Monday, May 3, 2010

The one where the Universe gets even with me.

So it never fails...begin to whine about how much is going on in your life...even if you preface it with an "I know I am so blessed" and the Universe will smack you down. Every. Damn. Time. The cat will develop a digestive issue and throw up in an eight foot square on your light colored Berber carpet. Your home office will be invaded by a grumpy invalid in the form of your 18 yr old son.

Yesterday was going well. I managed to blog! I was going to attend two sessions at the online conference. I'd found a story to work on for my submission. Sean and I were in the middle of catching up on *Stargate Universe* when the phone rang. Sean answered it then handed it to me with a funny look on his face~

Me: Who is it?

Sean: I think it's Bobby, but something's wrong.

Me: Hello?

Bobby: (voice strained) I wrecked my bike. Ambulance is here. Get to hospital quick.

Me: On the way!

Sean and I flew out of the house. We called hubby on the way. He said he'd be there as soon as he could. Called Lu because she was at work in town and could get there quickest. I told her he'd had an accident and to meet us at the ER. I neglected to tell her he was alive. Oops.

As we make the 30 minute drive (in 20 minutes), Sean tries to make me laugh~

Sean: Remember the other day when you told him if he wrecked and was paralyzed, you weren't taking care of him because it was his fault??

Me: Yep. But I would, you know?

Sean: If he's in a wheelchair, I'm going to put him on the deck and leave him and then admonish him for not coming in out of the rain.

Me: That's funny. But mean! Hey! Now we can beat all his Wii scores.

We make jokes in this family to deal with stress. And he may not be my son by birth, but my heart was pounding just as bad as it would have if it had been one of the others. The whole ride I imagined the worst. Paralysis, spinal cord injury, broken legs, road rash, nerve damage. At least I knew he was alive and conscious. That ruled out major head trauma. Then Lu called~

Lu: He's alive!

Sean: We knew that. He called us.

Lu: Oh. I didn't know that.

Sean: Well we're almost there.

We got there and rushed back to the room. Lu and his girlfriend were standing outside. Xray was with him. I took in both tear stained faces and hugged them hard.

Lu: They think he broke his clavicle and messed up his left arm.

An EMT we know came up to me.

EMT: Hey, how you doing?

Me: Better now that I know what's going on.

EMT: Yeah. He'll be okay. He's in pain though.

Me: Thanks for bringing him in. Just can't keep them out of trouble.

EMT: He was more worried about his jacket than himself. He wouldn't let us cut it off.

Me: Doesn't surprise me a bit.

We got to go in. He'd been give painkillers but was still in pain. I hugged carefully and kissed the top of his head. His girlfriend's sister and mother came in. Then one of his managers from work came in. In a strange twist of fate, he'd happened by the accident scene, realized it was Bobby's bike and took it to his house so Bobby wouldn't have a towing and storage fee. He said it was in bad shape. (GOOD!) They took him to xray to get more pictures. Lu told me she'd just rushed out of work and to the hospital. She arrived at the same time as the ambulance. She cried the whole way.

After the xrays, he was in a lot of pain again, so I asked the nurse for another shot. About then his real Dad and his girlfriend showed up. His Dad talked to the doctor and me, while his girlfriend went in to check on Bobby. They didn't stay long, but well, things are awkward. I promised to keep them updated. The doctor came in and confirmed the broken left clavicle. Other than assorted bruises and scrapes that was it. They put a sling on it, gave us a prescription for painkillers and released him. We see the orthopedic doctor tomorrow. The first few hours were rough. It's a lot of pain. But luckily, thanks to the meds, he got some sleep. Not as bad today as long as we stay on top of the pain meds. It's going to be a long couple of weeks though. He can't drive and probably can't work.

But it could have been so much worse. All those things that went through my head could have happened. This is just a bump in the road and it too shall pass.

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  1. Damn girl. You and your peeps know how to bring the drama. I'm glad all is relatively ok.

  2. I am so glad everything is as well as it is. Keep us informed!

  3. Glad he is doing OK all things considered, as you said this too will pass and everyone will be laughing about it before long---well I suppose some are laughing now but we wouldn't expect any less would we.

  4. Yikes! Hell of a way to start the week, eh? I'm glad his prognosis looks promising and you're really could have been so much worse. The Universe should definitely leave you alone for at least a month after this. :)

  5. Glad he is the same kind of call almost two years ago from my son. he had only had his bike for two weeks and totalled it. The only way I felt any better was knowing that he made the call himself so he was alive. He had severe roadrash on his lower back, cut up foot and ankle, and concussion...he also was upset that it tore up his jacket! he was in severe pain for several weeks, but no broken bones. Scary times. Hugs to you because I do know what it feels like! I thank God all the time for it not being any worse... He was saved by the helmet - landed on his his head.

  6. Oh Spot ... OMG ... That is so scary. I am so happy he is going to be alright.

    Eek ... I was worried there for a minute. Hang tough.


  7. Lots of love and hugs your way and your family's way and everything! I hope Bobby gets better quickly. That's just icky.

  8. Geez!!!! I don't like motorcycles. Too scary!
    Glad Bobby is okay and you were all able to be there for him. I know he feels loved. Haven't you hit your limit of Universe pingbacks. LOL.

  9. I'm glad he's okay and I'm like you - I totally make jokes or try to make people laugh when in a bad situation. In fact, I think I was my funniest when I had cancer and didn't want others to feel horrible.

    Laughter is key to life.

  10. Goodness! What a scare! I did let out a laugh when Lulu called to tell you he was alive. Oops!
    So glad it was not life threatning or life altering.
    Hubby had a wreck on his bike and broke his collarbone and lots of road rash, very tense moment for me. I too had all those horrible thoughts run through my mind. Thankfully he hasn't had a bike since!