Thursday, May 27, 2010

The one where my week pretty much blows...

So I'm pretty sure the Universe is laughing at me. Because the theme song of my week seems to be a frustrated "AAaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhh". Things are not going according to plan. Who am I kidding? Things are screwed up this week. Sunday was the last good day. Bobby graduated, we all went to dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant, and Mike, Sean & I watched a movie and I went to bed early. Monday, Sean and I went to town to check out enrolling him in the local community college. I'm still waiting on them to call and tell me what all hoops we have to jump through to get him enrolled due to the homeschooling and the fact that he finished up a year early. Tuesday I had a whopper migraine. I don't get them very often anymore but this one was a doozy. I stayed medicated all day, much to Sean's amusement. About 5 o'clock, I'm lying on the couch in the family room watching a movie on Lifetime Movie Network (no wisecracks, it was a scary movie) and Sean come in and asks~

Sean: what's for dinner?

Me: I don't know. I texted your sister to see if she'd pick something up, but I haven't heard back.

Sean: well hopefully you'll catch her before she gets home.

Me: No it might be better if she comes home first.

Sean: and then has to drive all the way back? Really?

Me: I have no idea what I just said.

Sean: well you said she should come back here first, but maybe you meant she should stop there first?

Me: I don't think so. I think I meant for her to come here first, but I don't know why?

Sean: you're so stoned. You should probably just stop trying to talk.

We did indeed get food and I went to bed early, after not talking much. Also on Tuesday, I emailed a client and told him that I thought our work together was at an end, because I wasn't happy with what I was doing for him. I expected him to be angry. Nope, he agreed and came back with an offer for a bigger project. It was surreal. I could use the money, but it really detracts from the fiction writing time. My husband is urging me to go for the fiction, considering it's what I really really want to do. But it's hard to pass on an interesting project and the money it would bring in. (OH MY HELL!! Did I really just say something that sounded all grown up and responsible??!)

Wednesday, I was headache free. I talked to Kathryn on the phone, finished emails, read some blogs and then the kids convinced me to play hooky and go to the lake with them. It was gorgeous. I didn't feel like swimming, just laying lazily on the dock. (It had a lot to do with the fact that due to the heavy rains, the lake is kind of muddy and gross and reminded me of Shrek's pond). We discussed how scary jumping into the lake is the first time every summer when no one has been it for awhile. There are some ginormous grass carp in that lake, every bit of 6 feet in length. There are multitudes of other fish and snakes and other critters. Lu said she really was a little scared when she'd gone swimming with Luke the day before. (On a side note, it probably doesn't help that when we first moved out here I told them the story of Stephen Kings story "The Raft". And I told it while sitting on the dock out in the lake. I then jumped in and left them there for a few minutes. Mom of the Year award, right??!)

But they jumped in and swam out to the dock anyway. Lu asked if she was drowning would I get in and save her. I told her no. But of course, I would. Then they jumped off the dock a couple of times. Then Lu was laying on the dock, Sean was swimming, and I was laying on the dock by the beach. Suddenly Sean says~

Sean- Oh holy crap! I just realized that this is a setting for a horror movie. Lu on one dock, you on the other and me swimming in between. The next thing that happens is I get eaten by something! *he climbs swiftly up the ladder to join Lu*

Lu~ Yeah, and mom would run to the truck and leave me.

Me~ duh. I'm not getting eaten, and you still have the long swim to shore.

This week has somehow sapped my mojo. I haven't really gotten much written, including blog posts and comments. I find I'm filled with self doubt every time I sit down to write. I look over things and think "crap. this sucks. a middle schooler could have written this." And it just makes the task seem that much more daunting. I was having a moment of doubt yesterday and asked my husband~

Me: What if I CANT finish the novel??

Hubby: Then I'll beat you.

He said it with a serious look on his face. I convulsed in giggles. No indulgent "of course you can, honey" from him. You have to know him to realize how out of character what he said was, but seriously I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe. It was exactly what I needed.

Today he called while driving to another city to pick up some stuff for camp.

Hubby: How are you feeling today?

Me: Like crap. I have a tummy ache and I think I might hurl.

Hubby: That's no good.

Me: No. I think I got it from Luke. He's been complaining of a tummy ache for a couple of days. He's like freakin typhoid Mary. I swear every time he comes down with something I end up getting it too even though I rarely come within 3 feet of the boy.

Hubby: Maybe you're just not used to his cooties.

Me: or maybe he gives them to Lu and she doesn't get sick but passes them on to me, like "haha. this will screw with mom"

Hubby: yes, I'm quite sure that's exactly what she thinks.

Me: I know right?! It's a plot. How's your day?

Hubby: Stressful. It's going to be a miracle if I pull off everything I need to pull off this weekend.

Me: I have faith. You can do it.

Hubby: well that's one of us I guess.

Me: besides, if you don't, I'll beat you.

Hubby: Wow, it sounds even funnier when you say it! *Laughing*

Me: Whatever. Don't even play like you're not scared. I'm fierce.

Hubby: You're so cute when you're fired up.

Me: I'm cute all the time!

So from now on, I'm going to focus on fiction writing. I have a publisher who is waiting to look at the novel as soon as it is done. I set a tentative date for the end of August, because I work best with deadlines. Tina from
The Clean White Page and I both sent story submissions to a magazine this week. And we're both working on storys for a contest next month. I have loved Coyote Con. I'm sorry to see it end this weekend. But I have plans to attend
CONtext the end of August in Ohio. Some of the really fabulous people I met through Coyote Con will be there, and the writing workshops look awesome.

I also want to focus on the blog, because I love this blog. I love the friends I've made and their support. I also love having this record for the kids. And writing the funny day to day stuff is different than writing things to scare you. So hopefully the blogging will return to a more regular schedule. Oh, and I sure hope Heather notices how I took her advice and put my awards on a separate page!! =]

Also, I've enjoyed reading all of Suzicate's poems. She is a fabulously talented poet, and if you haven't read them, you should. It has made me miss writing poetry as well. I used to write a lot of it. So I think I may be either adding a page or a blog for poetry. Just for fun.

And...(my gosh Spot, aren't you done YET??) I put up a new movie review at What Spot Saw.

Happy Thursday y'all,


  1. My sweet, wonderful, adopted sister Fruit Loop lady - - I know how it feels to feel all self-doubty and crappy about writing, but I assure you, that you are AMAZING, and I love reading your blog, and I can only imagine what your fiction is like.

    I am sorry that the week was the pits. But hey, at least Sean really didn't get eaten by anything! :)

    I love you lots!

  2. That is so unbelievably awesome that you set a date to be that 's kicking some butt and making yourself do it! Dang, I wish I was as good as you...instead I'm all mopey like I'll never get anything more published...well heck, it aint gonna happen if I don't send it out. Can't wait for my friend to get back here from Cali so she can kick my butt into gear - and I can count on her to do it, too, after we both have a glass of wine and whine! So proud of you, your talents and your hard work. And thanks for the kind words in your shout out for me. HUGS! Sorry your week was funky...but things are looking up now!

  3. I think perhaps you and I might be finalists in the Mother of the Year awards for 2010. Or are they called raspberries ... or blackberries??

    I can not believe you are this close to publishing a novel ... I am in awe.

    Chin up, buttercup - you are loved.

  4. You have not changed one bit. Ok, maybe the witty comments are a little sharper then the girl who went with me to my Senior Prom.

    I love reading your blog. I bet that is why I have started blogging again myself.

    Big Hugs,

    ps - I know you can beat me up

  5. "duh. I'm not getting eaten, and you still have the long swim to shore."

    Recon if you would get beat if you came home with a couple less kids?

    Run this by Sean and see if it will fit into the Movie.

    Seriously sounds like things are headed the right direction in spite of the week you have had, end result is it's all getting better already :)

  6. Good luck with your novel. I'm jealous that you have someone who wants to look at yours. I haven't found an agent who is interested in mine yet.

  7. I am so sorry you've been feeling puny this week. I hate migraines. And I think I hate the aftereffects of the medication even worse.

    I don't like swimming in lakes for that precise reason. I don't like NOT being able to see the bottom and I DON'T like all those critters nipping at me. Totally freaks me out and if one of those 6 ft carps came by I'd give them something more to nibble on because I think I'd drop a LOAD! lol Hope you have a fabulous weekend and I'm so proud of your being able to set yourself a deadline like that. You GO girl!

  8. heeee.... I love your afternoon at the lake! It had me humming the theme song to Jaws the whole day!

  9. You are the scariest. mom. ever.

    I was imagining you and Lu on separate docks and poor Sean yelps and gets pulled under and you're muttering, "Cut it out, Sean. So not funny."

    Sometimes when you're having a crappy week, ya just gotta let it's over now and it's all gonna be gooooood.....


  10. LOL!!! Yes I noticed! LOL!

    So glad that headache didn't linger around for days like mine do.

    I'm always telling hubby "I'm gonna kick your A**!" He laughs way too hard. I think he doesn't believe me. One of these days...

  11. Uh, I know this is a little late, but good wishes help all the time right?
    Hope life goes better for you ^_^