Saturday, November 7, 2009

Life in Limboland...or Saturday morning

Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh! That's the sound I want to make this morning. Loudly. I have refrained however. Mostly because there are still some people in this house who are sleeping. And I hate it when people make a lot of noise when you're sleeping. Even though almost everyone in my house does it to me.

You know how you just start to think that things are okay and your life just might get back to normal? And then um...they don't? Yeah, that's pretty much the story of my life this week. So if you've been reading my blogs this week you know that my daughter Mo (short for Molly but you can call her Lulu if you want) has been ill. Really ill. Like lets go to the ER and spend the entire day there ill. Well, as of yesterday she was feeling better. Fever free, no bladder symptoms, no nausea and her kidney pain was less. Don't get me wrong she still spent the entire day in bed but she wasn't looking like she wanted to die. So her doctor calls, I report the good news and we both think that she's on the road to recovery. Her boyfriend arrived last night and took over the "let's try to keep Mo entertained" duties. And I was muy (that's Spanish for very) grateful because I felt like crap. Went to bed early and woke up several times in the night convinced I was dying or coming down with the flu. Luckily the fever broke in the night and this morning I just feel slightly icky.

Mike and Sean had a meeting in town. Bobby, Mo and Luke (the boyfriend) are all still sleeping so of course I boot up the computer to enter blogland. Half hour later, Mo wakes up and comes into my office (which is also the family room). She's back to feeling like crap. Both kidneys are hurting again. It hurts to pee. She's got a major headache. And she's nauseous again. THE HELL?!'s my day to feel bad and lay on the couch!!! But, I remind myself (quite loudly in my head) I'm the mommy. I signed the contract (someone totally should have pointed out that fine print!). So I get her situated on the couch (casting a longing glance at said couch), meds, juice, movie in the DVD player. Then I call the doctors office. But her doctor is not there today. (And even though she calls me from home...I would feel weird calling her at home) So the nurse for the doctor that is there tells me we need to go back to the ER. For real?? Back to purgatory?? Back to swine flu exposure and waiting for hours in the waiting room?? Mo looks at me and says "um. no. I don't want to." Guess what kiddo? Me either!! (Although thanks to Kathryn, I have a whole Hershey bar in my purse and a new book, so I'm prepared!)

I'm really up in the air about this though. I mean, I'd be rushing her back to the ER if she was running a fever again. Or throwing up. Or even if the pain was bad enough to make her cry. But while she's clearly in discomfort, she's not in distress. So do I wait to take her in, and see if her doctor calls? Or do I follow the nurses advice and take her right in? Why does nobody warn you that you'll have to make these kind of judgement calls as a mommy? Why isn't there a manual? You "if this...then this" kind of dealio?? That would be sooo helpful. But no, lets just leave it all on the shoulders of the mom. *sigh*

Hope the rest of you are having a better weekend,


  1. Sucks that Lulu is still ill. Parenting is why the great minds at Anheuser-Busch are wealthy beyond belief. Grab a huge tippy cup, fill it with your favorite vino, and head for the er. I know it sux but the wine will dull the pain of listening to all the idiots there with their kids running around acting stupid. Plus if you get there early enough you won't have the Saturday evening drunken morons to deal with. And if you are still there when they show up you will already have a good buzz going so it won't be so bad! Use a tippy cup in case you get all plastered and fall asleep. (Yeah it happens)

  2. Dammmmmmnit - just when you thought it was safe to...

    (Sometimes doesn't it just feel like we're pawns on the gameboard of the Gods? I think you need to send them a nasty blogpost.)

    I have learned that with certain illnesses you can never guess from one day to the next what's in store. You parents carry the burden when kids are sick and all I can say is that you, Spot, like my best friends' who are also dealing with
    a child's illness, are dealing with the situation SUPERBLY well.

    Laughter helps, right? Rock on, GF. We're all in your corner!

  3. Mark~ Thank you for your comment. I was giggling madly. Of course, it would have been vodka in my cup. Looks like water! I'm also very glad to see you. You hadn't been around for a while so I was worried things took a turn for the worse.

    Cynica~ Thank you for the compliment and the support! And hell yeahs laughter helps! Not as much as a maid would, but you know, you gotta take what you can get. =]


  4. Sorry I didn't get here yesterday, very busy.

    Too bad you didn't get to take over the couch, I know that would have made your day!

    A manual would be nice, Is that your next project? LOL