Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The one where Sean trades invisibility for levitation

So it's Tuesday. I'm pretty sure Tuesday is like the most boring day of the week. Seriously, I mean you made it past Monday but it's not Wednesday so you're not half way through yet. And Thursdays are like a prelude to Friday, which is a great day because it's the start of the weekend. And Saturday is probably one of the best days of the week, followed closely by Sunday. What's left for Tuesday? Yep. Nada. Sorry Tuesday, you kinda suck. And it's grey and rainy again. This weather is really sapping my mojo.

First off, um, wow? I cannot believe all the interest I got in marrying Sean off. Don't you people read my blog? He's no Prince Charming. The lucky girl who gets him has got her work cut out for her. I did like Elly's suggestion of auctioning him off to the highest bidder and then partying with the money. But I'm pretty sure it's illegal in America to sell your minor offspring. Although, Sean tells me in Nepal it's perfectly alright. Something about the guy with the most goats. I don't know. And for all the mother's who asked...he's 16. Turning 17 this summer. He says he can wait for the right girl but he does add that cooking and laundry are two skills he highly prizes. Start training them now! And to J, who left the comment about a previous betrothal to her daughter, there's no contract signed. I have to keep his options open. Oh and one last thing~ mother's, you may want to remember that he plans to take over Slovakia so unless you plan on visiting them, you may not see a lot of your daughters. Please bear this in mind.

Sean and I have had a running joke about how he's trying to perfect the skill of invisibility. If you read the bloggess, you may know that she did a post on how invisibility was a lifelong skill. Therefore, Sean decided to go for it. Most nights, before he heads down to his cave we say goodnight and I always say~

Me: Goodnight sweetie. See you in the morning.

Sean: It's doubtful.

Me: Well, unless you perfect the invisibility thing.

Sean: I'm this close. *holds up thumb and forefinger a mere inch apart*

Me: Love you.

Sean: That's funny, I'm rather fond of me too.

So imagine my surprise when we had this convo the other night while watching T.V.~

Sean: How many volts in an outlet?

Me: You mean just a normal plug in?

Sean: Yes.

Me: 110. Why?

Sean: Well I need 40 more then.

Me: Um why do you need 150 volts?

Sean: I also need several rolls of aluminium foil and some wiring.

Me: *a little worried now* and um, why?

Sean: Well, you put blah blah blah at the four corners, then stretch the aluminium foil out and blah blah blah and then it levitates. (He didn't really say "blah blah blah" I just didn't understand so I kind of tuned out)

Me: How do you know?

Sean: I saw it on the science channel. No one's really sure why it works, but it does. So I have this idea. If I do it on a larger scale with a blah blah blah and a row boat and then I take blah blah blah intake pipes and a large fan blah blah blah car blah blah blah. What do you think?

Me: *glazed over eyes* Yeah, I don't really get what you're saying but um, sure?

Sean: oh fine, ignore me now, but when I'm rolling in my speeder, you'll be sorry.

Me: Speeder?

Sean: Like in Star Wars.

Me: Oh. You mean that land cruiser thing that they drive around in?

Sean: Yes like that. Only it may look more like a rowboat hover craft.

Me: Um. Yeah. Well I definitely want a ride.

Sean: We'll see. I don't know that you're being very supportive.

Me: Do you know if you pull this off, you'd have tons of people wanting to give you scholarships and stuff.

Sean: Yes, like MIT.

Me: And then you could get this awesome job and be famous and totally support me in my old age.

Sean: Why would I do that?

Me: duh. Because I support you. And I never tell you not to try any of your ideas. Like that time you electrocuted the pickle and the house smelled like burnt pickle for days. Or the time you made the static machine and kept shocking the cats and Lu with it? I'm totally supportive. Even when I have no idea how stuff works.

Sean: Maybe.

Me: So invisibility is on hold while you transfer your skills to levitation?

Sean: Yes.

Me: Good to know.

Think of the money we'll save on buying tires. And gas.



  1. Maybe that'll be enough to frighten off the marriage proposals. Or maybe he'll figure out how to make a bride down there...electricity and tin foil..hmm. (I love the tuning out thing. That so happens to me and I just can't help it!)

  2. Perhaps all these ladies just want to be part of your family so badly, they are willing to sell off their daughters ... ever think of that?


  3. I didn't get all the electrical levitation thing...maybe it was all the "blah blah blahs" you put in there. Ha, who am I kidding I would have been more lost if you'de put in the scientific words. So what's the highes bid currently for Sean?

  4. Think of all the money you'll save on shock therapy when he electrocutes himself. Damnit, Sean! Try and keep it together. I've got plans for that dowry!

  5. You guys crack me up. I seriously want to vacation at your house just to listen to your conversations! LOL

  6. Oh you have got yourself a smart one there! If he perfects electrical levitation or invisibility then I'm pretty sure he won't need to invade Slavakia. And you definitely get to go with him when he picks up the Nobel Prize for Physics. And I bet the girls will really be knocking down the door for a creative genius invisible husband!

  7. I guess my daughter is out of the running then. She has a natural aversion to all things housework...

    Although, c'mon, a husband who floats around in a hovercraft will be in high demand, I'm sure.

    Your banter is hilarious.

  8. Sean & Spot convos...best part of my day!

  9. Sean and you crack me up. I love it! And I do the "blah blah blah" thing in my head when I tune out. :)

  10. I want a static machine! That would be so funny! It happens all the time at Wal-mart by our house, I barely touch Sydney and POP!

    Sydney just turned 16, does her own laundry since age 11, and she wants to be a chef. No drama. Laid back and VERY funny. One problem. She's blonde. HA.

    Did he get alien probed again? Is that where the ideas come from? LOL.

  11. OK I have it all figured out now----GO GET SEAN he has to hear this---If he gets the levitation and invisibility thing going at the same time he can sneak up on Slovakia with no trouble at all, it'll all be over before they know it and the list of available brides will only grow from there, no worries about any of them being short a couple nuggets because these Happy Meals will be everything he is looking for.

  12. Erm....As for housework, I have a tendency to make the washing machine overflow (too many suds) from time to time, but that's okay, right? Sean could just lend me his levitation powers and having to walk on soapy floors won't be a problem. :)

  13. Tina~ especially when they get all scientific. *yawns*

    Dani~ I believe I mentioned selling your offspring is still illegal. But I'm willing to barter...

    Suzicate~ no one has offered me cash or anything....

    Elly~ And thank goodness, because I have the feeling his therapy will be expensive...

    Peg~ come on down (or up), we've got an open door policy.

    DfG~ oh but he'll never be satisfied...

    Mrs. Bear~ sorry to knock your daughter out of the running.

    Brite~ thanks. Mine too.

    UnA~ it must be a universal defense mechanism

    Angelia~ The static machine was capable of creating sparks you could capture on film. It hurt! Sydney does indeed sound like a good catch!

    Jimmy~ he is very fond of your idea!

    Noel~ Wow. You do seem to be both smart and funny. I'm sure the washing machine thing can be worked out!


  14. Man, I've missed Spot and Sean convos! This is awesome ^_^