Monday, May 16, 2011

The one where we talk about the weekend...

So first's the picture of Morel mushrooms that everyone asked for. The Mountain Dew bottle in the picture is to give you a visual for size. Yes they were gigantic mushrooms. I'm still convinced gnomes are going to come after us for stealing their homes.

But whatever! So Lu and I went to the movies last Tuesday night to see "Water For Elephants". We had both loved the book and I was convinced they would screw up the movie as they so often do. Fortunately, I was wrong. They did a really good job. Oh, they changed a few things, left things out, ect. but all in all, it was well done. I highly recommend seeing it even if you haven't read the book. Lu and I had eaten dinner before the movie so we'd only gotten a soda during. Afterwards, I said I was going to the bathroom before we left.

Me: Don't you have to go again? (C'mon, she's seven and a half months pregnant. She goes a lot!)

Lu: No.

Me: Must be because you leaked all that water out of your eyes during the movie.

Lu: Don't talk to me.

I had to laugh at this because before pregnancy, Lu almost never cried at movies. I used to call her the Ice Princess. Mostly because I cry at movies all the time. Hell, I even cry at animated movies. This gives my family no end of entertainment in making fun of me. Once when Sean was about nine and we watched "Monsters, Inc" I cried when Boo had to go home. Small Sean looked at me and said, "You know this is a cartoon, right? These aren't real people." Other times they'd just pass me a tissue box as soon as we sat down. So now that Lu's hormones are kicking in, I'm enjoying the payback.

We went to CJ's prom on Friday. It was bittersweet, knowing it will be the last one. Not that CJ has ever seemed to really care about Prom itself, he's just happy to see Lu & I.

He did not win king, but no matter, he didn't seem to care and the boy who won did care. He was very excited. CJ was more interested in the hors-d'oeuvres. Can't say I blame him, they were delicious. Many people stopped by our table to talk. The principle of the school stopped to shake my hand and put his arm around me.
Lu: Is that someone important?

Me: He's the principle.

Lu: So that's what kissing ass looks like.

She said that because I've been called multiple times by the school after they mail out their survey forms. I don't pull any punches and they get my honest opinion. Its not always favorable. There is always an apology call and a look what new opportunity we've opened up for your son. Its sad, but that's the way the world works. The squeaky wheel gets the oil. Don't get me wrong. I'm never mean. That doesn't get you anywhere. I'm polite but firm. And I back up my opinion with facts. And since I worked in the field (eons ago), I'm still on good terms with important people. As Sean once said, "I've never seen anyone say 'things are going to change for the better in this situation or you're going to be very sorry' with a soft voice and a smile on their face before." Naturally, those weren't my exact words. But mess with my kids, and I'll show you Mama Bear. And now, we have to find a new place for CJ since he's turning 21. He transitions from school to adult care. I'm not looking forward to the transition. He doesn't like change much.

I'm sure some people are wondering why we don't just bring him home to live. Don't think I haven't thought about it. I miss my son dearly. And saying good-bye when we drop him back off at his group home never gets easier. Ever. Its like leaving a piece of your heart somewhere. And more times than not, tears are streaming down my face the minute I get in the car. The only thing that makes it bearable is knowing that he has good people working with him and he has a good relationship with them. And now we have to find a new home. And the reasons we don't bring him home are many. Mostly because he craves routine. He likes to know exactly when things are happening. Unfortunately, our house is usually chaos and its nearly impossible to keep to his routine. Also, he is more independent at the group home. He does things there he refuses to do at home. Mostly because he knows I'm a sucker and will do it for him. And the biggest reason is this...if anything happened to his father or I, he would be okay. He would miss us but his life would continue on in a predictable manner. If he lived at home and something happened to us, his entire life would change and he would be devastated. See, it really is about thinking realistically about what's best for him.

Other highlights of the weekend included getting to see my uncle from Arizona some more. Getting to visit with my sister and her family. And doing some shopping with Lu. Baby Dylan is going to be the best dressed kid on the planet because I can't seem to stop buying him clothes. We had to get some more for Lu too, since she just keeps growing. She's super uncomfortable now as Dylan is taking up most of the room in her abdomen and keeping her awake at night with his nocturnal rolling and kicking. He's going to be a wild child.

The downpoint of the weekend? CJ flushed the ring Mike got me for Christmas down the hotel toilet. I freaking loved that ring. CJ has a fascination with flushing things down the loo. If its not nailed down, he'll try to flush it. And he's quicker than I am, and crafty about it. Mike says he'll buy me a new ring, but I loved THAT one. You should have seen the look on the face of the desk guy at the hotel when we told him. I'm sure he was wondering how our room looked and what else had been flushed.

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Happy Monday Y'all,


  1. Thos look like the shrooms Dirt Man said were safe...still I din't trust him. I didn't want to go on a psychedelic trip or worse die! I read Water for Elephants and saw the movie this weekend. I also thought they left lots out and changed stuff but still thought it was good.

  2. Those mushrooms look like something out of a science fiction movie. I'm going to ignore the Mountain Dew bottle and pretend they are each ten feet tall, and are sentient, and are angry at the people of Earth...

  3. Dude. Toy Story 3? I was DESTROYED. Sobbing. What a mess.

  4. Crap, Spot ... I cry at fricken commercials ... takes nothing to make me cry anymore ... and Monsters Inc? I STILL cry when Boo goes home ... and when she says "Kitty" right at the end ... aw HELL! I'm crying now, just remembering it. *sigh*

    Lu looks GORGEOUS! OMG! She is a beautiful Pregger. CJ was handsome in his dressies ... I'm sure you will find him a great place and once the transition is complete, things will resume their normal pace again for him (and you). I don't envy you having to entrust him to others ... it must tear the heart out of you every time. Aw crap ... there goes the water works again ... and I am definitely NOT preggers.


    Oh ... and I am with Scott up there on the 'shrooms ... angry with the people of Earth.

  5. I told you you'd like Water for Elephants! Now I can't wait for The Help which comes out in August. HAve you read that yet? SO GOOD!

    Did Mike by chance buy the ring with a credit card? Lot's of times they will replace stuff that is "lost" or stolen and I'd say that was LOST... just lost down the loo!