Saturday, May 21, 2011

The one where I totally planned a dress rehearsal and no one believes me...

So picture this...Mike takes the afternoon off (before a huge camp-out, meaning this is a really big deal), Lu takes the day off work and Sean shaves and trims his beard. We all get up, get dressed up and pile into two vehicles because Mike & Sean have to be back earlier than Lu & I. Then we fill up said vehicles with gas (which is pricey). Then we drive two hours to Springfield where CJ's school is located. I call my parents (who live in Springfield), give them directions to the school. Then we arrive, find great parking spaces and enter the education center. I go up to the receptionist desk and this conversation ensues~

Me: Hi! We're here for graduation but we're waiting on two more people.

Receptionist: *crickets chirping*

Me: We're CJ's parents...

Receptionist: *completely blank look* Graduation?

Me: *beginning to wonder about this lady* Its in the activity room?

Receptionist: Graduation is next week.

Me: Um. I don't think so. Jayne told me it was today.

Receptionist: Its next Friday.

At this point, I can see her calendar on her desk and "Graduation" is clearly printed on next Friday's square. I felt ridiculous. And guess what? I went back and checked the email and the teacher did give me the right date. I have absolutely no idea how I made this ginormous mistake. Mike, Sean & Lu are all giving me dirty looks. Lu has to work next Friday. Sean has a training for CRC next Friday. Mike is unsure of his schedule.

The receptionist asks if we want to go to the other campus and visit CJ anyway. I tell her no, that if we do he'll only get upset when I don't take him home with me. No sense in needlessly upsetting him. I'll be back next week. So we go outside and meet my folks, who've just arrived. We tell them what happened and everyone laughs hysterically at me. They take us out to lunch anyway, which is great. Then Mike & Sean jet back home. My folks take Lu & I crib shopping and then we have pie & coffee before we head home. So it was a good day. Just not the day I'd planned. I try telling them it was just a dress rehearsal but no one is buying that story.

A mistake of this magnitude is completely unlike me. I will admit to being caught up in work lately. And having too many upcoming events to keep track of and plan. But sheesh, what the heck was I thinking?? Did my brain take a vacation the rest of me didn't know about?? And what about all those people at Prom last week that I said "see you next week" to? Nobody asked me what I meant. CJ's teacher called me and apologized. I assured her it was in no way her fault. All my screw up. She said when she went back and read the email I sent yesterday morning, she could now tell I had the wrong date. That doesn't help much though.

But hopefully Lu, Sean & Mike can all get things situated so they can attend. My parents & I will be there for sure. And it was really really good pie.

Happy Weekend,


  1. Maybe just your brain was raptured?

  2. Laugh, cry, or scream? I don't know which I would choose if that happened to me, but that you explain it all so nicely, is AMAZING.

    Good pie, good memories and I think you guys have it down for when it's showtime. HA.