Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The one where someone wins pretty things and alcohol speaks...

Yay! It's Wednesday!! I don't know why I'm so happy about that. It's not like anyone in my household has weekends off so it's not really like I'm halfway to two days off. And yet, Wednesday still holds some strange appeal. Maybe it's the fact that Ghost Hunters is on Wednesday nights. Or Happy Town. Although I haven't watched the first one. It's still sitting on my DVR, calling my name. Or maybe I'm excited because my birthday gift to Hildi's oldest is arriving today (she turned ten yesterday...Happy Birthday Madi!) and I sent her some great books. Or maybe it's because it's Cinco de Mayo, which should totally be a holiday in the US. I'm sure someone would come up with a political or socio-cultural (I'm not even sure that's a real word) reason for making it a holiday. But I'm going to go with, what a good excuse to eat Mexican food and drink Tequila!! Who's with me on this??

No, I'm excited because today I get to announce the winner of my giveaway! Woo-hoo! One lucky person gets $60 towards the purchase of some pretties for their house courtesy of CSNstores. And the lucky winner is...Heather! Congratulations girl! Please shoot me an email so I can send you the promo code!! I really wish everyone could have won! Maybe I'll get lucky and someone else will ask me to do a giveaway. *wink wink, nudge nudge advertisers!*

In other news, Lu & Dexter left for Texas last night and I'm already missing her! They should be arriving at their destination right about now. They get to spend a week down there on his Aunt & Uncle's ranch. They went in August and had an awesome time. They even camped on the beach. I wish I was headed to the beach...

We saw the Dr. about Bobby's broken clavicle. They promise in two weeks it will be much improved. The xray looks like someone broke the bone and then tried to build an Indian tee pee with it. They gave him some stronger meds and said he could try school tomorrow. Going back to work depends on how much pain he's in. His manager is being awesome about it though. And obviously no driving for awhile. Looks like Sean and I will be sharing chauffeur duties.

My physical therapist is trying to kill me. I'm pretty sure she lays awake at night trying to think up new tortures. Yesterday's visit ended with me biting my lip and gritting my teeth. The funny thing is it's not the injured knee that's the hip. I may have to go get the shot in it after all. Grocery shopping afterward probably didn't help.

I had my first video conference call with one of my clients today. It's a little surreal finally seeing someone you've only chatted with on the phone. Ok, the whole video calling thing is surreal to me. I just got the web cam last week. And I've video called Hildi once too. That was awesome being able to see her and the girls. I guess you get used to it. The funny thing is, I was all nervous, so I got up early; showered, fixed my hair, put on makeup, picked out casual, yet business like clothing and downloaded Skype. Then I waited. And when he called? He was wearing a tshirt. Yes, I overdressed for a conference call. My bad.

Hubby is still majorly busy and so I don't seem him much. Last night, as I was getting ready for bed he was already in bed.

Me: Don't fall asleep yet! I have stuff to tell you.

Hubby: Mrwrmm. Okay. I'll try.

*I go into bathroom, take meds, brush teeth, ect. Finally I emerge*

Me: Are you asleep?

Hubby: No

Me: You looked asleep.

Hubby: No. I'm awake.

Me: Well, okay. Do you want to know how my doctor's visit went?

Hubby: Yeah, of course.

Me: Really, because you didn't even ask?

Hubby: Yeah, I forgot, sorry.

Me: Well Dr. O said he wished all his fibro patients were doing as well as I am. And that almost everyone is getting great results with that medicine. He advised me to avoid surgery at all costs because he's worried about all my allergies to antibiotics. Dr. L is worried about that too. But basically, I don't have to see Dr. O again until next year.

Hubby: Well that's good.

Me: And Dr. L spent like 5 minutes with me. It was one of those times he keeps trying to get up and leave and I keep making him sit back down. Anyway I'm supposed to call them Monday and let them know if I think the kidney infection is cleared up and the swelling is gone. And he's not worried about the BP and Heart rate spikes as long as I feel fine.

Hubby: *who has rolled over, says over his shoulder* So the whiskey didn't tell you anything.

Me: What?

Hubby: So the whiskey didn't tell you anything.

Me: Um. No. The whiskey didn't tell me a damn thing. Was it supposed to?

Hubby: *rolls over and stares as me* What whiskey?

Me: That's what I'd like to know. You said "so the whiskey didn't tell you anything?"

Hubby: No. I said "So basically, he didn't tell you anything."

Me: Well that makes more sense. Especially since I hate whiskey. We really aren't on speaking terms.

Hubby: *shakes head and rolls back over*

Me: Now the tequila, however...

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

PS- I promise to start catching up on all of your blogs. SOON. =]


  1. ROFL The whiskey speaketh loudly....especially the morning after. ;)

    Ugh, ew, ouch - your description of the teepee break.

    Glad your doc had some good news!

  2. So, the whiskey's talking now...I'd rather have that talking than the tequila anyday. Tequila is NOT my friend. I am so happy Heather won! Congrats to her.

  3. I'm with you, Spot!!
    Tequila sounds pretty good about now ... so long as it numbs this throat of mine.

    Happy Cinco de Mayo to you too!

  4. Why limit yourself? Put the tequila and the whiskey together! All the more fun with crazy meds!

  5. Congrats Heather!!!!!!

    Sounds like Bobby did it good---Wow I am sure Sean will take real good care of him while doing the "Chauffeuring" duties we should get some good posts from you on that one huh.

    Lu and Dexter didn't offer to take you along to camp out on the beach with them? well maybe next time, it sounds like a good trip and if they had fun last time this one will only be better.

    I'm glad you got good reports from the Doctors and since the whiskey is talking for the tequila along with the meds you should fall asleep way before your hubby does :^)

  6. Redheaded~ that is why whiskey and I no longer speak. Way too much of that stuff one time. Now I can only drink it with a beer chaser and a grossed out look on my face.

    Suzicate~ no way! I'll take tequila over whiskey any day! But vodka is my real favorite. Bloody Marys. Vodka and tomato juice. It's like healthy, right?

    Dani~ I'm so sorry your sick! Probably not the best time to drink though.

    Elly~ NO! Don't you know the rule? Mix with whiskey...pretty risky! Don't do it!

    Jimmy~ Hubby can fall asleep standing up in the grocery store. True story. No one falls asleep before him! And no, they didn't invite me. That now seems a little rude on their parts.


  7. * Dances * I am still happy you called me Kenz. That makes me all smiley.

    ANYWAY...that's great...funny, funny...

    I thought, at first, you were going to say he was talking in his sleep.

  8. Sorry about the torture, but I'm glad the rest of the stuff is ok. When I read that about the whiskey, I thought he really said it, because I speak when I'm drifting to sleep and say nonsensical things. (Don't tell anyone but I don't like whiskey either). Vodka and diet coke..Get plenty in for when we stop off at your place on our joint book tour...

  9. Congrats to Heather! How awesome is that! Woot!!!

    Did they head to South Padre? I remember you said they camped on the beach then too. Waving in Texas at them. :-)

    Glad Bobby is going to be okay. Ouch on your physical therapy. If it's not one thing it's another - except for Whiskey - it's definitely not that. HA! Happy Cinco!

  10. Ummm tequila...nope, can't do it, would rather drink sewage.Of course this may have something to do with an almost fatal case of alcohol poisoning in Mexico when I was in my 20's.But go ahead...knock one back for me!

  11. I really never thought I would win, That is soo awesome! Thanks Spot!

    I just can't imagine having to do a video conference, I would have over dressed too!

    Hope Bobby gets to feeling better soon. I know you already have enough on your plate and now having to add driving him around. Good luck to ya!

    So great to get good news from the doc for a change!

  12. OMG!! I LOVE Ghosthunters. And I'm DVR-ing Happy Town, too. But I watch them Thursday. So I watched episode 2 last night. It's weird, but interesting.

  13. UnA~ haha. I love you chica! No, just my bad hearing this time.

    Tina~ Lu does that a lot too. Cracks me up. Definitely Vodka but I don't do diet sodas.

    Angelia~ I don't think they are going to San Padre this time. Just staying at the ranch and chilling for a few days!

    Brite~ I don't really like it straight anymore. But margaritas are delish!

    Heather~ you're so welcome! I'll send you the promo code.

    Amy~ There are people who don't love Jason & Grant?! What? Do they live in caves??


  14. Woohoo! A sleep deprived discussion of alcoholic beverages! This is why I love you Spot. Thanks for the laugh ^_^