Friday, May 6, 2011

The one where I didn't plan on posting today...

Yeah, I'm totally like trying to make a posting schedule and all. And I only had the idea yesterday and I'm already screwing it up. This is why me and schedules cannot exist in the same dimension. Because I just can't keep to one even when I'm the one who made it up. *sigh*

Anyway, I wasn't going to post today but then we had some awesome (and by awesome, I totally mean inappropriate and ridiculous) conversations last night and if I don't post them I might forget them which would suck for you guys. So without further ado:

Last night at dinner~

Lu: Sean is really on my nerves. Can we send him somewhere? Like to a traveling circus?

Me: Um. I don't think there are many traveling circuses anymore and it's not like he's got a circus "talent". He can't ride a horse or walk a tightrope or train elephants.

Lu: How about a freak show?

Me: Again, not many of those around anymore and um. He's not exactly a freak. I don't think sarcastic a**hole qualifies you for freakdom.

Sean: Hey. I resemble that remark. And actually there is one freak show still in operation.

Me: Really? I thought that someone stepped in and was all "freak shows aren't politically correct" and took them out of operation. I thought I saw a show on it and the people who were in freak shows were all pissed off because they were making money and now they can't.

Sean: I saw a show about this one last freak show.

Mike: yeah I saw it too. It was a taboo episode.

Me: Hmmm...well maybe Sean could be like the Bearded Lady only he'd be the Bearded A**hole.

Sean: Did you really just say that?!

Me: I meant because you have a beard. But that really did not come out right, did it?

Lu: No. But maybe he could be like the guy who walks behind the elephants scooping up their poop. Sean could be a freak poop scooper.

Mike: I think we should probably change the subject. So what's for dessert?

Later that night~

Lu: So I had a dream I was pregnant with triplets.

Sean: That's a nightmare! And you better pray for boys.

Me: Boys are easier, but I'd hope you were having girls. They'd be so cute!

Sean: Are you kidding me?! Can you imagine 3 Lus around here?! All the hormones! All the drama!

Me: But this Lu does the laundry. Maybe Lu #2 could do dishes and #3 could clean bathrooms.

Lu: I'm pretty sure triplet me would NOT do bathrooms. That's just gross.

Sean: My point exactly.

Me: Um. Well. I really can't imagine another you around here either Sean.

Sean: Oh hell no! There can be only one.

Lu: Yeah, one bearded a**hole per planet.

Sean: Me and Me#2 would have "Highlander"ed that shit out in the backyard a long time ago.

As you can's still crazy all up in here. But there are big things a-brewin. And a few changes coming. Stay tuned.



  1. very cute dialogue. thanks :)

  2. friendtoyourself~ thank you for stopping by and commenting. But I must say that the fact that a psychiatrist left a comment on my blog weirds me out. At least it was a positive comment...


  3. HA! I get invited to join a Christian blog all the time ... just waiting for the shrinks to sniff mine out!

    A bucket full of awesome ... as usual.