Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The one where we talk about Morels...

Do you like wild mushrooms? I don't remember ever eating them until I met Mike. My mother's family always lived here in Illinois and they hunted and such so I'd eaten a wide variety of critters since childhood but Mike introduced me to deer (which I can handle), duck (gag) and turtle (never again). He also introduced me to Morels. I love the taste of them. I even like hunting for them when I get the chance. But I really hate frying them. It takes too long, it makes a mess and I'm over it. Unfortunately, I live with the "mushroom whisperer".

Yeah, that's Mike. For real. I couldn't even make this up if I tried. The man can spot a mushroom growing under a tree from his truck window as he barrels past at 40 mph. We've all gotten used to him suddenly braking and yelling "Mushroom!" At which point someone has to get out of the truck and pick it, because heaven forbid, we leave one behind. When the kids were little and we took them out to the woods mushroom hunting, we'd be traipsing through the woods and as little kids will- they'd be bickering, singing, generally making noise. Mike would bellow "SHHHHHH!" To which I'd reply "Really?! What? Are we going to scare them away?"

I'm not sure how other mushroom hunters are doing this year, but Mike is having a good run. Too good, in my humble "I have to cook the damn things" opinion. We've eaten tons of them, we've given some away, we fed them to my parents on Easter, and still there are bowls of the damn things taking up room in my fridge and taunting me with their "you have to cook us soon" smiles.

He sent me a photo when I was in town the other day that had a mess of mushrooms he'd picked and a mountain dew bottle. Why the mountain dew bottle? For size reference. The mushrooms were fully as big as the bottle. I texted him back and asked if he'd picked some Gnome's home? Because those little buggers will come after you. Even mowing the grass the other day he braked suddenly, climbed off the mower and picked about 20 mushrooms in my front yard. I told you, he's the "mushroom whisperer". And I'm the fry cook. Fab. Is mushroom season over yet?

In other news, CJ's last prom is Friday and he's up for Prom King. Molly is escorting him and I will take tons of photos. We are going to stay in Springfield and visit because my sister's family and my uncle will all be there as well. My uncle lives in Phoenix and comes to visit once a year. He & my Dad will be here tomorrow to fish and barbecue and load up on the potato salad and lemon pies I make from their mom's recipes.

Lu had an accident last night on her way home from work. She hit a deer, which happens a lot around here. Luckily, the deer jumped at the last minute and landed on her hood instead of her impacting it with the front of her car. Someone was watching out for her. As there was no front impact, the air bag didn't deploy and the seat belt didn't jerk her. She and baby Dylan are fine. Waiting to hear what the insurance says about the car though.

And also, I started a new page...an author page. I've linked to it on my sidebar or you can find it at The Author Spot. I will be moving my author interviews over there as of next Monday as they fit in better there. I will be talking about my writing, writing in general and the trials and tribulations that go along with it. I'll also be posting some current works-in-progress. It would be lovely if you checked it out. I would, of course, appreciate a follow by those of you who are interested and you can even like my page on Facebook.

Happy Tuesday,


  1. Dirt Man and I went shroom hunting once, and then we were afraid to eat them...really didn't want to die in case we were mistaken in the type we picked!!!! I love that Mike is the mushroom whisperer...you need to post pics so I can see if we picked the right kind!

  2. I love mushrooms! But, I must confess, I have never eaten one in the wild. Too afraid! But if I ever did, I would hang with Mike!

    So glad it was only the car and not the kids.

    I think evil forces are on the loose this year! Glad she had a protector. :-)

    I hope I'm a fan, if not, I will be when I get home. :-)

  3. I love mushrooms but my luck I'd end up with poisonous ones and kill us all!

  4. Oh, that brought it back. All our family expeditions we'd be barreling along the highway and then suddenly the car brakes, the kids go flying forward (no seat belts then), and cars behind us are peeling all over the road. Dad has spotted, and identified, a mushroom fifty yards into the brush. He picked them sometime, although I hear he poisoned my mom on their honeymoon with them, but he liked to photograph them and knew them all by name, occupation and zodiac sign.

    Will you review my novel when it's ready? How ready does it have to be (manuscript, or published)?

  5. And I promise it will be checked for typos, unlike my previous comment.

  6. Umm ... Spot? If mushrooms are smiling at you, that could be cause for a shrink to comment on your blog, no? Are you certain these aren't 'special' mushrooms?

    Happy to hear Lu and Dylan are alright ... enough drama outta you guys for now - K?

  7. I love mushrooms! I'm the only one in the house that does but Mike's my kind of guy. Wish I had some of that mushroom whispering ability.

    Glad Lu and Dylan are okay. I can imagine what was going through her mind when it happened.

    Hope CJ gets the crown! Good luck to him!