Saturday, May 29, 2010

The one where I'm not on the verge of fortune and fame and I have Rickets

Guess what day it is? That's right, Saturday!! My favorite day of the week. Well, right now. During the summer that will change as Saturday becomes the day of the week that everyone is home. Right now it's the day of the week where I'm the only one home. So it's my writing day. That glorious day where nobody bothers me and I can stick to my own schedule. Which, of course, is actually no schedule at all. I write, I research, I read, and every few hours I get up to potty and grab a new drink or some food. It's like heaven. Well, heaven for writers anyway.

And while we're on the subject of writers, let me clear up some confusion. I do have a publisher wanting to take a look at my novel when it's finished. This is in NO WAY a guarantee of publication. I mean, she could decide it's the worst novel in the history of novels. (No wait, I'm pretty sure I read that one posted on the Internet somewhere) Anyway, it could conceivably suck. Or it could be good, but not fit her tastes. I mean, there are a million little "ifs" in there. And should the Universe favor me on that day and she does accept it? I'm still not going to be rich or famous. It's a small publishing company that does a lot of E-publishing. Which means that you would be able to purchase the book as a download or for E-readers. I think they do some print publishing based on popularity so there is a chance that it would make it to paperback. But it won't be a hardcover bestseller is my point. Not that first one anyway. Don't worry, I still plan to take the world by storm, I'm just sneaking in the back way. I'm totally cool with this, because personally I think that E-books are the wave of the future. You are immediately accessible to a global market. They are convenient, cheaper (both for the publisher and the reader), and more manageable. And it's not about the money (of course I wouldn't turn down the money), it's about making people leave the light on when they get done reading my book.

And speaking of leaving the light on...Lu and I tried Tina's nightmare inducing suggestion of cheese before bed last night. Nope. Another fail. Apparently I am nightmare resistant. Lu and I talked it over and neither of us has ever woken up screaming. I have woken up momentarily terrified. But never full on screaming. And I've read scary books my entire life. I've watched scary movies my entire life. I've had trouble going to sleep, had to turn a light on when I got up to go to the bathroom (hubby really gets cranky about this), jumped on to the bed from three feet away (you know, so nothing under the bed can grab me), and hidden my eyes as I drive past scarecrows. But I don't believe I've ever had a full on nightmare. I feel so gypped.

In other news, I have Rickets. Okay, maybe not Rickets per se, but a serious vitamin D deficiency. It's all the buzz on the health boards right now. That vitamin D deficiency is cropping up and causing all sorts of problems. Crunchy joints, anyone? So when I went to see the orthopedic doctor for my follow up knee appointment, I mentioned it to her.

Me: So I was told that I should get my vitamin D level checked.

DR: I was just reading an article on that last night! And my daughter, who's your age (gee, thanks for throwing my age in) had hers checked and she was significantly low. If it's low you have to take 50,000 mg a week for eight weeks and then 1000 mg a week after that, plus 1000mg of calcium.

Me: For real? Dude, that sounds like a lot. Can't I just drink milk or something?

DR: No, because the problem is that your body probably isn't absorbing it the way it should either.

Me: So I have Rickets?

DR: They did use Rickets as the example in the article, in the slide illustration.

Me: My mom used to tell me when I was little that I had to go play outside in the sun or I'd get Rickets.

DR: She was right.

Me: Um. No. I think she just wanted to get rid of me and my creepy imaginary friend for awhile.

DR:*crickets chirping*

Me: And now I have Rickets anyway so fat lot of good that did. At least the imaginary friend is gone right? I hope he didn't get Rickets.

DR: Okay, so I think we're done here.

Earlier this week the nurse from the Doctor's office called to report that I was indeed vitamin D deficient. They gave me samples of the Vitamin D and I have to take 10,000 mg a day Monday through Friday to make 50,000 mg per week for 8 weeks. Then it lowers to 1000 a day. Of course, I looked the whole thing up online, because enquiring minds want to know. This is the best article I found on the subject. I guess what floored me the most was learning that the sunscreen I use is totally blocking my Vitamin D absorption. So even though I spent hours outside by the ocean or lake or mowing the lawn, I'm getting zero benefit in the vitamin D department. The hell?! Now I can't even yell at my mom for not putting sunscreen on me when I was four and letting me get that horrible sunburn on my shoulders. Turns out she was doing me a favor.

It also amazes me that Vitamin D deficiency is directly linked to Fibromyalgia, a disease that I've been diagnosed with. So I'm pretty excited about what kind of effect increasing my Vitamin D may have on my physical well-being. I'm not convinced it's a miracle cure or anything, but even feeling a bit better helps. So I would urge all of you to think about asking for this test at your next check-up. I know I will be urging my family to get it done.

And that's it from me. I have scaring to do and the last weekend of a conference to attend. Hope y'all have a great weekend!


  1. Vitamin D does all kinds of good things for your rate of getting cancer, too. The shit is super good for you. But don't burn, k? Super bad for you.

    Plus it makes you happier. Pinky swears. I think I also read that drinking beer while in the sun helps with absorption. I could have written that on a post-it but it still counts.

  2. So yet more for me to add to the list of why you are a freak of nature. But I love you anyways. Seans doctor would have totally laughed at your joke thou.

    Hmmm... Crappy novel on the Internet somewhere? Gee I think. may have read that one too. Haha.

  3. Happy Saturday Spot,

    Hopefully the D Vitamins will give you some relief with the Fibromyalgia and joints, I can relate to the benefit of any amount of relief is a good thing when it comes to chronic pain.

  4. Thanks for that informative post. I will get my vit D checked due to the fibro. My mom also has it and has low vit D. As far as your book, the fact that you have an interested publisher is awesome in itself. At my writers group I was told that the average (not Stephen King or other famous writers) only get about four thousand per book after paying for media etc...but exactly what you said, the money is not at all what writing is about. I'm thinking that seriously you need me to send you a pic of me without makeup to look at before you go to bed and that should surely induce nightmares, but I really don't want to be responsible if you jump up out of bed and run into the wall and break something!

  5. Hey, Spot. Last year I had some thyroid issues and in my blood tests they also discovered I was Vit D deficient (which I think most people are, apparently). I took the mega dose for a few weeks and now take 1000 units a day, as well as calcium b/c I also have weak bones. I am outside fairly often being a gardener and runner/walker, and I always felt guilty about NOT using sunscreen, and it didn't even help me out on the vitamin D side. Go figure! It may just be an absorption thing, but I am now maintaining proper levels. And at least the 1000 mg pill is tiny. I think maybe I do feel more energetic (but then I also take the synthroid now...). Anyway, here's to your health! I hope this helps with the fybro. I've heard that is not fun at sorry you've had to deal with it. wouldn't it be grand if this took care of it.
    And good luck with the book deal!

  6. Spot,

    I heard the same thing about Vit. D deficiency due to sunscreen. There is never an answer right? No sunscreen, then you get skin cancer, no skin cancer but then you get all the problems associated with Vit. D deficiency! Geez, THAT'S not giving you nightmares???? LOL.

    I had to start taking calcium and Vit D when I broke my wrist in TWO places by just catching myself when I fell. The Doctor said my bones at 37 were already getting soft. OMG!

    I heard too, that ibuprofen prohibits new bone cells from forming. If you take a lot of that (I did), then that could cause bone problems too.

    I really hope take the Vit. D helps! Maybe going out sans sunscreen for 30mins a day will too.

    I grew up with horror everything as well. My best suggestion for a nightmare is to take melatonin or put on a nicotine patch. Maybe do both, that should be a doozy! HEH!

    I think that is awesome about the book. I agree e-book IS the new trend, especially with these iPads coming out. I tried to subscribe to you on Kindle but it wouldn't let me by iPhone. :-(

  7. Woohoo on the vit D thing...growing up in the Great White North, I always took Vit D supplements in the winter just so I could absorb the calcium I was ingesting. Now that I don't drink milk so much, I still do the vit D with calcium tablets. Hope you notice a change!
    (and hahaha about 'rickets', it was one my mom used to scare me with too...that and scurvy!)

  8. Good GAWD, Spot ... the convos you have. You never fail to make me chuckle ... and then recall that feeling of being on a stage and hearing nothing but crickets after some of my best work. LOVED the imaginary friend crack and Doc's response. Classic!

    Good luck chokin' down all that Vit D and calcium ... might I suggest extra water and fibre? ;)

  9. So...did the *doctor* (chirp) say you had rickets or is this a self-diagnosis? 'Cause I'd totally believe anything Spot tells me.

    And therefore will have D checked.

    You don't suppose this is all a conspiracy by the Vitamin D-people, do you? I mean, if EVERYONE is deficient...that's a tad suspect.

    You GO on that book, girlfriend. It'll happen. I can feel it in my vitamin-d-deficient bones...

  10. I've been taking Triple-D daily because it has been found to help allergy least that is what the television said. And my allergies have been better than normal this season.

    Books. E-Readers. Hurrrmmph! They'll take my books away only from my cold dying hands....or whatever that statement was. You know what I mean.

  11. As always you are a wealth of laughter AND information. I'm gonna have to check out all that Vit D stuff. So my "redneck" episode last week was actually HELPING me? So for once, my stupidity served me well? I'll be....

    Pulling for you on the book thing. Heck if you wrote a book of just you and Sean's convos I'd buy it! :-) Always amusing...

  12. E-novel...sounds exciting. Think of all of the trees you are saving! Rickets or Cancer?? That would make for a tough choice. I say sunblock with lots of cheese and preparation H. Fibromyalgia and rickets sucks donkey balls. Maybe it will all balance out in the end...I mean, to have saturdays and nightmare resistance and a book in the works. I might trade. Happy Saturday...even though it is now monday...

  13. Elly~ Oh my stars. If I get any happier, I may be hard to live with. I'm already told I'm one of those annoyingly perky peeps.

    Roxy~ I know Sean's Doctor would have laughed! It's okay. Confusing people is almost as much fun as making them laugh. And I wasn't actually speaking of the novel you're thinking of, that one ranks right up there, but I actually found a worse one!!

    Jimmy~ Thank you! Yes, chronic pain is a downer. And I'm loopy enough, without narcotic painkillers!

    Suzi~ Please get checked for sure. I took my first massive dose today, but they say it takes 6 months for it to build up in your system. It's definitely not about the money. And as long as we bear that in mind, I can see satisfaction headed our way.

    DfG- yay! Another vitamin D success story. More energy would be awesome!! Yes, fibro sucks, but I'm not as badly affected as a lot of people. As with anything, I think attitude has a lot to do with it. And I have attitude to spare.

    Angelia~ You're so right. Everything seems so contradictary now days, it's hard to know what is right. I'm about to go get my 30 minutes of sun, sans sunscreen! Horror rocks. I love being scared.

    Brite~ Yeah, I've always teased my kids with scurvy too. And black lung. Even though we live nowhere near a coal mine. =]

    Dani~ I'm going to need something to help it go down!!! Although a good friend suggested Tums instead of calcium pills. She said calcium pills are awful. The vit D is capsules so it's easy to get down. Silly doctor, no sense of humor.

    Kathryn~ do get checked! I don't think I really have Rickets, I've only ever broken my nose (a couple times), a toe, and had a few fractures. I think if you had rickets you'd be breaking them all the time. Could be a conspiracy!

    Jerry~ flippin A! My allergies might get better too?! Score! I know how you feel...I love love love books. And will never stop buying the real thing. But I may supplement my collection with the E kind.

    Peg~ You should for sure get the vitamin D checked. And yes, I guess your sunburn was a good thing! Lol. Thanks for the good wishes on the book! I can't write anything, including horror without some humor to it. It makes the scary parts more real I think.

    Maggie~ thanks! Yes, the being "green" part is kind of a bonus. I guess with the vitamin D supplements, I can still use my sunscreen. Lol. I do love my Saturdays. Good to hear from you.


  14. Good luck on the novel! :) Saturdays are my favorite days too.

  15. I am beginning to think that you have been exposed to scary way too much and can't get horrified anymore. I can bet you the stuff you dream that just scares you a little, would scare the scream out of me!!

    E-books...sigh. I can barely load a song. I will just have to hope you become famous so I can buy the book.

    Hope the Vitamim D works wonders for ya!

  16. I had to take Vitiman D and calcium while my busted foot was healing, and I'm pretty sure that's what made it heal in 4 weeks instead of 7 (like predicted)
    I can't vouch for anything non-broken bone related, but the stuff has power for sure :D