Sunday, November 29, 2009

Turkey Day...survived!

OMG! I'm so excited to be sitting here in front of my computer today!! Blissfully alone and with nothing to do I absolutely have to do. First off, thank you all for your wonderful comments on my last blog. I hope that everyone had a fantastic Turkey-a-thon and that Brite had a fabulous non turkey weekend since she's stuck in the UK. Mine was fabulous. And definitely worth every ounce of crazy busy the three days before.

We got up Thanksgiving morning (okay technically my sister woke me with her 7 am "Happy Thanksgiving" text. Apparently she and her sister in law have some kind of contest over who can be the first to send it out. Thanks for winning Hildi. Really, I didn't need that extra half hours sleep. What was I thinking?) I immediately get Senor Turkey ready for the oven. Then I get the apple pie ready, pumpkin dump cake ready, and oatmeal scotchie dough ready and get hubbby & I drive down into camp and he opens up the dining hall kitchen and lights the ovens. Oh yeah...I got to bake all three of my concoctions at the same time in industrial ovens. That my friends, is the way to go. He took the boys to his gma's for her get together and I spent an hour down there cooking. (okay, so there's no heat in there and it was a tad chilly, but so worth it). Then I loaded my freshly baked goods and headed back to my house! I ran through, quickly straightening, decide against a final vacuuming and got myself in the shower. Then whipped up a couple of homemade dips. By then, my parents and sister had made it to town to the nursing home to visit my gma and hubby and the boys stopped and picked up my nieces and brought them out to my place.

As they're carrying stuff in...

Sean: (whispering to me) If Maddi asks...the blacktop road is Drury Lane and the Muffin Man lives on it.

So my nine year old niece comes in and (of course) says "what's the name of that road out there?"

Me: Drury Lane

Her: who lives in that one white house?

Me: The Muffin Man. You didn't know that??! I thought everyone knew that!

She was convinced. The next morning hubby kept telling her if she'd walk down to the Muffin Man's house he'd give her fresh muffins for breakfast. She said it was too far to walk. Lol.

We played with the girls and CJ while we waited on the others to arrive. My youngest niece cheats at Candyland, just so you know. And then I hear someone come in, and I go to the door thinking it's my parents and nope. It's my aunt and her husband. I recover nicely and say with a smile "I'm so glad you could make it!" but secretly wonder how many others my mom has invited and forgotten to tell me about. Turns out half the town, but only my aunt and uncle made it. Of course, there was plenty of food and the more the merrier. Especially when the uncle told me my homemade apple pie tastes just like his gma used to make. (Go me!)

We had a great time. So good that my family decided to stay an extra day. Luckily, there were plenty of leftovers to feed everyone and we had a great time. The only downside was that CJ was sick with some sort of cold or virus and ran a temp and coughed alot. But when he's sick he just likes to cuddle alot and nobody minded that at all! They all left and since CJ was fever free yesterday, hubby and I returned him to school. So today, is my first day to breathe freely and not answer to anyone except me (and the towering pile of laundry in the laundry room. It's threatened a hostile takeover if I don't get to the washing)

I will leave you with a funny convo that Sean and I had while he was helping me make the dough for the oatmeal scotchie cookies Lu & Luke had requested~

Me: could you hurry up with those oats? You don't have to measure so carefully! It's cookie baking, not rocket science.

Sean: I'm used to rocket science. Don't rush me woman.

Me: Well it's not like you're mixing hydrogen and helium or any other combustibles. It's oats and brown sugar for Pete's sake! If you accidentally mix them you've only created breakfast cereal, not blown up the kitchen.

Sean: Well, this one time, I was taking the tiny pellets out of those snap things that you throw on July 4th and they explode, and separating them and putting them in a empty pill bottle so I could pack it and add a fuse...

Me: Hold up! So basically, this story should start 'so this one time, I was making homemade explosives...'?"

Sean: Yes.

Me: Those stories almost never end well.

Sean: anyway, I accidentally dropped one in too hard and several exploded, it knocked me backwards in my chair, and I had this high pitched noise in my ears. That's the sound of your nerve cells dying. I'll never be able to hear that tone again.

Me: probably why you should stick to cookies. Inadvertently creating breakfast cereal equals no hearing loss.

Sean: but when I was finished and set it off...the bang was soooo satisfying.

Me: hmmm...well my cookies are going to be better than satisfying. They're going to be deliciousness to die for. And no one's going to go deaf.

And they were! And I must thank Mindy for the pumpkin dump cake recipe. My four year old niece who only eats mac-n-cheese, ramen noodles, chicken nuggets, french fries, fruit snackees and some cereals ate two whole pieces. Unbelievable. It was like a turkey day miracle.

turkey & explosives,


  1. Oh my goodness, the explosives convo was priceless. My first great laugh of the day. You have got your hands full over there! But you seem to manage it oh so nicely, with a great sense of humor. I am thankful for your family giving you such great material to write about! :-)

  2. Yeeeay Spot! Sounds like it was a perfect Thanksgiving...and your son is the shizz! The Big G and I had a reglar kind of Blackheath turkey, but fun nonetheless!

  3. Can I just say how much I would love to meet your son? He sounds hilarious. You're lucky you can have these absurd conversations with him on such a regular basis.

  4. Your little niece has her priorities straight. All yummy things to eat. So glad you had a good time. We were a little worried you had been kidnapped by a crazy fan and were being held hostage in her creepy house with broken legs and......I know right? Cathy Bates totally nailed that part in the movie. Glad you are back now.

  5. Yeppers - what Mark said.

    I wuz startin' to worry.

    Happy to see you back Glad you had such a wonderful holiday.


  6. The Muffin Man story is so cute! My friend was trying to explain Santa to her daughter, who replied, "Okay, Mommy, I will stay up and open the door for Santa."

  7. HA! "Turkey and explosives". I do believe that should be the new motto for the holiday.

    I'm down with that!

    Glad all went well...glad CJ's feeling better.

    Sean's a HOOT and a HALF!

  8. Glad you survived Turkey day and happy to have you back.

    You and Sean never ceases to amaze me!

  9. DfG~ I do indeed have my hands full with him. But I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm glad they give me so much to write about as well! Hope you had an awesome holiday!

    Brite~ Thanks. I think he is too! Glad you also had a great weekend. I miss England.

    C~ He totally wants to meet you too. He calls you the kuwaiti hottie. Lol. I'm thankful for all of our absurd convos.

    Mark~ nope. No crazy obsessed fans. She did nail that part and we totally kept calling each other "dirty birdies" all weekend. My sister and I came up with several SK shirts we wanted. Hope your holiday was fabulous.

    Dani~ thanks! I did have a good time, but I missed my blog. Lol.

    una~ Haha. Little kids are sooo funny. And my nine year old niece is one of those kids who takes everything literally. There's no grey in her world, everything is black and white.

    Kathryn~ indeed. It's such a festive saying! I'm so glad he's better too! Sean is indeed a hoot and a half.

    Heather~ thanks! I'm happy to see all of you too!