Monday, November 30, 2009

Can you put that on a t-shirt?

OMG! I think I finally finished catching up. Maybe. I've spent hours the last two days reading and commenting and reading and trying to catch up on all the posts I've missed over the last four days. If I missed one of yours or failed to comment or something, please accept my humble apologies. It was purely accidental not an intentional slight. Pinkie swear!

So as a NaNoWriMo update...yeah I didn't get to 50,000 words by the deadline. But that's okay with me. I had way too much going on in November to try to do that. I did accomplish something I had never been able to do before and that was to actually start a novel. I put more words on paper than ever before. I got into it. And that is valuable to me. I won't just let it go. I will finish this novel. Because I love the main character and I love the story (okay, there's totally something perverse about loving a scary novel where there's such blatant evil, but that's how I roll). So I am totally on track. I won't get much writing time in December due to Christmas and apparently my birthday is turning into something of a big deal. Also I'd like to spend some time polishing some short stories and getting them submitted. But I will finish it. So thank you NaNoWriMo for what you did give to me, a swift kick in the pants to set me on the journey that is writing a novel. Oh and next year...yeah, I'm kicking your ass be ready.

My bday? Apparently, my sister wanted to come here, but can't so my children are sending me there. Sean and I are going to drive up the weekend before my bday and stay a couple of days. I was totally prepared to let my entrance into the next decade of my life slide quietly by with maybe a pedicure or haircut to celebrate. Apparently, that is not to be. My sister is railroading a celebration. I guess I'm down with that. I mean who doesn't like a celebration? Especially as I've been promised a peppermint chocolate chip shake from Chick-fillet. Wild, huh? We don't have one of those anywhere near us and we saw a commercial. I believe my eyes glazed over in delight and so Hildi promised me one for said bday. And if I add Vodka when I get back to her house? Even better baby. Plus it's another road trip with Sean. You can bet I'll be stocked with some serious blogging material. Lu tried to get off but no luck. C'est la vie! (Sean and I are getting ready to learn I'm practicing).

Okay, so Hildi and I played a game while she was here. I read a blog the other day that was talking about a woman wearing an Edward (from Twilight) tshirt. I said I would wear a Stephen King tshirt. I would wear it until it had holes in it! I was thinking of one with his face on it (duh) but Hildi started making up ones with sayings on them. Things from his books. Then we started laughing because only hardcore fans like our family would even know what the reference was to. So people would stare at us. Which would of course, be half the fun. So in the interest of fun on a Monday (totally alien concept I know!) I'm giving you a quiz...guess the book that the saying refers too. Email me your answers and don't forget to vote on your favorite one. I'm totally going to have it made into a tshirt.

1. I hear the shells.
2. I survived Chester Mills.
3. I got bitten in the 'Lot.
4. Here's Johnny!
5. Duddits vs. Mr. Grey and the Shit Weasels
6. Redrum
7. I'm a fan of sideways thinking
8. Don't piss off your fans.
9. Nice doggy.
10. I buy ghosts online.*

*this one is actually from his son's book. It's like a bonus. =]

So there you go. If you feel like playing, please do. If you don't, it's okay to shake your head and wonder what the hell is wrong with me. Lots of people do!

mondays & superfandom,


  1. Okay, so I totally suck at quizzes and especially ones which involve quotations. I DO NOT remember quotes from books or movies...even stupidly obvious ones. So, I'll just bypass the studious portion of this blog and just say no worries about the NaNoWriMo deadline. I think it's pretty damn awesome that you started a novel. Huge props on that! Also, Happy Birthday! I think a vodka peppermint choc chip shake from Chik-Fillet sounds like the perfect b-day present! Send one my way, huh? Extra vodka? It's a heck of a Monday. =)

  2. Well heck! Too bad the hubby isn't here, he would probably know all of those. I only know 3, I think.

    Yummy..Mint chocolate chip! If I wasn't so sick of food, I could go for that!

  3. I don't think I've ever been able to make it through one of Mr. King's books - *cringe* please don't hate me. LOL

    And don't worry about the catching-up process. I don't comment on every single post I read - only on those for which I actually have something to say. :P

  4. What the hell is wrong with you???

    Just kidding.

    I cannot read Stephen King. He's toooo scary. I used to read him (and Dean Koontz (sp?) but after CUJO I cried, "UNCLE!" and swore never again. Until the Gunslinger series came, THAT I loved.

    So, wear your scary tee. I won't have the slightest idea what the hell you're talking about.

  5. My husband has the BEST t-shirt of jack nicholson in his role in The Shining. I think your t-shirts would be great! I only know a couple of your quotes there so I'm not entering...not a big Stephen King fan. Also not a good mom. I let my 6-year old son watch The Shining with the family one night and he is still scared about it. (he's turning 23 this week.) Your birthday sounds fun!!

  6. I'm shaking my head. Making your readers actually "think" on Monday, ow my brain! LOL.

    I know a few but my Stephen King titles are rusty.

    Very creative though. :-) Congrats on your NaNo, yes I know you didn't win, but you got soooo much farther tham me. I love that you have a great book started. Woo!

  7. I haven't a clue...only because I've never read Stephen King...sad. I know.

    I've missed you, though!! Glad you're back in the blog-o-sphere! :)

  8. I'm entering. I adore Stephen and I love scary! Well done on getting so much of the novel done. Happy Birthday! Mine is the 10th and its another decade for me too!

  9. Mindy~ Thanks for all your support!! Sorry you're having a 'heck of a monday'. lol. I wish I could just take all of you with me for vodka shakes. I'm pretty sure that would be a good time!

    Heather~ Yes, too bad. Only two people played. lol. Sick of food?? What?? Is that possible??!

    C~ I don't hate you. I've never read a John Grisham or Sue Grafton or lots of others that are popular. I'm sure his books are not for everyone. They are very long and sometimes quite gory. Other times not so much. But he has this amazing gift for characterization!

    Kathryn~ Weird fact~ I did not read his gunslinger series. I don't know why, just never even picked up the first one. Maybe I'll save that for when I'm old and stuck in a nursing home. That way I have something to look forward too!

    DfG~ that's too funny. My children have been watching horror flicks for forever. They don't scare easy anymore. I had a similar experience with Alfred Hitchcocks "The Birds". My folks let me watch it at 4 and I have hated birds ever since!

    Angelia~ thank you! I actually worked on it last night some. Scared myself again. Must remember to turn on lights! I hope you will continue on yours too. Then I have someone to commiserate with. =]

    Jessica~ Thank you! I am very happy to be back and handing out smart ass comments again! Congrats on your overachieving this month!! I'm really happy for you that you finished NaNoWriMo. I know how big of an accomplishment that was!

    Tina~ You played!! Yay! I would never have guessed from your writing that you liked the scary??! Just kidding! You are definitely a woman after my own heart! we come! Look out!


  10. Yay!! Also never read the gunslinger stuff! That's so weird. We're the same!

  11. The passing of a decade should never go by uncelebrated.

  12. Happy Birthday Spot. Trying to catch up on my blog reading. Congrats on nanowrimo. You may not have written the 50000 words but I'm pretty sure you succeeded in doing what the thing is really all about.

  13. Tina~ in more ways than you know! I will email you!

    Carolyn~ oh I guess. But 40?? That's old.

    Mark~ Thank you. I feel good about it. Better than I thought I'd feel about something that was essentialy a fail. Lol.