Monday, November 9, 2009

Why no one ever lets me have the sharp knives...

grumble grumble grumble. That's how I feel about this morning. Seriously. I cannot get motivated. It's too warm for one thing. Hello, mother earth? I'd just like to remind you that it's November here. Where is the chilly? I like wearing a sweatshirt when I go outside. I like that the cold air kills all the bugs. I like wearing slippers in the house. So please, lets get back on track, shall we? Do not make me turn the air conditioner back on. That would just be ridiculous.

I'm also sad that Lu went home. I mean I'm super duper excited that she was feeling so much better and I did make her sign a promise (in blood of course, duh) that she would get plenty of rest and call me if she even felt a twinge worse. And taking care of her did send my days spiraling madly out of control. But I miss her madly.

And NaNoWriMo. Oh. My. God. Due to recent events I've spent less time working on my novel than was probably prudent. I got a cheerful email this morning reporting that I should be 15,000 words in. Really? I guess this means I need to pull roughly 10,000 words out of my ass in the near future. Aaaaaargh. Don't get me wrong. I'm still glad I'm participating it's just getting back on track that may be the issue. And I'm still really questioning their decision to make November the month. I mean now we are officially having Thanksgiving at my house which is going to take two full days from my schedule. Not to mention, that I absolutely have to start thinking "Christmas" or I'm going to be way behind schedule there. Not to mention the normal every day things that fall into my lap. I might be freaking out here just a smidge. And then my brain goes and starts in with the "what ifs" and the novel is taking a whole new plot twist and I don't even know how it's going to end now??! And of course it's me, so the plot just got darker and scarier. Big surprise, eh?

So enough grumbling. I'm going to head over to Gert & Hildi today and pick up some slack there since Hildi's had her hands full lately. And I promise it will be humorous. But I will leave you with another tidbit from Saturday night's dinner convo~

Mo (Lulu) was seated between her father and her boyfriend Luke. Hubby is always at the head of the table and I always sit on his left side. Well for some reason she picked up her steak knife and placed it on her dad's forearm as a joke.

Mo: I could cut you.

Hubby: No. You don't have the guts. Do it.

Mo: (pressing the knife down a little harder) I could. I do too.

Hubby: No you don't. Go on do it. I want to see you try.

Mo: (a tiny bit harder, but you can tell she won't do it) I could.

Hubby: (still taunting) you wouldn't. you're too chicken.

Me: (reaching over and taking the knife) Oh hell I'll do it.

Hubby: (quickly grabbing my hand) I know you'd do it.

Me: (dropping knife and shrugging) well you shouldn't taunt people.

*Everyone is laughing at this exchange by now*

Sean: Dad, she's done cutting her steak, you should probably take her knife away.

Hubby: you probably couldn't pierce the skin with one of our knives anyway. It would take a lot of pressure.

Me: (grabbing my knife and reaching over) Oh I bet I could!

Hubby: (once again, staying my hand) Well yeah, you could. You've got that whole downward psycho slasher grip thing going on there.

Me: Well you should not taunt people. And hell yeah, if I'm gonna do a job, I'm gonna get it done right.

Hubby: Once again proving that while people think I'm the scary one, they should definitely be more afraid of you.

Me: (completely innocent sweet smile) I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about.

Hubby: (to rest of table) And this is why we only have dull knives in the house.

You shouldn't taunt people. I'm just saying...


  1. I know right?! Makes you wonder why he ever crosses me...


  2. i'm with you on the warm weather.
    i think that's why this particular falling-back has screwed me up like no other year. it's not cold yet! i keep going to bed too late and waking up too early. i will kill something!

  3. Oh, God...I would NEVER trust you with a sharp knife! Seriously...what was hubby thinking??

    I'm so glad Mo is feeling better...although it sounds like the distraction has left you in a bit of a pickle.

    Want an appletini???

  4. Not sure whether taunting knife play is listed in the guidebooks as an element of standard healthy marriage, but keep doing whatever works for you (and buy some extra oversized bandaids).

    Otherwise, only invite me on soup night.

  5. GP~ My problem exactly! Going to bed too late, getting up too early, and then being hot. Makes me cranky!

    Kathryn~ Indeed. I'm behind. But I will catch up. Fingers crossed anyway. An appletini sounds divine. And as for what hubby was thinking? I couldn't even begin to guess...

    SG~ I never ever threaten to cut my guests. Even when I want to. That would be a serious breach of good etiquette. And I know his reflexes are good and he'll catch my hand. If he ever didn't, well, I'd feel awful. As soon as I quit laughing that is...
    And band aids are a staple at my house!


  6. Oh my what great dinner theater!

    I think they are doing it in November, so you can be like a paid writer and work under pressure. I know you will pull through.

    I started my thinking process for the coming holidays, Saturday. It's only been 2 days and I am already freaking out.

  7. they gave you a knife really? have they not read the poems? the posts? oh my. NANOWRIMO,NANOWRIMO,NANOWRIMO,
    LOL. Glad Lulu is better. Still waiting for her next post. She should totally guest host for you so you can NANOWRIMO,NANOWRIMO....word counts,PLOT LINES, CHARACTERS...NANOWRIMO,NANOWRIMO!!! Sorry just tryin to be supportive.

  8. Heather~ I know. I've got a couple of xmas gifts done and a couple I know what I'm doing for but I make a lot of xmas gifts (because I totally have a Martha Stewart complex) and I need to get my butt in gear on that! Thank you for the encouragement!

    Mark~ Is that like nanny-nanny-boo-boo for writers?? Felt like you were taunting me. LMAO. She is having internet woes currently. But is feeling better. And Idk...I think they are all just so used to me the they forget and give me Silly people, knives are for psychos!!


  9. LMAO Love the whole knife bit. Don't feel too bad, I'm not allowed to have knives, either. :)