Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Another day of crazy...

So remember how I told you before that I absolutely hate housework and cleaning? Well I also absolutely adore a clean house. I know right? That's totally perverse of me. That's just how I roll. Anywho, yesterday was cleaning day at my house. I have a sh*t ton of cooking to do today plus a trip to Springfield (two hours away) to pick up CJ for the holiday weekend. So all the cleaning had to be done yesterday. I informed hubby and Sean that cleaning would commence at noon so that I could get the blogging stuff done first. (I'd accidentally slept in). So at noon we began our marathon.

Sean cleaned his and Bobby's room. Doesn't sound like much except they share a huge room in the basement, probably big enough to be two rooms, there are two beds, nightstands, dressers and then a separate space with a loveseat, two chairs, bookcase, and TV. He cleaned clutter, dusted, glass cleaned, vacuumed, swept and mopped the whole area. Thank you very much Sean. My hubby cleaned his home office (we use that door instead of our real front door so it gets really messy). And I wasn't even mad that it took him as much time to clean that room as it did me to clean...Mo's old room, Our bedroom, my bathroom, the family room and put dinner in the crock pot, 5 loads of laundry. Yeah, he's somewhat slower than I am. But then he cleaned the hall bath so all is forgiven. Well, it is after I went back in and pointed out all the things he'd missed so that he could do those too. Then I cleaned the living room and then we broke for supper. We ate our chili and watched "V". Then it was up again to tackle the pantry of death. I call it that because I think you could have seriously lost a person in the huge pile of plastic bags that covered one whole side of the "L" shape. Scary! Also I'd had this weird black goo that I'm pretty sure came from outer space show up in there recently. It was scary. It looked like motor oil. But in the end, it was no match for me and my Lysol wipees!

We didn't get the pantry finished. That will require way more time than I had last night. But at least it looks decent. I made my final trip to the basement laundry room at 9 last night. After which I took a shower and limped gratefully to bed for a little reading. Today? Two batches of cookies, potato salad, sausage cheese balls and Mexican pinwheels. And cleaning the kitchen (because I just couldn't fit it in yesterday!) Tomorrow, last ditch frantic vacuuming, pumpkin dump cake (thanks Mindy!), apple pie and a turkey. I'm already tired just thinking about it...

I probably (okay I know) I will not have time to blog tomorrow. So I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. Know that I will be giving thanks for you guys. =]

Is it Sunday yet?


  1. Why is it we make so bleedin' much work for ourselves to have a big dinner anyway???

    Wowzers ... is turkey and stuffing really worth all that??

  2. Dani: Yes. Absolutely.

    Spot, I would like to come for supper. You're just down the street, right? Curses!

  3. have a great holiday Spot and Family! See you when it's over!

  4. Ok all you NA bloggers, just STOP already with the Thanksgiving food thing! They don't do 'Thanksgiving' here in the UK
    (or anywhere else in Schengenland either) and all this talk of sweet potato pie and turkey and stuffing is making me crazy! Bad enough that admin (who has no excuse cuz he's Canadian and did Thanksgiving ages ago) made me all crazy in the head for some ribs the other day...
    But aside from knowing that you've driven me batshit insane for talking about food I can't have, have a most thankful and Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Happy early Turkey Day! I'll be in Jordan sans lappy, so I won't be able to wish it over the weekend. :)

  6. See I do that too, put my teen to work (sound of whip cracking). And it totally sounded like you just got hubby out of your way (snort!).

    I was excited to hear that "V" is coming back in March. I friggin' LOVE that show. Do you think doc was compromised since he succumbed to the moment of bliss? Hmmm, things to ponder while chewin' some turkey!

    Happy Thanksgving!

  7. Wow. I feel a little guilty. All I had to do for Thanksgiving was show up with some empty Tupperware containers. Oh, I did put some "Simply Potatoes" into a baking dish.

    I hope you've recovered and had a wonderful T-giving!

  8. I adore a clean house, too, but am just as annoyed by cleaning. :) Hope your Thanksgiving was great!

  9. I also love a clean house. But I also hate to clean. Plus my kids love to mess up the room that I've just picked up when I'm in another room cleaning up. It's a neverending cycle.

  10. I am so impressed you got your son and husband to clean. Great job! Not to mention the amazing number of tasks you did yourself. Wow. Whenever I host Thanksgiving dinner, I use it as an excuse for a huge Fall cleaning spree -- ceiling fans, baseboards, that kind of thing I can really be good at ignoring. This year, I went to my inlaws, so those fans and baseboards are probably getting a pass till spring.

    The only piece of advice I have is reusable grocery bags. The best thing about them is no more multiplying plastic bags in dark corners of the kitchen! I hate plastic bags.

    Hope your T-Day was heavenly.

  11. I cracked up when you said you "accidentally slept in". You're such a liar.

    You probably woke up at 6 and took a pill.

    Oops...that was me!

    Happy Holiday. (Gobble....)

  12. Seems to be an epidemic. Everybody hosting Thanksgiving, go through such pains to make sure thier house is in tip top shape.

    If I ever decide to do it again, I am not going to do all that extra cleaning. Nice thought but you know I will.

    Happy Thanksgiving!