Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The stairway to real life...shouldn't there be an elevator?

Ah, another day has come to a close. And I couldn't be happier to see this one go. If yesterday was purgatory, today was the stairway back to the real world. Mo's cat, Sparkplug (don't ask), woke me up by attacking the screen in my window. Apparently there was a grasshopper trapped between the screen (we have the kind of windows where the screen is on the inside) and the outer window. And even more apparently, it was taunting him. Apparent to him, that is. I hauled my sorry oh so tired butt from the bed and pulled him from the window with a stern admonishment "bad kitty! go away". I guess he doesn't speak early morning yawn talk because he jumped right back into the window and I knew that any further attempt at sleep was futile. Grr.

I got online did some email stuff, commented some blogs, got the link to my blog on Did a little dance when I saw it! Here is the link to it~ me on if anyone would like to leave a review, it would be much appreciated. =]

Then I woke Mo up to check on her. She had slept mostly through the night. But woke up still in pain and still running a 101.5 degree fever. This is not good. I got her painkillers, antibiotic and juice. Then I called her regular doctor. She got all the ER results and notes. Then called me back. She wanted us to come in for an ultrasound of the bladder and kidneys. Mo was not happy about this, just in case you're wondering. So we did that. Then I ran a couple of errands while she waited in the car. Came home, made dinner, talked to the doctor. Ultrasound was fine. No stones, deformities or tumors! So just a really bad infection and we have to wait on culture sensitivities (which should be available tomorrow) before making any more treatment decisions. But her fever is down tonight and she is much more comfortable, so fingers crossed for a better tomorrow!

Did I mention that I have stumbled through my day today on four hours of sleep? Mmmmhmm. All my own fault. After blogging last night, sometime around midnight, I went to Facebook. I had to work in the sweets factory on yoville! And then I made the huge, I mean ginormous, mistake of clicking on the play Bejeweled Blast button. NO!!! I was too stressed for bed yet, so I figured I'd wind down. 100 freakin games later I realize the time and defeat the urge to play just one more game!!!

thank you for your concern for Mo,


  1. Oh , I am so sorry your day didn't go so well, but at least it had to be better than yesterday.

    Glad to hear Lulu is starting to feel better. Please tell her that she will be having an award waiting for her at my post tomorrow.

    Bejeweled..I too get lost in there.

    Hope tomorrow is a even better day, get some sleep.

  2. I'm thinking of you guys, Spot! Tomorrow will be better...

  3. I hope you got a good night's sleep last night and understand how easy it is to get caught up in Bejeweled. Worst part, I have a friendly competition with a gf and she's, I'm playing a lot to top her.

    Congrats on the Amazon thing...out of curiosity, why & how do this?

  4. Oh Spot ...

    I am wishing you and Mo a MUCH better day today. I got that sick feeling in my throat when you said her fever was still so high.

    Really glad to hear there are no further complications and the fever is dropping.

    My thoughts are with you ... the two or three nice ones, that is - they're all yours :)

  5. I'm glad Mo is feeling (slightly) better. And the Amazon Kindle feed is very cool!

  6. Heather~ So true it was better then the day before! And I went by your blog already and saw that you'd passed her an award. She is mighty grateful! Damned Bejeweled.

    Cynica~ thanks so much!

    Little Miss~ I did get a better night's sleep thank goodness! And that's my problem...I'm so competetive that I hate that I have friends who have higher scores! Even though I know they have more time to spend getting them! It's a character flaw I guess. Thanks for the well wishes.

    Danica~ I have all your nice thoughts?? How sweet! Thanks!

    Carolyn~ Thank you for commenting! And thanks for thinking of us.

    Whispering~ Thank you!


  7. I believe there needs to be a support group for those of us addicted to the blitz.