Thursday, December 3, 2009

If it's Thursday, I must be spreading the word...

Aha! You guys thought I'd forget again, didn't you? Forget the very theme I made up. Which has happened, what, twice now? But no! I remembered. Go me!

First, I have to address some things from yesterday's blog. I'm still not really a paid writer. The amazon deposit wasn't from Kindle subscription sales. (Oh how I wish!) I, like Kathryn, have seen 0 pennies from that. The $11.51 was from referrals. I have amazon ads on my page and when someone clicks them and goes to and actually makes a purchase, I get a 4-6% commission. And that $11.51? Yeah, that was like the accumulation of a years worth of having those ads so don't expect big money there. But this time of year, I'm not going to turn down any amount of money, no matter how measly! I guess in a way, stay with me folks, this is a stretch, you could say it was from writing. If people didn't read my blogs they wouldn't be on my pages and wouldn't click through to, right? Believe you me, I can justify almost anything! Lol.

Second, to those of you concerned by Sean telling me I b*tch alot...I would say, at best, my parenting style is unorthodox. And some of it was situational. We were all having a joking conversation so it was okay. Had it been a serious conversation or had he been in trouble for something and he came back with that, it would have been treated way differently. I'm my children's friend as well as their mom. I know...parenting experts are all "you can't be both" blah blah blah. Since I'm pretty proud of my children and they're pretty damn good kids, I'm going to have to respectfully disagree. We're friends until the situation warrants "momming". And then, they know the difference, trust me. I'm not saying it's for everyone. In fact, I don't even know anyone who parents like we do, but it has worked well for us. And it is the polar opposite of how my folks parented. I think I said the b word once to my mom when I was 16 and she backhanded me. They were the parents, we were the kids, and the lines were clearly drawn. In another post, I'll relate how I reacted to that and how it shaped the way I parent. But right or wrong, everyone does what works for them. You know?

Okay...on to the goodness of sharing...

1. After a trip to the library in which I realized the library here sucks...something good actually happened. I picked up a book by an author I'd never heard of...The Harrowing by Alexandra Sokoloff. It was really really good. It was a ghost story, and while it didn't scare the sh*t out of me, it did make me pretty uneasy. The writing was good and it was very atmospheric and descriptive. No gore whatsoever. I would give it 4 out of 5 stars for sure. And then, quincky-dinkily, I found a link to the author's blog on Tina's blog. How odd is that?? Check out the book, check out the blog, check out Tina's awesome writing ability. You won't be sorry!

2. Funniest blog post of the week goes to Carolyn at Carolyn...Online. Read it, and prepare to be cool just by association. Seriously, this post sounds so much like something I would do.

3. Shout out to everyone who reads this blog, commenter or lurker, although of course, I like comments best. You guys have no idea how much you do to keep me inspired. So thank you!! And thanks to all of you who emailed, or facebooked me when I was absent over the weekend (you know who you are!). It's an amazing feeling to be that loved!

I will be beginning the "Disco Chronicles" tomorrow, much to the subject's consternation. Hehehe. That only makes it more fun for me. Hey, don't judge. After you read about his birth, you'll realize how he totally owes me. Forever.

Happy Thursday,


  1. I totally agree with you about the parenting thing. No matter what experts says it's always best to do what you're comfortable with. Which, ironically is what they say. jajajaja.....
    I'm not much into ghost stories, but I'll check it out.

  2. I disagree with the "you can be a friend and parent" too. My parents have always been my friends, but I also know the difference of when they are being friends and being parents. I've turned out pretty well, as well as my siblings. I think the problem lies in parents being too strict or the opposite - - having no rules at all.

    Love your blog.

  3. As always - I aspire to pick up any "momming" techniques I can from you.

    Can't wait for the Disco Chronicles...

  4. Really great blogs! Thanks for sharing the bloggy love.

    I once got a check for .37, yes I cashed it. Any little bit...yep. :-)

    Can't wait for Sean's spotlight.

  5. I also don't know anyone who parents like I do. But, like you, my kids are awesome so pppppttht!

  6. Well, I never got to parent much, only with my much younger siblings. I wish I had the kind of Friend/Parent relationship with my parents. They were the super strict religious types. Your kids are very lucky. You Rock!

  7. Ooooh, I will check out the links and the book. Especially the book, because I need all the ideas I can get. My hubby and I have a different parenting style as well. My kids are wonderful so I wouldn't change a thing.

  8. I too just got my first payment. 2 dollars. No one will even love me for a long time with that. Well shitbricks.
    Great post btw. Who cares what others think of your parenting style.

  9. Well. I didn't think twice about Sean's response to you. Ya wanna know why? (Of course you do!) It's cause he's older now. Taylor (17) is allowed to curse just happens, I they age. I'd never allow it from Connor (12), tho. Is this age discrimination?

    I think everyone has their own parenting styles...yes. And I think you're an awesome parent...and an awesome writer, as well.


  10. Well, I pretty much parent "on the fly" most times and that seems to work for me. My daughter has recently started noticing some rules previously enforced for her that her brother isn't subject to. She says, "not fair." I answer, "Yeah, I know. Deal." 'Nuff said. sound like an AWESOME mom. =)

  11. BA~ (hehe, like Bad A**, only better). I think that applies to most everything in life, do what works for you. =]

    uba~ Thank you chica! I think those too ends of the spectrum are where you get the most trouble too. As a friend I'm all up in their business so it's hard to hide things. Lol.

    Dani~ thanks girlie! I shall endeavor to pass on useful knowledge.

    Angelia~ $.37? Love it! I'd have to have made a copy first though. Lol. Thanks!

    Management~ that's the important part isn't it??

    Heather~ thank you!! Mine were super strict too and I saw how that worked out for them and decided to try something different!

    Tina~ you're so welcome!

    Eyvi~ I think parenting has to adapt with the times like everything else. Our folks never had to contend with Facebook & Myspace and texting. Lol. Can't. Imagine. That.

    mepsipax~ Great to see a new face! Or read a new commenter. Whatever. Thanks! I don't think anyone will even love you for a short time on that kinda cash. Maybe you could save up??

    Kathryn~ It might be age discrimination, but you're the mom. You can do that. Lol. Thank you for you kind compliments!

    Mindy~I'm pretty sure that's kind of what my parents said to me. No wait. There's seven years between Hildi and I and my mom's excuse was always "I'm too tired to fight with her." Thanks for the kudos!


  12. I have no kids so I wouldn't know how I'd be as a parent and don't give parenting advice. If I were, I'd take different methods from different friends.

    You're right about the friend/parent relationship. Some people frown upon it and if I ever said bitch to my mom at 17, I'd definitely feel the backside of her hand.

  13. btw....I'm for whatever parenting style works and creates a great adult.