Friday, February 1, 2013

The one where Sean and I are ridiculous...

I know what you're thinking ... which post aren't Sean and I ridiculous in? And you're right. We're pretty ridiculous on a regular basis. But some incidents of ridiculousness just scream, "Blog me!" And I have two of those for you today.

One day a week or so ago (it was a Wednesday, not that it matters), Sean and I drove CJ back to his house in Macomb. Someone usually rides with me because I get a little teary when I drop him off and if I have to drive the hour back home alone, I get more than a little teary. So, more often than not, Sean rides along to distract me. Because he's a sweetie like that (but don't tell anyone because it will ruin his street cred).

So, after dropping CJ off we decided to swing through Jimmy John's and get sandwiches to take home for dinner. After I park, I realize Sean is not making any move to get out of the car.

Me: Aren't you going in with me?

Sean: Why?

Me: I don't know what you want.

Sean: The same thing I always get.

Me: Can't you just come in?

Sean: *huge sigh like I'm killing him* Fine.

Now, by that "fine," I know something is up. And as I swing open the door to JJ's~

Sean: *very loudly* Well, I'm not the one who sells my body for money!

Me: *quickly thinking* How else was I going to pay for your gender re-assignment surgery?

All conversation had stopped in Jimmy John's and I turned to the counter to see everyone's mouth hanging open. We got some weird looks, but they certainly made our subs quick. The moral of this story is A) making Sean do something he doesn't want to do ALWAYS has consequences and B) if you're going to hang with us, you better have lightening fast mental reflexes. I like to thing that evening's work went quickly for those JJ employees since they had something so juicy to discuss.

And yesterday Sean and I got tattoos. I got a special one in honor of CJ. My favorite tattoo artist designed a Claddagh symbol using the autism puzzle pieces for the heart and put CJ's initials in for me. And I got a little star for Dylan added to my foot tattoo. Sean got Marvin the Martian on his leg. His Dad has one there and so does his Uncle.

My CJ tattoo
The purple stars represent my children, so I added a little blue star off of Mo's star for Dylan.
Sean's Marvin.
If you're near the Quincy area and need a tattoo, I can highly recommend Pleasurable Pain. Jerry is a fantastic artist, everything is sterile, and they're nice guys. Mo has had all five of her tattoos there, I've had three of mine, and Sean's had his two done there.
So we go in to get our tats and we're a few minutes early. So Jerry is working on paperwork and Sean and I sit there quietly. But on his laptop he's got Youtube up and so I start watching the video for the song that's playing. To see the video, click here. It was Avenged Sevenfold's A Little Bit of Heaven.
Then I look at Sean and we both chuckle. Jerry turns around and I say~
Me: Your choice of songs leaves me vaguely uneasy.
Jerry: Why? What do you listen too?
Me: Pretty much everything. It's the video for this one ...
Jerry: What? Having sex with dead people is weird?
Me: Funny story. (At that point, he looks uneasy) I'm actually putting out a book of zombie erotica. And after reading the vast amount of submissions for it, necrophilia actually doesn't sound weird to me.
Jerry: *laughs* I bet a lot of people will read that book. Someone told me the other day I looked like the kind of guy who keeps dead girls in his basement.
Me: I don't think so. Besides, looks are deceiving.
And it works out that I'm going to take copies of 50 Shades of Decay to his shop to sell. You just never know what kind of networking will pay off. But later, after Sean gets his tattoo, I get mine. And just as Jerry starts, Sean gets a phone call and walks outside. He comes back in and this conversation ensues~
Sean: Are you doing work emails?
Me: Um, no?
Sean: You are the only person I know who can work through getting a tattoo.
Me: Well you weren't here to talk to me and distract me, so it seemed like a good way to distract myself. By the way, I'm really thirsty. So if you go outside again can you get my soda out of the car?
Sean: I wasn't planning on leaving you.
Me: You just did.
Sean: Yeah, I meant again.
Me: Why? I think I'll be fine. Granted, that might be how little girls disappear. But those are skinny young girls, not chubby grandmas in their forties.
Sean: Ha! You're a grandma getting a tattoo! *he and Jerry both laugh* And besides, those girls don't disappear; they're in his basement.
At which point I start giggling and get admonished to "hold still."
And that my friends, is a glimpse into our ridiculousness. I kid you not, it knows no bounds.
And for those who may not have seen Mo's last tat- here's a picture. I told you Jerry does great work!
Yes, it is HUGE. She better not have too many more children or her whole body will be covered!
Hugs to you all,