Monday, May 31, 2010

The one where the conference ends and we remember the brave...

The conference is over. I'm so sad. It's like that feeling you get when summer camp ends. Or, for those of you who've done theatre, the feeling when the run of the show is over. It's such a letdown. But it was so worth it. I would seriously encourage any of you who are writing fiction to consider attending a conference, regardless of your genre. This one was a speculative fiction conference but included topics that would be helpful to any writer. Things like manuscript submission, query & synopsis structure, writing and submitting short works. There was even a poetry session. Apart from all the invaluable advice, it was awesome to meet and have a chance to chat with so many published authors. There were even pitch sessions with editors, to give you a chance to sell your work, or at least get it looked at.

I know I came out of the month with some serious growth. I learned a lot of things that have improved my writing, cleaned up my submission techniques and truly encouraged me. I was amazed that some published horror writers like Gary Braunbeck and his wife Lucy Snyder, and Scott Nicholson were so friendly and down to earth. I've met a few authors on facebook that are not. And I loved that Scott reminded us all to be humble. No matter how many books you have published, it can all fall apart. So the goal is to be a better person not a famous person. There were many other very talented writers at the conference. I mention these three because they all write horror.

The other benefit I found to the conference was being able to read other author's blogs and daily progress reports. It gave me a feeling of such "belonging". We truly are all in the same boat. So many of the same hopes, fears, idiosyncrasies and doubts. I've read Joe Hill's tweets and know that he's a procrastinator. I've read Joely Sue Burkhart's blog and know that she is a majorly organized plot planner. It's been an amazing month. And I've come away from it renewed in purpose, much more confident in my writing and determined to achieve my goals. And really, I'm so close to needing an "author" photo for my author page. Which means I totally need to focus on that "lose 25lbs" goal!!

The downside of the conference? Life still happens. I missed several sessions I wanted to attend because of a mad dash to the hospital, CJ's prom, Bobby's graduation or because I felt guilty for neglecting my family. Luckily, they put up transcripts. It isn't quite the same but it helps. My family was pretty great about my locking myself in the family room during panels. They tried hard not to bug me. And for the most part it went well. They are all a little happy that it's over though. Which brings me to my funny story for today~

This weekend was "pride weekend" at camp. Everyone comes up and works on projects to help get camp ready for summer. There's a lot of mowing, ect that goes on. Some of the guys came up Friday night. Hubby and some volunteers poured three pads of concrete that night. He didn't get in til oh, 11 or so. About ten o'clock as I'm settling in for a panel in the conference, Sean comes into the family room~

Sean: Hey Homie G

Me: What's up?

Sean: MB is here. I'm going to take off with him for awhile.

Me: Okay. You coming home or sleeping in camp?

Sean: Probably home.

Me: Okay. Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

Sean: Well that leaves it wide open.

Me: Yeah, try to be careful.

It occurred to me about 5 minutes after he left that most 16 year old boys do not call their mothers "Homie G". It also occurred to me that most Mothers are not going to be cool with their 16 year old boys leaving at 10 at night with a "I'll probably be home". I guess our relationship is out of the ordinary. Go figure. But in truth, he was just leaving to go play in his 740 acre front yard. And it's Sean, whom I trust. Know why? Because the kid does not lie. EVER. He never has. He's honest to a fault, sometimes brutally honest. And he's pretty strait-laced. He doesn't want anything to potentially ruin his military career. And he doesn't like not being in control. So if he goes to a party, he's usually the guy taking care of everyone, making sure things don't get out of hand. It doesn't mean he's never pushed the boundaries or broken the rules. It's just that he fesses up, sometimes before I even ask. Lu was definitely my problem child in this regard. I'm often surprised that she made it to 18 and young adulthood without my killing her.

So as a last thing, please remember today to thank a soldier, either active duty, retired, reserve, whatever. Be thankful for the men who put their lives on the line for us. All those who now serve and those who've gone before. Say a prayer for those who are in the midst of combat now and those who never made it home. And for those who are still missing. Never forget.

Thank you Dad.


Saturday, May 29, 2010

The one where I'm not on the verge of fortune and fame and I have Rickets

Guess what day it is? That's right, Saturday!! My favorite day of the week. Well, right now. During the summer that will change as Saturday becomes the day of the week that everyone is home. Right now it's the day of the week where I'm the only one home. So it's my writing day. That glorious day where nobody bothers me and I can stick to my own schedule. Which, of course, is actually no schedule at all. I write, I research, I read, and every few hours I get up to potty and grab a new drink or some food. It's like heaven. Well, heaven for writers anyway.

And while we're on the subject of writers, let me clear up some confusion. I do have a publisher wanting to take a look at my novel when it's finished. This is in NO WAY a guarantee of publication. I mean, she could decide it's the worst novel in the history of novels. (No wait, I'm pretty sure I read that one posted on the Internet somewhere) Anyway, it could conceivably suck. Or it could be good, but not fit her tastes. I mean, there are a million little "ifs" in there. And should the Universe favor me on that day and she does accept it? I'm still not going to be rich or famous. It's a small publishing company that does a lot of E-publishing. Which means that you would be able to purchase the book as a download or for E-readers. I think they do some print publishing based on popularity so there is a chance that it would make it to paperback. But it won't be a hardcover bestseller is my point. Not that first one anyway. Don't worry, I still plan to take the world by storm, I'm just sneaking in the back way. I'm totally cool with this, because personally I think that E-books are the wave of the future. You are immediately accessible to a global market. They are convenient, cheaper (both for the publisher and the reader), and more manageable. And it's not about the money (of course I wouldn't turn down the money), it's about making people leave the light on when they get done reading my book.

And speaking of leaving the light on...Lu and I tried Tina's nightmare inducing suggestion of cheese before bed last night. Nope. Another fail. Apparently I am nightmare resistant. Lu and I talked it over and neither of us has ever woken up screaming. I have woken up momentarily terrified. But never full on screaming. And I've read scary books my entire life. I've watched scary movies my entire life. I've had trouble going to sleep, had to turn a light on when I got up to go to the bathroom (hubby really gets cranky about this), jumped on to the bed from three feet away (you know, so nothing under the bed can grab me), and hidden my eyes as I drive past scarecrows. But I don't believe I've ever had a full on nightmare. I feel so gypped.

In other news, I have Rickets. Okay, maybe not Rickets per se, but a serious vitamin D deficiency. It's all the buzz on the health boards right now. That vitamin D deficiency is cropping up and causing all sorts of problems. Crunchy joints, anyone? So when I went to see the orthopedic doctor for my follow up knee appointment, I mentioned it to her.

Me: So I was told that I should get my vitamin D level checked.

DR: I was just reading an article on that last night! And my daughter, who's your age (gee, thanks for throwing my age in) had hers checked and she was significantly low. If it's low you have to take 50,000 mg a week for eight weeks and then 1000 mg a week after that, plus 1000mg of calcium.

Me: For real? Dude, that sounds like a lot. Can't I just drink milk or something?

DR: No, because the problem is that your body probably isn't absorbing it the way it should either.

Me: So I have Rickets?

DR: They did use Rickets as the example in the article, in the slide illustration.

Me: My mom used to tell me when I was little that I had to go play outside in the sun or I'd get Rickets.

DR: She was right.

Me: Um. No. I think she just wanted to get rid of me and my creepy imaginary friend for awhile.

DR:*crickets chirping*

Me: And now I have Rickets anyway so fat lot of good that did. At least the imaginary friend is gone right? I hope he didn't get Rickets.

DR: Okay, so I think we're done here.

Earlier this week the nurse from the Doctor's office called to report that I was indeed vitamin D deficient. They gave me samples of the Vitamin D and I have to take 10,000 mg a day Monday through Friday to make 50,000 mg per week for 8 weeks. Then it lowers to 1000 a day. Of course, I looked the whole thing up online, because enquiring minds want to know. This is the best article I found on the subject. I guess what floored me the most was learning that the sunscreen I use is totally blocking my Vitamin D absorption. So even though I spent hours outside by the ocean or lake or mowing the lawn, I'm getting zero benefit in the vitamin D department. The hell?! Now I can't even yell at my mom for not putting sunscreen on me when I was four and letting me get that horrible sunburn on my shoulders. Turns out she was doing me a favor.

It also amazes me that Vitamin D deficiency is directly linked to Fibromyalgia, a disease that I've been diagnosed with. So I'm pretty excited about what kind of effect increasing my Vitamin D may have on my physical well-being. I'm not convinced it's a miracle cure or anything, but even feeling a bit better helps. So I would urge all of you to think about asking for this test at your next check-up. I know I will be urging my family to get it done.

And that's it from me. I have scaring to do and the last weekend of a conference to attend. Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The one where my week pretty much blows...

So I'm pretty sure the Universe is laughing at me. Because the theme song of my week seems to be a frustrated "AAaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhh". Things are not going according to plan. Who am I kidding? Things are screwed up this week. Sunday was the last good day. Bobby graduated, we all went to dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant, and Mike, Sean & I watched a movie and I went to bed early. Monday, Sean and I went to town to check out enrolling him in the local community college. I'm still waiting on them to call and tell me what all hoops we have to jump through to get him enrolled due to the homeschooling and the fact that he finished up a year early. Tuesday I had a whopper migraine. I don't get them very often anymore but this one was a doozy. I stayed medicated all day, much to Sean's amusement. About 5 o'clock, I'm lying on the couch in the family room watching a movie on Lifetime Movie Network (no wisecracks, it was a scary movie) and Sean come in and asks~

Sean: what's for dinner?

Me: I don't know. I texted your sister to see if she'd pick something up, but I haven't heard back.

Sean: well hopefully you'll catch her before she gets home.

Me: No it might be better if she comes home first.

Sean: and then has to drive all the way back? Really?

Me: I have no idea what I just said.

Sean: well you said she should come back here first, but maybe you meant she should stop there first?

Me: I don't think so. I think I meant for her to come here first, but I don't know why?

Sean: you're so stoned. You should probably just stop trying to talk.

We did indeed get food and I went to bed early, after not talking much. Also on Tuesday, I emailed a client and told him that I thought our work together was at an end, because I wasn't happy with what I was doing for him. I expected him to be angry. Nope, he agreed and came back with an offer for a bigger project. It was surreal. I could use the money, but it really detracts from the fiction writing time. My husband is urging me to go for the fiction, considering it's what I really really want to do. But it's hard to pass on an interesting project and the money it would bring in. (OH MY HELL!! Did I really just say something that sounded all grown up and responsible??!)

Wednesday, I was headache free. I talked to Kathryn on the phone, finished emails, read some blogs and then the kids convinced me to play hooky and go to the lake with them. It was gorgeous. I didn't feel like swimming, just laying lazily on the dock. (It had a lot to do with the fact that due to the heavy rains, the lake is kind of muddy and gross and reminded me of Shrek's pond). We discussed how scary jumping into the lake is the first time every summer when no one has been it for awhile. There are some ginormous grass carp in that lake, every bit of 6 feet in length. There are multitudes of other fish and snakes and other critters. Lu said she really was a little scared when she'd gone swimming with Luke the day before. (On a side note, it probably doesn't help that when we first moved out here I told them the story of Stephen Kings story "The Raft". And I told it while sitting on the dock out in the lake. I then jumped in and left them there for a few minutes. Mom of the Year award, right??!)

But they jumped in and swam out to the dock anyway. Lu asked if she was drowning would I get in and save her. I told her no. But of course, I would. Then they jumped off the dock a couple of times. Then Lu was laying on the dock, Sean was swimming, and I was laying on the dock by the beach. Suddenly Sean says~

Sean- Oh holy crap! I just realized that this is a setting for a horror movie. Lu on one dock, you on the other and me swimming in between. The next thing that happens is I get eaten by something! *he climbs swiftly up the ladder to join Lu*

Lu~ Yeah, and mom would run to the truck and leave me.

Me~ duh. I'm not getting eaten, and you still have the long swim to shore.

This week has somehow sapped my mojo. I haven't really gotten much written, including blog posts and comments. I find I'm filled with self doubt every time I sit down to write. I look over things and think "crap. this sucks. a middle schooler could have written this." And it just makes the task seem that much more daunting. I was having a moment of doubt yesterday and asked my husband~

Me: What if I CANT finish the novel??

Hubby: Then I'll beat you.

He said it with a serious look on his face. I convulsed in giggles. No indulgent "of course you can, honey" from him. You have to know him to realize how out of character what he said was, but seriously I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe. It was exactly what I needed.

Today he called while driving to another city to pick up some stuff for camp.

Hubby: How are you feeling today?

Me: Like crap. I have a tummy ache and I think I might hurl.

Hubby: That's no good.

Me: No. I think I got it from Luke. He's been complaining of a tummy ache for a couple of days. He's like freakin typhoid Mary. I swear every time he comes down with something I end up getting it too even though I rarely come within 3 feet of the boy.

Hubby: Maybe you're just not used to his cooties.

Me: or maybe he gives them to Lu and she doesn't get sick but passes them on to me, like "haha. this will screw with mom"

Hubby: yes, I'm quite sure that's exactly what she thinks.

Me: I know right?! It's a plot. How's your day?

Hubby: Stressful. It's going to be a miracle if I pull off everything I need to pull off this weekend.

Me: I have faith. You can do it.

Hubby: well that's one of us I guess.

Me: besides, if you don't, I'll beat you.

Hubby: Wow, it sounds even funnier when you say it! *Laughing*

Me: Whatever. Don't even play like you're not scared. I'm fierce.

Hubby: You're so cute when you're fired up.

Me: I'm cute all the time!

So from now on, I'm going to focus on fiction writing. I have a publisher who is waiting to look at the novel as soon as it is done. I set a tentative date for the end of August, because I work best with deadlines. Tina from
The Clean White Page and I both sent story submissions to a magazine this week. And we're both working on storys for a contest next month. I have loved Coyote Con. I'm sorry to see it end this weekend. But I have plans to attend
CONtext the end of August in Ohio. Some of the really fabulous people I met through Coyote Con will be there, and the writing workshops look awesome.

I also want to focus on the blog, because I love this blog. I love the friends I've made and their support. I also love having this record for the kids. And writing the funny day to day stuff is different than writing things to scare you. So hopefully the blogging will return to a more regular schedule. Oh, and I sure hope Heather notices how I took her advice and put my awards on a separate page!! =]

Also, I've enjoyed reading all of Suzicate's poems. She is a fabulously talented poet, and if you haven't read them, you should. It has made me miss writing poetry as well. I used to write a lot of it. So I think I may be either adding a page or a blog for poetry. Just for fun.

And...(my gosh Spot, aren't you done YET??) I put up a new movie review at What Spot Saw.

Happy Thursday y'all,

Monday, May 24, 2010

The one where people like me (doesn't everyone?)

So it's time for another awards session. Once again, I've been saving them up. And once again, I've totally forgotten where one of them came from. Yes, yes I am sadly lacking in organizational skills. This fact is evidenced by my desk. It was full of odd scraps of paper, purple post-it notes, and old mail that I had written a ton of notes on. And I'm sure to the average person it just looked like a mess. But there was order to my chaos, a method to my madness. I knew where all the notes I needed were. I planned on transcribing them into a notebook. But I knew them chronologically. Much like an archaeologist can tell what particular time period a dig site is by the layering of artifacts, I knew which phone call the notes came from by the way they were stacked. And then...Lu cleaned. And she gathered everything into a pile and set it to the side. Thus destroying my means of deciphering said notes. *sighs*

Really, that has nothing to do with these awards, but it does illustrate the fact that I am less than optimally organized. Which explains why I received one of these awards, but have no idea who bestowed it upon me or what the requirements for passing it on are. Blame my writer's brain. It's lost in my current novel, the new story I'm writing, and filing a new novel idea. So I'm not really all here. So without further ado~

This beautiful award was given to me months ago by Dorvader over at The Dork Side. Thank you sweetie! I enjoy her blog very much, because it's silly and real and the girl is talented at so many things!! She doesn't always get to blog regularly as the homework troll trips her up, but you should definitely check her our. The rules are that I have to list 6 things I'm a master at and then pass the prize to six other bloggers. Here goes:

1. I am a master of procrastination. For real. I can procrastinate with the best of them even if the task is something I really want to do! I'm not sure why I procrastinate so much, but I'm quite sure that the Internet is my master procrastination tool.

2. Cooking. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm an awesome cook. I refuse to be modest about it. I love to cook and I love to feed people. The best times are when our huge old table (seats 8 comfortably, 14 is a squeeze but can be done) is full of family and friends.

3. Snarkasm. I am a master of the snarkasm. Yes, I did just make up that word. Actually I made it up yesterday and I really like it. It's being snarky and sarcastic at the same time. You can be snarky without being sarcastic, and sarcastic without being snarky, but when you combine the two it's definitely snarkasm. Which lends itself to being snarkastic. I'm pretty sure it will catch on, much as "that stripper is off her pole!" has. I think that the Webster's people should start paying me for making up new words.

4. I am a master klutz. If there's a way to twist your ankle while walking along a perfectly clear flat surface, I will find it. I'm always covered in bruises that I don't know how I got. I frequently walk into walls, furniture and once or twice parked cars. If there's a way to injure yourself while doing something, I'll do it. I cannot cook without burning myself at least once per meal. Seriously, I'm a danger to myself and others.

5. Rescuing cats. In fact, we now have 8 cats residing with us. All but two were rescues. And those two were the babies of two of the rescues. Seriously, it's like there's a neon sign over my head that reads "Cats- need a home? Apply here". I cannot turn them down. Six of them are healthy, happy and loving living here. One hates all the others and is currently waiting on a transfer to a new home. Another is old and grumpy and doesn't really like anyone but Sean anymore. I caught him (grumpy cat, not Sean) stepping on one of the other cat's tails on purpose. He was verbally reprimanded.

6. Being a mom. Really, I feel I've done (am still doing) a good job here. Everyone is about to start college and they have plans and goals. None of them are drug addicts or alcoholics. People think they are mature, compassionate, contributing members of society so I must have done something right. Even though there were days I was positive I was ruining their lives and Lu was going to have eight kids with different fathers (one baby that only spoke spanish) and work in a gas station. I figured Sean would call me from prison on Mother's Day to tell me how it was all my fault. But it looks like I was just paranoid. Whew! That is a relief!!

Oh my...this is already a long post. I'm going to pass this off to six others real quick. And I'm giving it to these six because they never fail to comment my blog. So I guess it's kind of like an attendance award. The kid's friend Tyler ended up getting an award yesterday at graduation for perfect attendance all four years. He never missed a day of school. He was also the valedictorian. Fitting, huh?

1. Kenzie (my adopted little sister) over at The Unabridged Girl. She's a very talented writer, both of her blog and of fiction.

2. Suzicate of The Water Witch's Daughter. Suzi is a very talented memoirist and poet. Seriously, she rocks.

3. Jimmy of Jimmy's Opinion. He's a newer friend, but he never misses a blog or fails to comment. His blog is always honest and heartwarming.

4. Peg of Square Peg In A Round Hole. Peg also shares some amazing family stories. She & Suzi are sisters and the interplay between them is sweet.

5. Heather of Welch Happenings. Heather is one of the nicest people I know. And you never know what you'll find on her blog. Pictures, helpful blogger tidbits, things around the house, stories about her furbabies or the wonderful deals she's found.

6. Angelia of Living Loving Laughing. Her blogs are very often inspiring. Reminding us to be better people.

If you didn't get the award this time...relax!! I have four more of these to do. For real. And here's the one I can't remember... If you gave me this doozie, please speak up so you can get the credit and do tell what the rules are! Sorry to be such a brain frizzle!!

<---This one really suits me, no?

Thanks! Happy Monday y'all,

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The one where the nightmare quest continues...

So the nightmare quest continues. I really wasn't trying Thursday night to cause nightmares. For one thing, the kids would be getting home late and for another, frankly, I'd run out of ideas for the moment. But due to a snafu or miscommunication between Hubby and I, he and I didn't end up eating dinner until about 9 that night. Leftover pork chops and corn on the cob. And guess what? No, I didn't have a nightmare, but I did have a bad dream. What's the difference Spot? I hear you asking me. I consider a nightmare to be one where you are absolutely terrified. You wake up disoriented, panicked, heart pounding, clammy sweat, your body poised for fight or flight. That is a nightmare. And I haven't had one in months. A bad dream is simply scary while you're in it, but you wake up with the full realization that it was a dream. And roll over and go back to sleep.

I had a bad dream. A weird bad dream, no less. I was around thirteen. I lived in a huge house with my parents (who oddly enough, were my actual parents, though younger than they are now), and a lot of little brothers and sisters. (which is weird because I only have one sister). Anyway, the parents had a friend over, a male (not someone from my real life, total stranger). He was obviously a close friend of my parents but I got a totally creepy vibe from him and didn't want to be around him. So I left the room they were in watching TV and started down a long hallway. The friend followed me. Then he started making suggestive comments and threats about how he was going to come back when everyone was asleep. I was very scared in the dream! As soon as he left I locked the door, and then ran through the house locking windows and doors. The house got bigger and bigger and more maze like and I was frantically trying to get everything locked up to protect myself and my siblings, knowing I was only seconds ahead of this guy every time (because I could see his face looking in the windows), and that he was getting increasingly angrier with every lock he encountered. And then I woke up, shrugged and went back to sleep. I'm sure a psychiatrist would have a field day with this one! But I'm blaming the pork chops.

Dreaming is a funny thing isn't it? I know some people say that they can have lucid dreams where they control what's happening. I have never had one of those. I do have a weird recurring dream that I have every couple of years. I wake up crying and missing someone I've never even met. I have a friend who says it must be a past life memory. And isn't that an intriguing thought??

So far, all I've gotten from my quest is one bad/weird dream and a whole lot of sleep deprivation. Eating before bed is definitely not conducive to a good night's sleep. And when four people in the same household are suffering, it gets a little cranky. So I think we'll try again maybe one night next week.

Oh, and I did get a story idea from this experiment. And since I needed one for a competition, I guess at least the experiment wasn't a total fail.

tell me your dreams,

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The one where I try to induce nightmares...

So I read this article the other day on "Urban Myths that are really true". And one of them was that candy causes nightmares. I'd never heard that before and couldn't think of any time I'd seen a definite correlation. So I did what we always do in my house in that kind of situation. I decided to conduct an experiment. I announced close to bedtime that everyone had to eat some candy because I wanted them to have nightmares. Sean and I had Jelly Beans, but I only had yellow and orange, because those are the only ones I'll eat. Luckily, Sean loves me enough (or I pester him enough) that he picks out those ones and hands them to me. Luke and Lu had gummy worms. When I felt we were sufficiently sugared up, I wished everyone scary nightmares.

Lu: You really just wished us nightmares?

Me: Duh. The experiment will be a failure if you don't have any.

Luke: You just mean like weird dreams, right?

Me: Um. No. I want full on, wake up screaming nightmares. I haven't had one of those in forever!

Luke: You're like seriously excited about this. Why?

Me: I love to be scared. Nightmares are the best! They make great story ideas.

Lu: I'm totally facebooking this. *and she did. Her status-My mother just made me eat candy before bed because she wants to see if I have nightmares. Can we say best mom ever award?!?! Lmao.*

Sean: I hope you feel good about the cavities I'm going to get because you made us eat candy so late at night.

Me: I didn't say you couldn't brush your teeth, Sean. You're not blaming that on me.

Sean: This is so going in my notebook for my future therapist.

Fast forward to morning. No one had a nightmare. I was super bummed. We did all confess to very strange dreams. I knew I'd had one, but had forgotten it by the time I actually got up. Sean's was almost a nightmare. He and Lu were having a party and she drank all the whiskey and half the wine, even though she hates wine. But overall we decided it wasn't scary enough to be a nightmare.

The next night, we tried ice cream. With chocolate and caramel sauce. Still, no one woke up screaming. Again, a few weird and almost lucid dreams. I have to commend my children on allowing me to mess with their digestion and sleep patterns in my quest for a scientific way to induce nightmares. I have had a few suggestions from helpful people, but most of them involve alcohol or illegal drugs. Not happening. Alcohol has never made me have nightmares. I'm open to other suggestions though. Anyone got some??

In the name of science,

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The one where Hubby takes me out...

Sunday. I love Sundays. They are generally fairly quiet at my house. Lu usually works. Hubby usually works, at least part of the day. Bobby is usually at his gf's house in town. So I blog, I catch up on commenting other blogs, and Sean and I watch our DVR'd shows from the rest of the week. I don't cook dinner. I rest. Did I mention that I love Sundays? Oh...sorry...but I do.

It's been a busy week. The trip to Springfield was fun, the visit with my folks was good, and CJ's prom was the best one yet. I will blog it all (with pictures) probably Tuesday. Today is a blog about a week ago Thursday. The fact that it's still on my mind, should tell you how rare an occasion it actually is.

First, to set the scene, Hubby and I have always had our finances together. Seriously, I don't get couples who keep their money separate. If you're one of them and that works for you, I'm not dissing you, I just don't get it. To me, it's a unity thing. If you're a unit, you're money should be together. Why would you keep money separate, unless you had one foot out the door? We've always kept all of our money together. We even had a joint bank account before we were married. We lived together, so having one bank account that I could pay bills out of just seemed logical. Also, if you give my husband cash, he will spend it. Not on large things, just on so many little things that he will not be able to recall where it went. And yet the man manages a several thousand dollar budget every year for his job and is ALWAYS under budget. I give him a $20 and it's gone before I turn my back. I guess the difference is that I'm the one responsible for our budget. And the fact that at any given time he has no clue how much money is in our bank accounts denotes a level of trust rarely seen. But I digress. That being said, the last few years we've also developed "his money" and "my money". The household bills and family accounts are pretty much paid for by his salary, which is in the joint account. Any money either of us gets elsewhere is our own to spend how we want. This could be birthday money, my freelancing money, ect. Most of his goes to hunting paraphernalia. Most of mine goes to books, lunches & dinners with friends or the kids, saving for something I want- like a laptop. Sometimes it overlaps, last freelance paycheck I deposited in the joint account because it was running low, no big deal. If the family goes out to eat together and the joint account is low, it's paid for by me. See a pattern here? So you can imagine my surprise when...

Last Thursday about six o'clock hubby came in from work. I was on the computer doing um...I don't know, something.

Hubby: What's your dinner plan?

Me: No dinner plan. We are the only ones home so I'm not cooking. There's plenty of leftovers.

Hubby: Where is everyone?

Me: Lu & Luke are in Texas. Bobby went to town with Whitney. Sean is in the same place he is every Thursday night, CAP meeting. (It really annoys me when he can't remember something that happens every week)

Hubby: Want to go to The Bar for dinner? (The Bar, seriously, that's it's name, is a little bar in the closest town that serves really good, but really greasy food.)

Me: You buying?

Hubby: Yeah. I can swing that.

Me: *swivels around to face him in complete shock* Seriously?

Hubby: Sure.

Me: Okay. Give me five minutes to get ready.

So we leave the house and I start to walk to my car. Hubby says no, lets take the truck. So I hop in. As we make the twenty minute drive over the back roads, I start to think. So he's randomly taking me out, he's paying, and we're taking his vehicle. WTF?!

Me: What are you feeling guilty about?

Hubby: What?

Me: What have you done? Why are you feeling guilty?

Hubby: I don't feel guilty about anything. What are you on about?

Me: You never randomly take me out. And you NEVER pay.

Hubby: I do ask you to go out a lot. You just never want to because you don't want to change or put on make-up. Which you don't even need to do to go to the bar.

*I thought about this, he's sort of right. The reason I said yes was that I was already dressed nice and had makeup on from an earlier video conference.*

Me: Okay, you do ask sometimes. But you never offer to pay. If I say there's no money to eat out you say OK we don't go.

Hubby: Well, it's rarely just the two of us.

Me: Okay. I still think you're feeling guilty.

Hubby: *laughs* Maybe a little, but only because I haven't had time to do any of the stuff you asked me to do around the house lately.

So we continue our trip to the bar. We get there, we park in the back lot. On the walk to the door~

Me: You've eaten here so much lately, you're probably a regular. I swear you eat here more than you eat at home.

Hubby: Well we've been so busy building the new archery range. And all the guys working on it always want to come here to eat. And you've been cooking all that weird stuff at home.

Me: Um. It's not 'weird stuff'. It's healthy stuff. The kids aren't complaining. Sorry I won't deep fry your veggies.

Hubby: I might eat them if you did.

Me: Well the food here is not good for you. It's all fried and greasy and clogging your arteries. Wait?! I think I hear them screaming!

Hubby: That's just crazy talk. You need to shut up woman, you're sounding really crazy right now!

At this, I started giggling hysterically. Some of you will notice that's a play off the movie "Stepbrothers". Sean and I say the line "Shut Up. Shut Up. You're sounding really stupid right now." all the time to each other from the movie. Hubby never makes movie quote references. So out of character.

We ordered. We got our food. We talked. It was nice. We rarely have time together, let alone by ourselves. We even ignored our cell phones. I'm pretty sure it should turn into a weekly event. But not at The Bar. Because it makes we want to hurl. Seriously. Later that night as I was brushing my teeth before bed and Hubby was laying in bed watching TV, Sean came in to our room.

Me: I don't feel good. I hate The Bar! I always say I'm never going to eat there again and yet I do. Ugh.

Sean: I know what you mean. The food is sooo good while you're eating it, but then like an hour later I feel like I have stomach flu and all I want to do is throw up.

Me: It's because our stomachs aren't used to all that grease.

Hubby: I'm pretty sure that just means you should eat there more. Desensitize your stomachs you whiners.

Me: I'm pretty sure that's not what it means.

Will I eat there again? Probably. It's cheap and it's close. And if Hubby's paying...

Happy Sunday,

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The one where Lulu proves I should have stressed geography more...

So I talked to my sister, Hildi on Tuesday. I video called her. Which is still a new toy to me. I like being able to see her when we talk, and I like being able to see my nieces, and I LOVE that it's free. But it's very limiting. Usually during our chats I do laundry, clean up the kitchen, make the bed, and other household chores. With the video calling I'm trapped at my computer. Time will tell if I deem it worth it. But she happened to mention that our cousin had a FaceBook page and she had friended him. I was excited because our cousin in currently at a NATO base in Norway and I haven't seen him in a year and a half. So I looked him up and friend requested him. And then I looked at his photo albums. Apparently he'd gone on a trip to Lithuania at some point and holy hell the photos were amazing. So at lunch, I mentioned it to the kids~

Me: I'm cousin Alex's friend on FaceBook now.

Lu: Well aren't you special!

Me: I am, thanks. He has the coolest photos! Of Lithuania of all places. I totally want to go there now.

Lu: You're making quite a list of future travel destinations.

Me: I know right?! I would never have thought that Lithuania was so pretty but it really is.

Lu: Well of course it is.

Sean: Lu, do you even know where Lithuania is? You know, on a map?

Lu: Of course I do.

Sean: Where?

Lu: It's over there with all those other "anias".

Sean: What other "anias"?

Lu: um...

Me: Albania or Transylvania.

Lu: Right! And they're probably like the sister country of Pennsylvania.

Sean: Um. You do know that Transylvania is not actually a country. It's a province in Romania. Right?

Me: Um. Sure I knew that. *thinks: how the hell does he know this stuff??*

Lu: See I know.

Sean: And where are the "anias" located?

Lu: *crickets chirping*

Me: *whispering in her ear* Say Eastern Europe.

Lu: Eastern Europe.

Sean: *sighs and shakes his head* You're sad Lu, very sad.

Lu: Whatever. So why is it called Pennsylvania?

At least she's pretty!

As an update on Sean's levitation/hover craft/device, he was explaining it to his Dad later the other night and of course Hubby was asking pertinent questions and it all sounded like blah blah blah to me. Interspersed with "air intake system" and "reverse thrusters". But listening to the two of them, I got the idea that it might be a wholly possible concept. What does one where to the Nobel Prize ceremony??!

Happy Thursday,

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The one where Sean trades invisibility for levitation

So it's Tuesday. I'm pretty sure Tuesday is like the most boring day of the week. Seriously, I mean you made it past Monday but it's not Wednesday so you're not half way through yet. And Thursdays are like a prelude to Friday, which is a great day because it's the start of the weekend. And Saturday is probably one of the best days of the week, followed closely by Sunday. What's left for Tuesday? Yep. Nada. Sorry Tuesday, you kinda suck. And it's grey and rainy again. This weather is really sapping my mojo.

First off, um, wow? I cannot believe all the interest I got in marrying Sean off. Don't you people read my blog? He's no Prince Charming. The lucky girl who gets him has got her work cut out for her. I did like Elly's suggestion of auctioning him off to the highest bidder and then partying with the money. But I'm pretty sure it's illegal in America to sell your minor offspring. Although, Sean tells me in Nepal it's perfectly alright. Something about the guy with the most goats. I don't know. And for all the mother's who asked...he's 16. Turning 17 this summer. He says he can wait for the right girl but he does add that cooking and laundry are two skills he highly prizes. Start training them now! And to J, who left the comment about a previous betrothal to her daughter, there's no contract signed. I have to keep his options open. Oh and one last thing~ mother's, you may want to remember that he plans to take over Slovakia so unless you plan on visiting them, you may not see a lot of your daughters. Please bear this in mind.

Sean and I have had a running joke about how he's trying to perfect the skill of invisibility. If you read the bloggess, you may know that she did a post on how invisibility was a lifelong skill. Therefore, Sean decided to go for it. Most nights, before he heads down to his cave we say goodnight and I always say~

Me: Goodnight sweetie. See you in the morning.

Sean: It's doubtful.

Me: Well, unless you perfect the invisibility thing.

Sean: I'm this close. *holds up thumb and forefinger a mere inch apart*

Me: Love you.

Sean: That's funny, I'm rather fond of me too.

So imagine my surprise when we had this convo the other night while watching T.V.~

Sean: How many volts in an outlet?

Me: You mean just a normal plug in?

Sean: Yes.

Me: 110. Why?

Sean: Well I need 40 more then.

Me: Um why do you need 150 volts?

Sean: I also need several rolls of aluminium foil and some wiring.

Me: *a little worried now* and um, why?

Sean: Well, you put blah blah blah at the four corners, then stretch the aluminium foil out and blah blah blah and then it levitates. (He didn't really say "blah blah blah" I just didn't understand so I kind of tuned out)

Me: How do you know?

Sean: I saw it on the science channel. No one's really sure why it works, but it does. So I have this idea. If I do it on a larger scale with a blah blah blah and a row boat and then I take blah blah blah intake pipes and a large fan blah blah blah car blah blah blah. What do you think?

Me: *glazed over eyes* Yeah, I don't really get what you're saying but um, sure?

Sean: oh fine, ignore me now, but when I'm rolling in my speeder, you'll be sorry.

Me: Speeder?

Sean: Like in Star Wars.

Me: Oh. You mean that land cruiser thing that they drive around in?

Sean: Yes like that. Only it may look more like a rowboat hover craft.

Me: Um. Yeah. Well I definitely want a ride.

Sean: We'll see. I don't know that you're being very supportive.

Me: Do you know if you pull this off, you'd have tons of people wanting to give you scholarships and stuff.

Sean: Yes, like MIT.

Me: And then you could get this awesome job and be famous and totally support me in my old age.

Sean: Why would I do that?

Me: duh. Because I support you. And I never tell you not to try any of your ideas. Like that time you electrocuted the pickle and the house smelled like burnt pickle for days. Or the time you made the static machine and kept shocking the cats and Lu with it? I'm totally supportive. Even when I have no idea how stuff works.

Sean: Maybe.

Me: So invisibility is on hold while you transfer your skills to levitation?

Sean: Yes.

Me: Good to know.

Think of the money we'll save on buying tires. And gas.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

The one where I discuss Motherhood and try to marry Sean off...

So it's Saturday morning and all's quiet. Why? Because no one else is home. This happens a lot on Saturdays and I freakin love it. It's like a mini-Mother's Day every week. I know a lot of folks think that Mother's Day should be spent with your mother, showering her with affection and praise, catering to her every whim. Screw that. I just want some time off. Time where nobody is asking me where something is (if it's your property, it's probably your responsibility to keep track of it), no one is asking me to cook (find something frozen, pop it in the microwave, presto- you're a freakin chef!), no one is breaking my concentration to tell me something (strictly at their convenience, mind you) that I probably could have gone that extra half hour without knowing. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE being a mother. Best job ever. Biggest and most fufilling accomplishment of my life! No regrets. Not one. However, it's been a 20 year long career. I've been a mother for technically half of my life, if you count pregnancy. That's a long time. And make no mistake, it's a passion, it consumes you. It was my entire identity for many years. "Hello, I'm (insert name here)'s mom." And the job will never be finished. You don't retire from Motherhood. There's no pension program (please don't tell Sean, I'm trying to convince him that he is ultimately responsible for supporting me in my old age). It is an ongoing body of work that may slow down from time to time, but in most circumstances, doesn't lay off. So on Mother's Day (or whenever I can manage it), I like some alone time. Time to remember that I was indeed a person before I had children. I have a past, a present, and a future that are indeliably linked with theirs and yet are a strand of fate all on their own. And it's nice to remember that buried under that "Mother" exterior lies a strong passionate woman with ideas, opinions and stories about things that have nothing to do with my children. And every so often, I let her loose. And so should you. Happy Mother's Day (early) to all of you moms out there. I have the great distinction of knowing some truly fabulous moms and I wish you all a happy day of rejuvenation, appreciation, and relaxation.

Now, I'm going to leave you with a comment that I got on the other day on one of my blogs- Noel said...
Lol....I want to marry your son, Spot! xD

Noel, I don't know who you are, because clicking on your name doesn't give me a profile, but you are either exceptionally brave or curiously insane. Of course, you might have to be both to take on Sean. I just want you to know, that he has stated that he's looking for "the whole happy meal" in a girl. Smart (very very important), witty, able to understand and retaliate sarcasm, great sense of humor and pleasing to look at. He says (so sweet!) that he has two females in his house that embody these qualities (me & Lu) so he'll settle for nothing less. I would also add that compassion would not go astray as a quality. He has a brother with autism. And Sean devotes a lot of time to working with people with disabilities at camp and a lot of time working with cub scouts. So if you embody these qualities, go for it. And good luck to you, my dear.

Oh, and I have had betrothal offers for him, so I need to know what kind of terms you're offering here...

Happy Saturday,

Friday, May 7, 2010

The one where Radio Shack rocks my socks...

So, remember when I broke up with Blockbuster? *sighs, gazes wistfully out the window* Well, I still miss them. I've been seeing Redbox occasionally and I'm hooking up with Netflix as soon as I buy a wireless router so we can stream movies to the TV, but I still miss visiting Blockbuster and strolling the aisles. Just like I love the convenience and free shipping that Amazon offers, yet I miss the Borders and Barnes & Nobles days of touching the books and losing myself in the stacks. But I've developed a new affection.

In the old days, when I first got my cell plan and those first phones, I got them from Radio Shack. Signed my contract there, picked out free phones, ect. And Radio Shack was good to me. The Shack took care of me, so a lot of subsequent upgrades were made through them. They changed sales associates often and managers sometimes, but there was always someone there who really knew their stuff and was eager to help. Then Best Buy moved to town. The array of electronics, the stunning display of cell phones, the quantity~ it was heady stuff. How could I not be taken in by it's absolute star quality? Everything about the store yells "look at me! I have everything! Bigger and better!". And for awhile I lost myself in giddy abandon. I purchased 3 upgrades through them. But I was less than satisfied. One phone had to be replaced 3 times before we got a good one. The lines were long and sometimes you spent an hour there when you just ran in for a quick question. But then I found the phone I wanted for my upgrade. At&t's new Backflip. The At&t rep happened to be there the day I was and completely convinced me it was the phone for me. And also said they'd wave my upgrade fee. Score!

This phone does amazing things. It syncs all of my social networking sites (FaceBook, Twitter, ect.) and gives me updates as they happen. I can enter all of my email addresses and get emails in a universal inbox as I go. It's on the android network so web browsing is fast and the browser window is much bigger than most phones. It has a touch screen, but also a pull out qwerty keyboard. And tons of apps. You can see it here. I call him Raoul. And it was only $49.99 with the upgrade. But alas, I had to wait til mid May for my upgrade. So I eagerly rushed to Best Buy the day my upgrade was available. And *gasp* my phone's price had gone up to $99.99. Plus $30 for the screen protector and $8 for them to put it on for me. WTF? So I told the guy I was going to go to Radio Shack and see which phones they had and what prices they were. He told me he could pull it up on the computer and price match. Sweet! Turns out Radio Shack had my phone for free! But after a quick call he realized they didn't have any in stock at the Shack, so he wouldn't price match. I stormed off dramatically. Grrr...

So I dropped into Radio Shack myself a few days later to see if they had gotten some in stock. No luck. However, the manager said they could still do the upgrade and ship the phone direct to me. Awesome!! I told them the rep said to cancel my upgrade fee as well. We went through the upgrade process (takes forever) but when we got to the price screen...&79.99. WTH? The manager (a cute guy by the name of Jesse Simpson) then realized that the "free" offer was only on the Internet. Not in the stores. (Why do companies do that??!). I told them I was sorry for making them go through all that, but I couldn't do it that day at that price. They started to undo everything. Then they called the rep. She told them to call the district manager and ask him to price override and give it to me for free. They told me not to get my hopes up. But they called him and he came through. So I got my fancy new shiny phone for FREE. It came in the mail two days later. I took it in to the Shack, bought a screen protector for $8 and they put it on for FREE. Take that Best Buy!!

Seriously, this is one of the best examples of customer service I've ever seen. They really went above and beyond to make sure I was happy. And I am very happy! I stopped in yesterday because of an issue with the screen protector and Jesse happily put a whole new one on for me. (Again, for free) Best customer service ever! I would like to thank Jesse, Megan, the other employees and Anna (the AT&T rep) for their commitment to customers. Jesse asked me yesterday if I wouldn't mind telling my friends where I got my phone. I told him I would do him one better- I would tell the world. And better yet, I'll be getting all my upgrades there from now on. Thanks guys. You rocked my socks. I'm sorry I left you Radio Shack. Sometimes bigger isn't better. I'm all yours again.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The one where someone wins pretty things and alcohol speaks...

Yay! It's Wednesday!! I don't know why I'm so happy about that. It's not like anyone in my household has weekends off so it's not really like I'm halfway to two days off. And yet, Wednesday still holds some strange appeal. Maybe it's the fact that Ghost Hunters is on Wednesday nights. Or Happy Town. Although I haven't watched the first one. It's still sitting on my DVR, calling my name. Or maybe I'm excited because my birthday gift to Hildi's oldest is arriving today (she turned ten yesterday...Happy Birthday Madi!) and I sent her some great books. Or maybe it's because it's Cinco de Mayo, which should totally be a holiday in the US. I'm sure someone would come up with a political or socio-cultural (I'm not even sure that's a real word) reason for making it a holiday. But I'm going to go with, what a good excuse to eat Mexican food and drink Tequila!! Who's with me on this??

No, I'm excited because today I get to announce the winner of my giveaway! Woo-hoo! One lucky person gets $60 towards the purchase of some pretties for their house courtesy of CSNstores. And the lucky winner is...Heather! Congratulations girl! Please shoot me an email so I can send you the promo code!! I really wish everyone could have won! Maybe I'll get lucky and someone else will ask me to do a giveaway. *wink wink, nudge nudge advertisers!*

In other news, Lu & Dexter left for Texas last night and I'm already missing her! They should be arriving at their destination right about now. They get to spend a week down there on his Aunt & Uncle's ranch. They went in August and had an awesome time. They even camped on the beach. I wish I was headed to the beach...

We saw the Dr. about Bobby's broken clavicle. They promise in two weeks it will be much improved. The xray looks like someone broke the bone and then tried to build an Indian tee pee with it. They gave him some stronger meds and said he could try school tomorrow. Going back to work depends on how much pain he's in. His manager is being awesome about it though. And obviously no driving for awhile. Looks like Sean and I will be sharing chauffeur duties.

My physical therapist is trying to kill me. I'm pretty sure she lays awake at night trying to think up new tortures. Yesterday's visit ended with me biting my lip and gritting my teeth. The funny thing is it's not the injured knee that's the hip. I may have to go get the shot in it after all. Grocery shopping afterward probably didn't help.

I had my first video conference call with one of my clients today. It's a little surreal finally seeing someone you've only chatted with on the phone. Ok, the whole video calling thing is surreal to me. I just got the web cam last week. And I've video called Hildi once too. That was awesome being able to see her and the girls. I guess you get used to it. The funny thing is, I was all nervous, so I got up early; showered, fixed my hair, put on makeup, picked out casual, yet business like clothing and downloaded Skype. Then I waited. And when he called? He was wearing a tshirt. Yes, I overdressed for a conference call. My bad.

Hubby is still majorly busy and so I don't seem him much. Last night, as I was getting ready for bed he was already in bed.

Me: Don't fall asleep yet! I have stuff to tell you.

Hubby: Mrwrmm. Okay. I'll try.

*I go into bathroom, take meds, brush teeth, ect. Finally I emerge*

Me: Are you asleep?

Hubby: No

Me: You looked asleep.

Hubby: No. I'm awake.

Me: Well, okay. Do you want to know how my doctor's visit went?

Hubby: Yeah, of course.

Me: Really, because you didn't even ask?

Hubby: Yeah, I forgot, sorry.

Me: Well Dr. O said he wished all his fibro patients were doing as well as I am. And that almost everyone is getting great results with that medicine. He advised me to avoid surgery at all costs because he's worried about all my allergies to antibiotics. Dr. L is worried about that too. But basically, I don't have to see Dr. O again until next year.

Hubby: Well that's good.

Me: And Dr. L spent like 5 minutes with me. It was one of those times he keeps trying to get up and leave and I keep making him sit back down. Anyway I'm supposed to call them Monday and let them know if I think the kidney infection is cleared up and the swelling is gone. And he's not worried about the BP and Heart rate spikes as long as I feel fine.

Hubby: *who has rolled over, says over his shoulder* So the whiskey didn't tell you anything.

Me: What?

Hubby: So the whiskey didn't tell you anything.

Me: Um. No. The whiskey didn't tell me a damn thing. Was it supposed to?

Hubby: *rolls over and stares as me* What whiskey?

Me: That's what I'd like to know. You said "so the whiskey didn't tell you anything?"

Hubby: No. I said "So basically, he didn't tell you anything."

Me: Well that makes more sense. Especially since I hate whiskey. We really aren't on speaking terms.

Hubby: *shakes head and rolls back over*

Me: Now the tequila, however...

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

PS- I promise to start catching up on all of your blogs. SOON. =]

Monday, May 3, 2010

The one where the Universe gets even with me.

So it never fails...begin to whine about how much is going on in your life...even if you preface it with an "I know I am so blessed" and the Universe will smack you down. Every. Damn. Time. The cat will develop a digestive issue and throw up in an eight foot square on your light colored Berber carpet. Your home office will be invaded by a grumpy invalid in the form of your 18 yr old son.

Yesterday was going well. I managed to blog! I was going to attend two sessions at the online conference. I'd found a story to work on for my submission. Sean and I were in the middle of catching up on *Stargate Universe* when the phone rang. Sean answered it then handed it to me with a funny look on his face~

Me: Who is it?

Sean: I think it's Bobby, but something's wrong.

Me: Hello?

Bobby: (voice strained) I wrecked my bike. Ambulance is here. Get to hospital quick.

Me: On the way!

Sean and I flew out of the house. We called hubby on the way. He said he'd be there as soon as he could. Called Lu because she was at work in town and could get there quickest. I told her he'd had an accident and to meet us at the ER. I neglected to tell her he was alive. Oops.

As we make the 30 minute drive (in 20 minutes), Sean tries to make me laugh~

Sean: Remember the other day when you told him if he wrecked and was paralyzed, you weren't taking care of him because it was his fault??

Me: Yep. But I would, you know?

Sean: If he's in a wheelchair, I'm going to put him on the deck and leave him and then admonish him for not coming in out of the rain.

Me: That's funny. But mean! Hey! Now we can beat all his Wii scores.

We make jokes in this family to deal with stress. And he may not be my son by birth, but my heart was pounding just as bad as it would have if it had been one of the others. The whole ride I imagined the worst. Paralysis, spinal cord injury, broken legs, road rash, nerve damage. At least I knew he was alive and conscious. That ruled out major head trauma. Then Lu called~

Lu: He's alive!

Sean: We knew that. He called us.

Lu: Oh. I didn't know that.

Sean: Well we're almost there.

We got there and rushed back to the room. Lu and his girlfriend were standing outside. Xray was with him. I took in both tear stained faces and hugged them hard.

Lu: They think he broke his clavicle and messed up his left arm.

An EMT we know came up to me.

EMT: Hey, how you doing?

Me: Better now that I know what's going on.

EMT: Yeah. He'll be okay. He's in pain though.

Me: Thanks for bringing him in. Just can't keep them out of trouble.

EMT: He was more worried about his jacket than himself. He wouldn't let us cut it off.

Me: Doesn't surprise me a bit.

We got to go in. He'd been give painkillers but was still in pain. I hugged carefully and kissed the top of his head. His girlfriend's sister and mother came in. Then one of his managers from work came in. In a strange twist of fate, he'd happened by the accident scene, realized it was Bobby's bike and took it to his house so Bobby wouldn't have a towing and storage fee. He said it was in bad shape. (GOOD!) They took him to xray to get more pictures. Lu told me she'd just rushed out of work and to the hospital. She arrived at the same time as the ambulance. She cried the whole way.

After the xrays, he was in a lot of pain again, so I asked the nurse for another shot. About then his real Dad and his girlfriend showed up. His Dad talked to the doctor and me, while his girlfriend went in to check on Bobby. They didn't stay long, but well, things are awkward. I promised to keep them updated. The doctor came in and confirmed the broken left clavicle. Other than assorted bruises and scrapes that was it. They put a sling on it, gave us a prescription for painkillers and released him. We see the orthopedic doctor tomorrow. The first few hours were rough. It's a lot of pain. But luckily, thanks to the meds, he got some sleep. Not as bad today as long as we stay on top of the pain meds. It's going to be a long couple of weeks though. He can't drive and probably can't work.

But it could have been so much worse. All those things that went through my head could have happened. This is just a bump in the road and it too shall pass.

***Don't forget to tune in Wednesday for the giveaway results!!


Sunday, May 2, 2010

The one where I apologize & then make you laugh & remind you about the giveaway...

I'm truly sorry. I have probably been the worst bloggy friend in blogland lately. Remember those sayings your mother/grandmother used to use? You know the ones..."bitten off more than you can chew"..."burning your candle at both ends". Those ones? Right. I'm pretty sure I finally know exactly what they mean. And what they mean to me is that I'm having an incredibly hard time keeping up with everything. Of course, it could just be that I suck hardcore at time management, but I'm not going to just admit that, right? It could also be that I made a promise before I had my kids that they would always be the most important thing in my life and that no matter what I was doing, when they wanted to talk/hang out/chatter incessantly be with me, I would drop it all to spend time with them. And regardless of the fact that they are now mostly mini-adults, I still feel compelled (guilt-driven) to keep that promise. I do now often have to add "just give me a few minutes to finish this up, okay?". And sometimes my few minutes turns into half an hour, but I still hunt them down and keep my promise.

My house is a mess. I desperately need to get my butt to the grocery store. And I've forgotten what my husband looks like. Mostly because this is his super busy time of year as well and we keep missing each other. If I didn't know he was that snoring lump next to me in bed, I might think he'd been abducted by aliens. Luckily, we've managed to pencil each other in for October sometime. And even more luckily, we've been together long enough to know that this too shall pass and we will have plenty of time to get on each other's nerves later.

"What is taking up all your time Spot? What is more important than us?" I hear you asking. Really, nothing is more important than you (except my kids), but the squeaky wheel gets the grease, you know? And I seem to have a lot of squeaky wheels nowadays. First, they put me on physical therapy for the knee. Three freakin times a week. That may not sound bad, until you factor in a half hour drive to and from. Grr. Then I had CJ home for a visit last week. Which was awesome, we had a great time, but he's not real keen on me being on the computer and ignoring him, so I didn't. Then I had a kidney infection and spent 7 hours in the hospital. Which trust me, is another post.

I'm attending an online convention all month called Coyote Con which is absolutely amazing and it's only the second day!! I've already learned so much and met so many awesome people. Tina from The Clean White Page is attending also and we are having a (virtual) blast! We've also both been asked to submit to Drollerie Press, the wonderful people who are putting on the whole thing. Thank you Deena!! But that does mean that I have to find a hopefully finished story that suits their publishing needs and get it ready for submission. And since writing fiction is my ultimate goal, I'm not going to let that opportunity slip by! Also Tina and I have formed a little writing partnership (since we both right horror) so we edit each other's stories before they get sent anywhere.

And (ready for more? I know that plate's looking pretty full, but you're a big eater, right?) I started working as a freelance writer for a large marketing company. I administrate some social media sites, write newsletters and articles for newsletters and do some email contacting of potential clients. Which is fabulous. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time (thank you Kathryn!) and the stars aligned and presto! I have an interesting job doing what I've always wanted with a more or less stable income. Which in the world of freelancing is almost unheard of, so Kathryn tells me. And it's a great gig. I mostly work when I want, from my own home, and often in my jammies or sweats. Woot to the woot. Except on video conference days. Yeah, my client (boss) is so great he even bought me a webcam so I can be part of the video conferences. How cool is that?

And I still have four busy teenagers to deal with. Yes, I said four...Lu's Dexter is moving in for the month of May. You should see the calendar with every one's schedules on it! Thank goodness we all have our own cars, although the insurance bill is the same as my food bill every month. So basically, I know that I am extremely blessed! I have a family who loves and supports me. I have teenagers who actually want to hang out with their mom and tell her every little detail of their lives, I have an understanding husband who's got his dream job. I have my dream job (freelance writer), I have a shot at publication, I have wonderful encouraging friends, I have my shiny new fancy phone (thank you Radio Shack! More on that later...), and while my health could be better I'm certainly not dying. All in all, I have it very good. I'm just super busy and feeling guilty about not blogging (because I love blogging) and not getting a chance to catch up on all of your blogs!! But hang with me and I promise I will find a balance soon. Now for funny...

Sean and I were driving on Wednesday and Sean reads a billboard~

Sean: "Follow the crowd. 68% of Adams County teens don't drink." Well, I would but my Mom taught me not to be a conformist!! I'm not a follower!

Me: Way to go Sean. Thanks for throwing a life lesson back in my face.

Sean: Hey, at least I listened, right?

And a convo between Lu and Sean after hopping in her car. Her name tag from work hangs from her mirror. It says the store name (DEB) and she has a Fashionista badge.

Sean: I need a name tag for my National Scout Jamboree uniform. I think I'll take your pretty pink one. I want to be a Fashionista. O-M-G! I can't believe you're wearing those flip flops with that shirt!

Lu: You don't even know what DEB stands for.

Sean: *thinks hard* You're right. I can't think of anything dirty for the "E".

Lu: Eww. You're so gross. It's an abbreviation of debutante. You know like in the old days when rich girls had their "coming out" parties.

Sean: In the old days rich people through parties for their lesbian daughters??! What?!

Lu: NO! Not that kind of "coming out"! Like coming into society.

Sean: I'm so lost. So they were sex parties?

Lu: OMG! NO! They were just introducing them to society.

Sean: So, they like hid them in the attic before that. "Look I have a daughter!"

Lu: You're so not getting this. Anyway, now it stands for "doing everything better".

Sean: *Sean convulses with laughter* Really? That might be false advertising.

Lu: Shut up Sean.

***Giveaway Reminder***
For those of you who are new...I'm doing a GIVEAWAY! Yay! All you have to do is visit any of CSNstores (there are over 200) and leave me a comment telling me something you liked and that you'd like to win! Simple as that. Leave a comment on every blog until Wednesday May 7th and I'll give you one entry per comment. On the 7th, Sean will draw a name from a hat and I'll announce the winner. The winner gets a promo code for $60 dollars off their purchase, not including shipping. Easy as that! And welcome all newcomers!!

Well, kids, I have to get to the conference. If anyone is interested it's Coyote Con and it's all online and all free. It's not too late to register. So far, the panelists have been amazing and everyone is super friendly! If you have any interest in writing speculative fiction (horror, sci-fi, fantasy, urban fantasy, mythic, paranormal romance) you should join up. Like I said, there's much to be learned.

Happy Sunday!