Thursday, May 5, 2011

The one where I ramble randomly...

Is there any other way to ramble? I mean, if you have a purpose its not really rambling is it? And these are the circles my brain is going in today. I blame the peach margaritas from last night. So here we go...

Odd facts about my blog:

According to the "stats" I'm hugely popular in Russia. Seriously, more people in Russia view my blog than people in the US. Then there is Hungary and The Czech Republic. I'm not sure why Eastern Europe is so fond of me, but apparently they find me entertaining. Someone told me I should go there on vacation and wear an "I am Spot" t-shirt.

Also according to the "stats" a lot of people found my blog by googling "acting + strangely". I suppose I should be slightly concerned by this, but I'm not. I mean, that kind of describes my blog (and my family) perfectly, doesn't it?

Recent conversations at my house:

Lu: What's a sickle?

Me: It's that thing you can cut grass with. If you're the Grim Reaper.

Sean: That's a scythe.

Me: I know. The sickle is like the junior version.


Me: *reading from my phone* Hey! Guess what somebody just said about me on Twitter? "Do us all a fav. Follow @. I know freaking awesome and she's it!"

Lu: Hmmm. Is that so?

Me: Duh. If you read it online it must be true. Everyone knows that.


Me: You guys make it really hard to work.

Sean: No we don't.

Me: Yes you do. I'm just getting into something and one of you will be all "you should make dinner".

Lu: Sean started it.

Sean: No, I asked you "what's for dinner". I can ask that and eat hours later. Lu was the one who was all "I'm starving. Feed the pregnant girl".

Me: and then you guys had to argue about what I should make for dinner. "I don't want burritos." "I don't like Hamburger Helper."

Sean: Whatever. You need me. I remind you to eat and pee. Seriously, if I wasn't here you'd sit there working for days.

Me: It's true. He does ask me if I've eaten and bring me food.

Sean: Yeah. And I hear you mutter "I have to pee". And then an hour later I'm like "didn't you have to pee" and you're all "I totally forgot." And get up and go. Without me, you'd need depends.

Me: He's got a point.

Hope Cinco de Mayo is treating you well,


  1. Yes, Spot is freakin' awesome...and I do know awesome!!!!!!!!

  2. Gotta love the family! Mine keep me on a "normal routine" and remind me to feed them too.

  3. Better than 'clean white teeth' or 'clean white trousers' which I get! And it's true, awesome you are, удивительными (closest I could get..)

  4. You can come make ME a burrito any day.

  5. Okay, you cracked me up with your string of snippets. Love the sickle to Hamburger Helper to be reminded to eat and pee.

    You should tell your son that Depends are for people that don't have a Sean in their lives to remind them to pee. :-)

  6. Oh, too funny! Sean has to remind you to PEE! Girlfriend, you've gotta SLOW DOWN...and don't forget to eat.

    Lu and Sean have to eat what you put in front of them...even if you're too distracted to remember what you made. It's more important that you blog...think of all those Spot-hungry Russians!

  7. Hi Stacey,

    I told my girlfriend that your daughter's boyfriend loved her artwork. That made her very happy! Can't wait to see the artwork he does for your book cover!


  8. Yeah ... you ARE AWESOME!

    Happy Mother's Day