Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Quiz results! And photos!

So business first...Only Tina and Brite played my game. But it was a Monday so I guess I'll let things slide...Brite played well, with 5 correct answers but Tina rocked the quiz and got all but one correct! Um...yeah...sorry Tina, there's no prize...just bragging rights. So the answers were:

1. Duma Key, which is one of my all-time favs of his.
2. Under the Dome. Which really wasn't fair since it's so new.
3. Salem's Lot. Very scary book.
4. The Shining. It was kind of a trick question, because it was a line from the Stanley Kubrick film version. But then again, who hasn't seen that? Even though the remake with Stephen Weber is way closer to the book!
5. Dreamcatcher. If you only saw the movie...read the book! They screwed up the ending in the movie.
6. The Shining, again. This one was supposed to be a gimme.
7. Duma Key, again. I threw this one in because I totally have to "sideways think" sometimes when I lose a word.
8. Misery.
9. Cujo.
10. Heart-shaped Box. If you haven't heard of it or read it, I highly recommend it. It was one scary ass book. Joe Hill is definitely a chip off of his dad's block.

So I kind of started on Christmas. I've got my basic ideas for gifts. I need to sit down and write it all out. And then I need to get my fabric out and patterns and look at what I have and what I need and go on a supply run. And yes, I know Christmas is only 24 days away but seriously, I work best under a deadline. And it wouldn't be Christmas if I wasn't sleep deprived and slightly deranged from all my holiday preparations. Hubby swears that I get a bad case of "Martha Stewart-itis" this time of year. That only proves that he doesn't really pay attention to me, because it's like a chronic condition. It never goes away. I'm constantly in Martha mode, unless I'm busy writing. It seems to semi cure the problem, or at least masks the symptoms. Anyway, for one of my projects, which I cannot list here because some of the recipients of said gift read my blog, but I found this charming graphic on photobucket and I'm pretty sure it sums up my attitude:

I found a whole bunch of these pics and they are perfect for my project! Score! I will post pics of the finished after Christmas. I'm almost excited to get started. I'm really bummed because it was so freakin cold on Thanksgiving that we didn't get to go outside and take any pics. I take pictures of all three kids together every year and this year due to illness, and Lu moving away and the weather, I haven't really managed it yet.

Here's last years photo~

And the year before...

How beautiful are they??! But as you can see, even at this age, they change so much in a year. I wish I could get it done before Christmas, but that's highly unlikely at this point. Ah well...there's always January.

I hope everyone else is well on their way to holiday bliss. I hope no one else is seriously contemplating bodily injury to their spouse. What?! Did I just type that?! Oh yeah. I did. No worries. It happens every year at this time. The man is such a bah humbug that I almost have to ignore him for a month to keep from wanting to strangle him. Really. He's very anti-christmas. Anti decorating, anti gift giving, anti shopping, anti house cleaning, anti visiting. It's bad. Because I'm the exact opposite. I loooovvvveee me some Christmas cheer. Seriously, I think out of the 21 Christmases we've spent together, I've threatened to divorce him at least 16 of them. Somehow, I never seem to get around to it. Ah well, at least there's that break at my sister's to look forward too!

candy canes and eggnog (and by eggnog, I totally mean rum),


  1. Did you really have to post Christmas is in 24 days? I knew, but it didn't click. Okay, now I have to go make lists of December to-dos.

    Yikes - I'm screwed.

  2. I'm all but done :) Yay me!!!

    Oh and the Martha Stewartitis? You need to go and get a shot for that ... sum ugly stuff right there :)

  3. Seriously...24 days...! I haven't started, and you Martha Stewart types are the reason I end up drinking way more rum than egg nog :)
    *reaches down - grabs flask and toodles off to make a list*

  4. So sorry about the quiz. I got the 2 Shinings and Salems Lot right. I can't believe I got the Misery wrong and I didn't read the book Dreamcatcher, I watched the movie instead.

    Don't feel so bad, I must have your husbands long lost twin over here!

  5. Oh can't wait to see what you are working on. I have just a few to shop for but of course I'll keep looking for everyone because I love the challege of finding the perfect gift.

    Already in holiday mode with Christmas socks and music going.

  6. Homemade gifts are the best 'cause they're from the heart. I love making blankets. Last year I learned how to make a fray-blanket. So fun!

    PS Love the pictures!

  7. Those are some good lookin' kids! And they really do change a lot in a year, wow! That's awesome you take that photo every year. :-)

    I got my first Christmas gifts tonight! But I only have til the 18th, then my daughter heads to Mississippi where her dad moved for the break. Deep breaths!

  8. What a great looking family! Ugh shopping!!

  9. LMB~ Sorry!! But you know...misery loves company!

    Dani~ They have a shot for that?? Why did no one tell me? Lol. And yay you for being so close to done. *grumbles about people who are so organized and plan ahead*

    AA~ you can't drink and make a list! Then you can't read it when you're sober. Been there. Lol.

    Heather~ I told him yesterday he was on my list and he said "it's the 1st day of the month, I haven't even done anything yet!" I replied..."Oh. But you will". Lol.

    Roxy~ you and your christmas socks! Although I have now amassed like ten pairs. Maybe christmas sock collecting is contagious. I'm not ready for the music yet though.

    uba~ I think so! I love homemade gifts. I hope everyone I give them to does as well. Lol.

    Angel~ Thank you! Yeah, I march them through camp taking like 60 pics to get one good one. The 18th?! Oh holy hell girl.

    Mark~ Thank you very much. I'm a power shopper, theres no playing around. =]


  10. Beautiful family. Thanks for the comp! Yay!

  11. Well...I haven't really started any Christmas preparations yet...per-se...but I plan to really soon. Like maybe today. Or tomorrow. Possibly. I'll get right on that. And I'm with you...I love me some Christmas cheer, too. And rum. And by rum, I totally mean egg nog. =)

  12. Wonderful photos! Good for you! I am in denial over how many days are left. If I ignore them, then they do not exist.