Sunday, May 16, 2010

The one where Hubby takes me out...

Sunday. I love Sundays. They are generally fairly quiet at my house. Lu usually works. Hubby usually works, at least part of the day. Bobby is usually at his gf's house in town. So I blog, I catch up on commenting other blogs, and Sean and I watch our DVR'd shows from the rest of the week. I don't cook dinner. I rest. Did I mention that I love Sundays? Oh...sorry...but I do.

It's been a busy week. The trip to Springfield was fun, the visit with my folks was good, and CJ's prom was the best one yet. I will blog it all (with pictures) probably Tuesday. Today is a blog about a week ago Thursday. The fact that it's still on my mind, should tell you how rare an occasion it actually is.

First, to set the scene, Hubby and I have always had our finances together. Seriously, I don't get couples who keep their money separate. If you're one of them and that works for you, I'm not dissing you, I just don't get it. To me, it's a unity thing. If you're a unit, you're money should be together. Why would you keep money separate, unless you had one foot out the door? We've always kept all of our money together. We even had a joint bank account before we were married. We lived together, so having one bank account that I could pay bills out of just seemed logical. Also, if you give my husband cash, he will spend it. Not on large things, just on so many little things that he will not be able to recall where it went. And yet the man manages a several thousand dollar budget every year for his job and is ALWAYS under budget. I give him a $20 and it's gone before I turn my back. I guess the difference is that I'm the one responsible for our budget. And the fact that at any given time he has no clue how much money is in our bank accounts denotes a level of trust rarely seen. But I digress. That being said, the last few years we've also developed "his money" and "my money". The household bills and family accounts are pretty much paid for by his salary, which is in the joint account. Any money either of us gets elsewhere is our own to spend how we want. This could be birthday money, my freelancing money, ect. Most of his goes to hunting paraphernalia. Most of mine goes to books, lunches & dinners with friends or the kids, saving for something I want- like a laptop. Sometimes it overlaps, last freelance paycheck I deposited in the joint account because it was running low, no big deal. If the family goes out to eat together and the joint account is low, it's paid for by me. See a pattern here? So you can imagine my surprise when...

Last Thursday about six o'clock hubby came in from work. I was on the computer doing um...I don't know, something.

Hubby: What's your dinner plan?

Me: No dinner plan. We are the only ones home so I'm not cooking. There's plenty of leftovers.

Hubby: Where is everyone?

Me: Lu & Luke are in Texas. Bobby went to town with Whitney. Sean is in the same place he is every Thursday night, CAP meeting. (It really annoys me when he can't remember something that happens every week)

Hubby: Want to go to The Bar for dinner? (The Bar, seriously, that's it's name, is a little bar in the closest town that serves really good, but really greasy food.)

Me: You buying?

Hubby: Yeah. I can swing that.

Me: *swivels around to face him in complete shock* Seriously?

Hubby: Sure.

Me: Okay. Give me five minutes to get ready.

So we leave the house and I start to walk to my car. Hubby says no, lets take the truck. So I hop in. As we make the twenty minute drive over the back roads, I start to think. So he's randomly taking me out, he's paying, and we're taking his vehicle. WTF?!

Me: What are you feeling guilty about?

Hubby: What?

Me: What have you done? Why are you feeling guilty?

Hubby: I don't feel guilty about anything. What are you on about?

Me: You never randomly take me out. And you NEVER pay.

Hubby: I do ask you to go out a lot. You just never want to because you don't want to change or put on make-up. Which you don't even need to do to go to the bar.

*I thought about this, he's sort of right. The reason I said yes was that I was already dressed nice and had makeup on from an earlier video conference.*

Me: Okay, you do ask sometimes. But you never offer to pay. If I say there's no money to eat out you say OK we don't go.

Hubby: Well, it's rarely just the two of us.

Me: Okay. I still think you're feeling guilty.

Hubby: *laughs* Maybe a little, but only because I haven't had time to do any of the stuff you asked me to do around the house lately.

So we continue our trip to the bar. We get there, we park in the back lot. On the walk to the door~

Me: You've eaten here so much lately, you're probably a regular. I swear you eat here more than you eat at home.

Hubby: Well we've been so busy building the new archery range. And all the guys working on it always want to come here to eat. And you've been cooking all that weird stuff at home.

Me: Um. It's not 'weird stuff'. It's healthy stuff. The kids aren't complaining. Sorry I won't deep fry your veggies.

Hubby: I might eat them if you did.

Me: Well the food here is not good for you. It's all fried and greasy and clogging your arteries. Wait?! I think I hear them screaming!

Hubby: That's just crazy talk. You need to shut up woman, you're sounding really crazy right now!

At this, I started giggling hysterically. Some of you will notice that's a play off the movie "Stepbrothers". Sean and I say the line "Shut Up. Shut Up. You're sounding really stupid right now." all the time to each other from the movie. Hubby never makes movie quote references. So out of character.

We ordered. We got our food. We talked. It was nice. We rarely have time together, let alone by ourselves. We even ignored our cell phones. I'm pretty sure it should turn into a weekly event. But not at The Bar. Because it makes we want to hurl. Seriously. Later that night as I was brushing my teeth before bed and Hubby was laying in bed watching TV, Sean came in to our room.

Me: I don't feel good. I hate The Bar! I always say I'm never going to eat there again and yet I do. Ugh.

Sean: I know what you mean. The food is sooo good while you're eating it, but then like an hour later I feel like I have stomach flu and all I want to do is throw up.

Me: It's because our stomachs aren't used to all that grease.

Hubby: I'm pretty sure that just means you should eat there more. Desensitize your stomachs you whiners.

Me: I'm pretty sure that's not what it means.

Will I eat there again? Probably. It's cheap and it's close. And if Hubby's paying...

Happy Sunday,


  1. Still sounds divine to me ... grease or no.

    Hope you two can make it a little more regular that once a lifetime :)

    Happy Sunday to you, too.


  2. I know just what you mean about that greasy kind of bar food. But so sweet your husband treated. A real date! Those are kind of rare around my house anymore -- we go out but usually we split the bill (we sorta keep our money together and separate both). So it's really nice when husband does the asking and the driving and the paying! You just have to accept his choice of restaurants!

  3. I'm sure this is too much information, but I have green poo today. Not like a green tint, but like full on neon green poo. I ate kale for 3 meals running. Apparently I need to step over to bar and eat something else for a hot minute and flush this green mess out.

    I just told you about my poo and I'm sober. I shouldn't be allowed to play on the computer today.

  4. Awww Hubby asking you out, driving and paying. Lol my first response would have been "What did you do"

    Glad you had a good Sunday!

    lol @ Elly Lou, I'm sure that is tmi but it was funny. And given that I live in a house full of men, I think I've heard and/or seen worse

  5. The hubby and I usually go out Friday nights for dinner or a Sat lunch or dinner. It's nice to get out together. He usually pays...doesn't matter, as I say 'my money is mine. his money. is mine. our money is mine. it's all mine". No, seriously it's all in the same account.

  6. I love grease. Going out excites me because it means I don't have to cook.

  7. Awww! How cute is that? So cute! Even if he took you to a place that makes you feel like you have the flu and hour later.

  8. Sounds like my kind of place Spot, glad you two got some time to yourselves even if it was at the Bar.

    We have always had our money in one account also, I agree with you on that point it is easier to deal with that way.

    Stop by my blog I have a little something for you on this post

  9. Oh, man! The perceived stomach flu is the best part of greasy diner food. I figure the amount of time I inevitably spend in the bathroom afterwards negates any calories I took in.

  10. Soo worth the tummy ache to have quality time with hubby. I would have been suspicous too.
    We also have a joint account, I don't get the seperating of the money either.
    Suzicate has it right!!

  11. Awwwwe sweet and greasy...lovely :-)

    That is right up my alley, but I'm a foodie. Soooo cool he still takes you out.

    I always had sep accounts with husband #1 and #2. With Jason (future #3) I already have a joint acount with him. LOL.

  12. Awww. Sounds like you DO need to make a weekly date night... just NOT necessarily the Bar. Hubby and I used to do date night every week and then got out of the habit and are trying to get back to it. Even now that we are empty nesters it's nice to every once in a while get out.

  13. That sounds like us. I heard it said once that a woman should keep some money of her own, as running-away money. I don't want to run away and I have no money. Neither does he. I'd like some money, but happiness is better.

  14. Aww, that's so sweet! You should definitely make this a weekly thing :D