Sunday, November 8, 2009

Gather round the table...

So I got two comments on yesterday's blog. And while I am fully appreciative of those two comments (you guys rock!), it seems to me that this suggests that nobody wants to listen to me whine. Which is totally unfair because other people whine on their blogs and they still get like 35 comments but whatever. I don't hold grudges. Because they're messy and you get that stuff all over your hands and then it takes like days to get it off and it stains your whole aura and really, who wants to walk around with a stained aura? That's right. Not me. So I'm now officially over it.

As an update on Lulu~ we actually did not go back to the ER yesterday morning. We decided to give it a little time and see how it went (yes, OK, we were both completely tired and grumpy and had abso-freakin-lutely no desire to go back there like ever again.) Actually, I relied on the "spidey sense". And it was telling me that she wasn't in dire need of medical attention. And as the day went on she improved. She even sat in the kitchen while I made dinner last night and after some motrin, all of her pain was gone. Which is the first time in days. She's feeling so much better in fact, that she wants to go back to Iowa today. I told her "we'd see" which is Mom code for I'll totally decide that when I see how you are tomorrow morning and don't even think you can fake me out because I have eyes in the back of my head and spidey senses.

So I ended up with a full table for dinner last night. Hubby, Sean, Lu & Luke, Brian & Molly and our friend Brandi. Now, Brandi is a program director for the camp for persons with disabilities that both Lu & Sean work at every summer so she knows my kids really well and hubby. We've only recently become friends and you will remember her as the haunted house screamer. She had never been to our house for dinner. So I'd hand seasoned a large amount of venison steaks and had hubby grill them. I made a big (and by big, I mean huge) pot of homemade mac-n-cheese, carrots in butter and brown sugar and sliced a loaf of french bread. There was a lot of laughter while making dinner. (We have a large eat in kitchen and people have a tendency to congregate there while I cook). Some of it because after hubby went out to start the grill, I asked who was going to go sit outside with him and keep him on task. (he has a tendency to let his mind wander and ends up burning whatever meat he's grilling. As I spend alot of time hand rubbing seasoning on to the meat, this really pisses me off). Of course everyone's hand flew to their nose and screams of "not it" filled the air. In the end, Sean volunteered. And by volunteered I mean lost.

When it was done, and the table set, and the drinks poured and we began sitting down I looked at Brandi and said "wow, you've never been to dinner at the Turner house before. I hope you're ready, you will never be the same." and she replied "that's what I'm hoping for". I warned her that conversation is very rarely appropriate. And I did not lie. Conversation flew and it consisted of such varied topics as:

~The upcoming vote in California legislation to legalize marijuana.
~The 80's one hit wonder group "flock of seagulls" and whether or not they had a fan club consisting of three men in their 40's who gather in one of them's mother's basement at least once a month.
~Tye dyed underwear and tye dye tuesdays
~the zombie apocalypse and why our house is the best place to hole up.
~whether mac-n-cheese on it's own could really be considered a meal
~twilight mania and why I think Edward's hair is totally gross
~Luke's opinion that Edward's hair is the best thing about twilight movies
~Books, especially Pride Prejudice & Zombies (so we like zombies, so what?)

And then I told a story about our little black kitty "Cujo" and our huge catdog "Spot". Spot was laying on the coffee table yesterday and Cujo (who's roughly half Spot's size but is convinced he's a badass) snuck up behind him and smacked him with his paw while making this high pitched meow. Sean said Cujo was screaming like a little girl because he realized Spot might turn around and eat him. I said it was Cujo's war cry and it was sure to confuse his enemies. And then~

Me: I haven't heard a sound that girlie since Sean screamed the other day.
Sean: Jesus mom! It was one time. You said you wouldn't tell.
(At this point everyone's rolling, knowing that Sean's just playing along)
Sean: and I'm telling you that freakin mouse came out of nowhere!!!

And towards the end of the meal I announced that there was butterscotch pudding for dessert. Which garnished me a few incredulous looks from my menfolk. Apparently, I was supposed to announce this at the beginning of dinner so that they "saved room". Um. Just a thought...don't stuff yourself to the point of bursting in case of dessert. Just saying...

Here's to a better week,

Disclaimer~ Brandi does not eat venison. She didn't want anyone to think she ate Bambi or anything.


  1. Wow, I'm the first commentor? Where is everybody today?

    You do the whole MOM thing wonderfully. "we'd see" too funny! Volunteered meant the same thing when I was growing up. No fair not telling about the pudding! Lol

    What was the verdict on the Mac and Cheese?

  2. i, for one, was internet-less for a few days so i'm just now catching up on all the blogginess.
    whine and bitch and moan all you want. sometimes it's good to get it all out. and don't worry if you don't get "enough" comments. sometimes, i read tons of blogs and don't have anything witty to add or the time to do so.
    i mean, i LOVE when people comment on mine, don't get me wrong, but sometimes your friends just let you get it all out and sometimes they want to add to.
    just keep doing what you do.

  3. MMM HMM, Sweet job of busting out the lurkers Spot. Hee Hee. I cant remember if I commented or not hard to say at this point. I usually do though. Sounds like dinner was a huge success!

  4. That is perfectly appropriate dinner conversation and I like your grumbling almost as much as my own. Now I want to come to your house for supper.

  5. Heather~ thank you for the compliment! I don't know where everyone was all weekend, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't online. Probably enjoying that last gasp of warm weather. The table was split 50/50 on the mac-n-cheese as dinner thing. I think it's cool for lunch but not as a dinner meal. =]

    GP~ bless you new follower. Don't worry, I will continue to vent when need be. Because you're right, it helps to get it out, whether anyone's listening or commenting. Thanks for letting me know you're there, whether you comment or not.

    Mark~ You were a commenter. You had the whole alcohol in a tippy cup suggestion. And dinner was fun. I love having a full table.

    Management~ You are welcome to come to dinner. I think I already invited everyone on the blogosphere. Looking at your reading list for CBR II, I'm pretty sure you'd fit right in!


  6. I've been out of town (THANK GOD!!!) for 3 days or else I would have totally left a comment on your whiny-baby post! I live for those posts because it makes me feel slightly less pathetic about my OWN whiny-baby posts!
    PS...mac'ncheese is totally a meal. So are Cap'n Crunch, a tortilla with butter and uncooked ramen noodles. =)

  7. Hey Spot;
    I sorry I missed yer whiny blog. I had a weekend from hell too.

    I am hoping Mo is finally on the mend.

    Dinner sounds like it was a blast. A ritual I can aspire to, I hope :)

    Stay tuned for my whine-fest :(

  8. Mindy~ Nuh-uh! None of those things are dinner!! Well, maybe cap'n crunch. And a big bowl of popcorn on occasion. I'm so jealous of your weekend away!

    Danica~ Yes, she is on the mend. Thank you! And I'm totally waiting for your whine-fest.


  9. Well, it's the WEEKEND...and we're all so freakin' BUSY....that you can't go by one freakin' post anyway!!

    I personally feel that mac and cheese should be it's own food group.