Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Monday ate my blog...

So I skipped out on yesterday...it wasn't that I wanted to...I just didn't have a spare minute yesterday. Seriously it was non-stop gogogo. I hate days like that. And today I need to be cleaning my house since I have company coming on Thursday. And I can't put it off til tomorrow because tomorrow I need to cook in the morning and then go to Springfield to pick up CJ for the holiday. I'm pretty sure there's no rest in sight until Sunday. (Oh Sunday, Sunday, how I long for thee...) It's not that I won't enjoy Thursday, I will relish Thursday. It's just all the prep it takes to get there...

So yesterday...I got up, managed to comment on all the blogs I read, but not squeeze out my own post. Then I drove to Hannibal, Missouri. Which is about an hour from my house. It's such a pretty town. Really, if you've never been, you should go. The touristy stuff is fun. My kids used to love the Mark Twain cave when they were little. And if you come...I'll meet you there. And we can hang out and shop in all the little shops downtown and I know a great place to get your tarot cards read! But moving on, I didn't have time for any of that, I was just dropping papers off at my lawyers office because they spelled my name wrong. It's not like they didn't have 52 other documents with my name on them. Puh-lease! And then I didn't even have time to stop at my favorite bookstore. *sigh*

I get back to town and head first to the library to look for the third book in a series Lu and I read. Because, when she was home last she was waving the third book in my face, taunting me with how good it was (because she's an ungrateful wretch who doesn't appreciate me) and she couldn't leave it here for me to read because she got it from the library where she lives. My library did not have it. Nor the fourth in the series which came out last month. In fact, my library had none of the books I wanted. When I asked at the desk about the possibility of them getting said books, they whined at me about "budget cuts". Excuse me, what about my budget cuts?? You know the ones forcing me to get books from the library instead of buying them for myself?? They really were tremendously unconcerned.

I hurried to the restaurant I was meeting Roxy for lunch at. And that was one of the best parts of the day. Not only was my turkey avocado bacon melt delish but we talked for an hour before we both had to rush off our separate ways. And that was great until she asked me~

Roxy~ So, the question of the day.

Me~ (totally unsuspecting, but wary nonetheless) um. yeah?

Roxy~ the 15th of December is rapidly approaching. Do you want to do family stuff that Tuesday night and do a girls thing the weekend after or what?

Me~ hmmm. neither. I'd rather just pretend it's not happening. mmmk?

Roxy~ no. not okay. think about it and let me know.

What kind of friend wallops you upside the head with a reminder of your birthday like that? And then wants to make a big deal about it? Geez...

So I hurry off to my doctors appointment. And I wait in devilish glee. Really, I get the biggest kick out of seeing my doctor. It's not like a crush or anything, he's way too scrawny to be my type. I just like making him laugh. I mean he has "brooding" down to an art form. And I get it. He takes his doctor work very seriously. And he sees a lot of geriatric (which means old and grumpy and dying) patients. I'm like one of his youngest patients. And after years of work, he now smiles when he comes into the my exam room. Again, it may just be that he thinks I'm crazy and he's trying to appease me, but maybe not. So I tell him about my awful cold/flu/virus from last week and how the mucus seems to be lingering as well as a low grade fever. He looks in my ears, nose, etc and pronounces it a sinus infection (um, I already knew this but refrained from saying "duh") We then have this conversation~

Doc~ *peering intently at laptop which contains my records* hmmm...you're allergic to Cipro (wonderful antibiotic)

Me~ yep. totally screwed if I get Anthrax.

Doc~ *looking at me in sup rise. sheesh, you think he'd learn* anthrax?

Me~ yeah, you know after 911 when they had the anthrax stuff? You treat it with Cipro, right?

Doc~ well, yes.

Me~ So I'd be screwed. *sigh* The good news is I'm safe from smallpox.

Doc~ *raises on eyebrow questioningly*

Me~ I lived out of the country so I got the vaccination. I'm good to go.

Doc~ *shakes his head but I know he's smiling inside* Doxycycline. One tablet twice daily for seven days. *peers outside* you have to avoid sun exposure.

Me~ *also peering out at very weak amount of sunshine* mmmkay. Well that's really gonna cut into my laying out and swimming but I guess I can handle it. I also need more Savella samples please (the brand new just approved in April fibromyalgia medicine that keeps me going but somehow my insurance refuses to pay for).

Doc~ *breaking into huge grin and slightly startling me* the drug rep brought you a bunch today.

Me~ the drug rep brought me some?

Doc~ well, they don't know your name of course, it's anonymous, but they are supplying you with samples because you're one of their success stories!!

Me~ huh. well that's a first.

He walks off and I wait for the nurse but then he pops his head back in~

Doc~ oh um *looks distinctly uncomfortable* you have to use a different form of birth control while on the antibiotics because it makes them ineffective.

Me~ right! No sex for seven days! Can I get a note? I don't think my hubby will believe that's a doctors order.

Doc~ What? That's not what I said. I didn't mean...

Me~ *laughing out loud now* I know. It's cool. Got it.

At which point he walks off shaking his head. You know I'm his favorite patient. And then I'm off to the grocery store, the bank, the pharmacy (where I kid you not, I spent 20 freakin minutes in the drive thru lane waiting to pick up meds.), and the vet to pick up flea medicine (which is a whole nother post). I hurry home, the guys unload the groceries, I put them away, throw in laundry (so far behind on that), sew on a button, fix supper, more laundry and I'm off again.

Drive back to town, pick up my niece and take her to see New Moon. Experience two hours of blissful Jacob viewing, return her home, talk to my favorite SIL, catch up on family gossip and how her pregnancy is progressing, and drive home. By the time I get there it is 11 o'clock and I am exhausted. I chat briefly with Bobby and hubby, Sean already having gone to bed, and then crawl in to my own bed around 11:45 whispering to myself about how wonderful it feels. Read 4 chapters of my new book and it's lights out off to dreamland...whew!

Intersperse in there a few phone conversations, mostly while driving. Three with Lu, who was supposed to be down yesterday for dr appts and to see the movie with us, but she is sick with whatever Luke and I had so I rescheduled all her stuff and told her to stay there and in bed. She's much better already. Also with hubby, to let him know I was alive even though I was an hour and a half later getting home than I said I would be, thanks for noticing and calling to check on me. NOT. What I meant to say was thanks for forgetting what time I said I'd be home and not even noticing. You suck.

thanking goodness that yesterday is over...

PS~ yes, I do know that I didn't use a lot of punctuation or capitalization. And that I made many many run-on sentences. It was on purpose, to give you the rush rush feel of my day...


  1. PS..it worked! I'm tired already! What a day, you busy bee!

  2. K- I'm exhausted just reading that! You know what's one of the weirdest things about 'getting old'? Doctors and policemen are all younger than you. I can never take my gp seriously anymore because he could 'almost' be my son.

  3. Ahhh ... so "she" was working the drive thru window yesterday.

    I'm tired after that too ... phew!

    I think I'll slip under my desk and have a little snooze mow :)

  4. Spot, you make me laugh so! Your poor doctor. : D

  5. :( I so didn't mean to offend and upset you. I just wanted to be sure you had sone fun since we know the men are incapable of planning and I didn't think you liked surprises. Forgive my stupidity. I won't mention the evil day again.

    Glad you had a fun day even though it was busy.

  6. Loved the request for the no sex note. HA!

    I totally looked up Hannibal, MO. It does look like a cute town. Only 12hours away!

    Here's to hoping your craziness blisses by without too many bumps! Merry Holiday!

  7. Eck, my comment got eaten. Snap!

    Mkay, well I won't retype, instead I'll just say. Didn't Jacob make you want to commit unspeakable crimes? And turn into an old randy cougar? Hubba hubba.

  8. oops, my bad, it's there :-) Happy Monday! HA.

  9. Look I know Jacob is fit and sweet, but come on! Edward! Oh Edward.. (actually said this out loud twice in the cinema) Thanks for being so faithful to my spooky stuff, you especially busy bee.

  10. Heather~ You better sit down and rest. I know I needed to!

    Brite~ he is about ten years older than I am. Yeah, I don't think I could handle the doctor being younger than me. That will be weird when it happens.

    Danica~ indeed "she" was. Lol. And the person in front of me tried to argue with her. I wanted to honk and them and just scream "stop! you're only wasting our time!"

    UnG~ Thanks! Yes, I confuse him. But he likes it!

    WW~ you bet!

    Roxy~ haha. All is forgiven. =]

    Angelia~ I tried just telling him the doctor said that and he didn't believe me. But at least I tried. Hannibal is cute, but I don't know if it's worth a 12 hour drive!

    Tina~ Nope. I was Jacob all the way even in the books. Edward never ever did it for me. And you're welcome! I love your spooky stuff!


  11. phew... long day... I'm totally jealous that you saw New Moon - here in Kuwait, it's censored (read: chopped into itty bitty pieces), so I have to wait until I can get my paws on a good pirated copy from my DVD guy (yes, I have one, and he operates like a drug dealer - I love him) :p