Thursday, November 19, 2009

Out of the woods, Into the quicksand...

I'm pretty sure I'm out of the woods. Because except for a brief time last night, my fever is mostly gone. My throat isn't sore for the first time in 5 days. And I'm grumpy. Seriously. You know that grumpy stage you go through when you're feeling better, but not quite well, and you're bored with being in bed but you don't want to get up and overdo and end up there again? And it must be someone's fault??! Yeah, that's where I am. I've also come to realize that I spoil my family. And that's making me grumpier.

I told my hubby two days ago that he was going to need to do at least one load of laundry. And if the laundry room was on the first floor, I would have done it myself, but it's in the lower level. Which is pretty much just a fancy term for basement. But of course, he didn't do any laundry. So yesterday morning he says "I'm going to have to wash some clothes. I'm running out of jeans." And I was all "Really? You think?" So yesterday after dinner he throws in laundry. And four hours later I ask "so did you think you might want to dry those clothes you washed? It might be hard to wear them wet." So he goes down and throws them in the dryer and puts a new load in. Before I go to bed I ask if he folded the load from the dryer. No, it was still in the dryer. So I kindly offer to fold them~

Me: If you go get that load of clothes, I'll fold them for you. Then you can distribute them.

Him: I don't know where they go.

Me: The hell? Your clothes go in the same places you take the clean ones out of! And the boys get placed on their neatly made...*pause*...there are no neatly made beds are there?

Him: Not a one.

So. While I was sick, laundry did not get done (the clothes are still in the dryer), beds did not get made, no effort was made to straighten the house or heaven forbid, vacuum or sweep. And the last straw was when I walked into the kitchen this morning.

Me: Why is the sink full of dirty dishes??? We have a dishwasher!

Hubby: It's Sean's fault. He didn't unload it so I could reload it. But we're going to take care of that right now. Just don't look. Go back to your room. We'll bring you tea.

I hear Sean yell from the kitchen. "It's totally his fault!! The dishes in the dishwasher are dirty!! He forgot to run it."


I know. I should be happy that they managed to feed themselves (although I'm sure the takeout has me over the grocery budget), they brought me drinks and soup, the cats got fed, and they managed to get Sean to the clinic yesterday for his flu shots. But it sucks knowing that as soon as I'm well (probably tomorrow), I'll spend all my time trying to get my house back to rights. Grrrr. I'm going to take a magnifying glass to my contract. It's time to read all the damn fine print...



  1. Oh sistah-girl ... do I feel your pain.

    All I can tell you is that behind your clenched teeth, keep reminding yourself that you are feeling better and nothing is worse than being sick ... not even being the ONLY adult in the ENTIRE world.

  2. This just proves that they wouldn't survive without you. I'm surprised he didn't ask you where everything was. When I'm sick My hubby will ask me useless questions ALL day long about S. She's barely two, so she's still on a schedule and she doesn't tell you when she's hungry. He'll forget and then run up the stairs to me and be like, "Babe. What do I give her?"
    Me: "whatever's in the fridge, i don't know."
    Him: "Ugh. But like WHAT do i give her."
    Him: "Ugh, fine. I'm giving her ham and cheese"

    Hope you feel lots better and I say that you pester that hubby and those boys to clean the house

  3. LOL, sorry can't help that laugh escaping me.

    ...The hell? Your clothes go in the same places you take the clean ones out of!...That is hilarious!! My hubby pretty much says the same thing. LOL

    It's amazing how men just fall apart without Wife/Mom to monitor things.

    Glad your getting better and I agree with Book*addict. They made the mess, make them clean it up!

  4. Dear Mr. Spot & Sean,

    According to Section B, paragraph 13, subsection 42, (the HARDLY-EVER-USED and little-known clause in the unlikely event that wife/Mom gets sick) you must be aware of the following:
    1) Dishes are not washed by fairies. Put 'em in that box and add soap and press the button, dammit.
    2) Clothes are not cleaned, dried and folded by fairies. Figure it out.
    3) Next time, try and remember not to mix up the cat food with the oatmeal. You may have set recovery back by at least three days with that one.

  5. "The hell? Your clothes go in the same places you take the clean ones out of!"


    I laughed for about ten minutes.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  6. True dat. (I'm not sure if I am actually able to pull that off.) I'm trying to figure out the missing gene which cause men to lack the ability to rationalize how certain things get done around the house...i.e. input and output of laundry, dishes, food, etc. Truly a startling phenomenon. =)

  7. Danica~ I know. Probably every woman out there is going "amen"!

    Amy~ Thanks for dropping by and commenting. I second that opinion!

    b*a~ Do you think it's genetic? Or is helplessness bred into them? Thanks for your comment.

    Heather~ thanks dear! I'm glad it was giggle-worthy!

    Kathryn~ I'm going to copy that section and post it on my fridge next time! Lol.

    unabridged~ Thank you. And I do!

    Mindy~ I said "True dat" once and was told to "never say that again". So I'm guessing we can't pull it off. Lol.

    Thanks for the well wishes and commiseration!

  8. LOL! Spot, I'm glad you're starting to feel better. I think you should file a grievance. I'll get our union rep on the phone and have her stop by for a visit, because "Under-appreciated" and "Taken for Granted" are two labels no Spot should ever have to endure...

  9. Cynica~ thanks dear! I know right?? It's just ridiculous...