you even call the insurance lady today?

Me: Of course I called her. Why would you think that I wouldn't?

Lu: Because you were working when I mentioned it before I left and when you work you're in your own little world so I wasn't sure you even heard me.

Me: It's called time management. I come up for air around 11:30 and take a shower, eat lunch and do any pressing household business before going back to work. But your utter lack of confidence in my abilities is heartwarming. Thanks.

After Sean got home from Scouts:

Sean: So all the guys were complaining about their mornings today and I told them how hard mine was. How I had to roll out of bed at 8:30 and then I had to eat Pop-tarts even though I hate them because you wouldn't make me breakfast.

Me: I was working. And you're a big boy.

Sean: Then they all wanted to know why you were still home at that time so I had to explain that you work at home and how you're a writer and all. They were hugely impressed.

Me: Aw. Thanks.

Sean: Well they were impressed until I told them about how you never used to burn supper and now you do it all the time because you're so caught up in work.

Me: Thanks. Thanks for that.

And this convo:

*Lu's friend at work recently had a boy baby and now the two of them are always joking about who will have a girl first.*

Lu: I told S about how you said I should probably get married before I had any more babies and we were laughing. She said you and Luke were probably in cahoots and you probably had my wedding dress stashed in your closet somewhere.

Me: I would never buy your wedding dress without you. But I might refuse to buy it at all if you continue having babies and don't marry the poor guy. Besides, there's no room in my closet.

Lu: I told her yeah, you'd tell me to put it on some day and say we were going out to eat and the next thing I'd know I'd be standing in front of the courthouse with a ring on my finger and a marriage certificate.

Me: Who wears a wedding dress out to eat??

Sean was just laughing through this conversation.

Me: I'm so glad I can provide both of you with fodder for entertaining your friends.

Sean: Don't even be like that. You know you're going to blog this conversation.

Well said Sean, well said. And now I have.

Happy middle of the week,

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  1. Don't most kids consider mom the secretary?! At what age does that change?! Mine are getting better, but even if they make the apt. themselves they usually ask me for the #.

  2. Hee! This is NEVER gonna change at your house, Spot ... you gt 'em all spoiled - sorry to say.