Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's Thursday again...time to share...

the limelight, the laughter, the mundane. Wait? I don't know what that last one is doing there! So in the interest of "Spread the Word" Thursdays (yes, I am still working on a button thingy. Damn real life for getting in the way!) here's today's post...

First shout out goes to Mo's (Lulu's) doctor~

Thank you Becky Campbell, CNP for going above and beyond the call of duty for my children on a consistent basis. This poor woman has been dealing with my children and me for a very long time. And yet, still seems sane. She returns my phone calls to her office personally, no leaving it to the nurse. She regularly asks my opinion on what's possibly wrong with my kids and trusts my gut instincts. She will call to check on my children daily if they are really really sick. For instance, Mo's freshman year she ended up with Whooping Cough (I know right?! At the time I didn't even know you could still catch that but apparently there has actually been a resurgence of it in teenagers) and was in bed for 3 months. Becky called daily. Sometimes even late at night from home. To me, this is over and above what a regular physician would do. And this latest illness has been no different. I feel blessed that we've had her. The doctor that she works under is also a blessing. He too is amazing and very involved with his patients. And they are good at what they do! So thank you Mo's doctors!!!

Second...I have a tie for funniest blog I've read this week. Please check both out. Surprisingly (or maybe not) both deal with bodily functions. And both are laugh out loud funny. So I give to you~

Mark's post on a text convo he had ~ To pee or not to pee

Monster Apathy's post ~ I've had too much sugar maybe. I will warn you that his blogs may not be for everyone so don't go read it if easily offended!!

Third shout out is to Kathryn for being a good friend and helping out my wannabe writer butt.

Fourth shout out is to my son, Sean. For never failing to make me laugh on a daily basis. For being a fruit loop in a world full of cheerios. And for engaging in ridiculous conversations like this one~

Sean- Mark brought up that deer for us. (Friends own a meat locker in a small town an hour away. Last night they called and said someone brought in a tagged deer but didn't want the meat, did we want it. They'd butcher it for free for us. We have awesome friends!) Dad told me to put it in the little deep freeze but there was no room so I put it in the big one.

Me- yeah that's because he keeps saying he wants to clean out the big one. It's getting really full, isn't it?

Sean- yeah, I had to rearrange stuff since it was a huge box. You do know that the entire bottom half is full of deer meat?

Me- yes, I'm sending some home with Molly for her and Luke. And I'll probably take some to my uncle. But it should last us most of the winter and I won't have to buy too much other meat. And then again...I'm kind of stocking up in case of a zombie apocalypse.

Sean- you know, I've given this some thought and I think that if you cooked zombie just right it might be kind of tasty.

Me- really?! I don't know...and wouldn't you get infected if you ate zombie flesh?

Sean- No. You'd cook the infection out. I mean, there's no zombie sushi that's for sure. No medium rare in the zombie apocalypse diet. Everything has to be well done.

Me- What about zombie jerky?

Sean- now you're catching on!

Me- Zombie salami? (at which point we both started laughing so hard I couldn't keep going)

These crazy conversations keep me sane.


PS- Mo(Lulu) is feeling better today. Yay for antibiotics!!!


  1. I think perhaps Sean is not the only fruit loop in the family - no??

  2. Danica- I'm sure I don't know to what you refer?? Lol. It's possible. =]


  3. Hubby says...Any Backstrap in that freezer? If yes, he wants directions!

    What an amazing doctor! I've only heard of those types in old story books.

    Yeah Kathryn!
    Yeah Lulu!

  4. Oh, so glad Mo's feeling better...this is good news!
    Does deer taste like chicken? I see them walking all around up here...but cudn't imagine eating one.

    Not that I ever judge, 'cause I don't. Besides...we had french toast for dinner. 'Cause that's just the way I roll....

  5. Heather~ I don't even know what the backstrap is. I just know packages: steaks, tenderloins, roast, ground. That works for me.

    Kathryn~ Well, she took a turn for the worse so we'll see. Nope. Nothing like chicken unfortunately. I love chicken. I think it's probably an aquired taste. And I was totally against it until hubby explained overpopulation and sickness in herds and I actually saw a sick deer that had to be put down. Now I don't mind so much. It still makes me sad and protective of the deer around my house. There's one doe that has twins every year. So adorable. I just try not to think about it when cooking.


  6. Priceless : ) Priceless, priceless, priceless!

  7. I married a hunter a few years ago and when I first met him he asked me what I thought of hunting - I said "as a date, I think not".

    I respect hunters that eat what they kill and know that hunters actually help the herds out.

    Venison, depending upon how it is prepared can be good or bad. I like it. Many friends and family can't get passed the fact that it is a deer which they can see, but don't seem to have a problem buying meat in a grocery store.

    Sorry...didn't realize I was going to get on my soapbox.

  8. KLo~ Welcome to the madness! And thank you for your comment!

    Little Miss~ preaching to the choir baby! Yes, we have a few friends who can't eat venison and my mom & sister have trouble with it. Yet my mom was raised eating squirrel and rabbit? Makes no sense to me. After twenty years, I like to think I make some tasty venison dishes. The only thing he hunts that I cannot eat is duck. And I just don't like the taste. I still cook it for him, but I give it a pass!