Thursday, December 17, 2009

So 40 is the new 20...

Or so I'm told. Between my sister and my J (my friend from high school) I'm pretty sure the entire universe now knows that I'm 40. Well, if you're expecting me to act like it, you totally have another thing coming because it ain't happening. They say your only as old as you act so I'm pretty sure I can stay in my twenties forever. =]

Oh my stars! Where has the last week gone?? I feel like I was caught up in some space time tunnel without a flux capacitor. Or a pulse phase converter. Yes, I did spend too much time with Sean and my brother in law last week. Actually, I'm really having a hard time getting "back to business" so to speak. With the rush on to finish Christmas shopping and decorating and the fact that my bday turned into a week long celebration in two states I feel kind of flustered. Or maybe it's just old age setting in.

So, I will finish up the Disco Chronicles in the next couple of days. But today I will update you on the last week. Our trip to Ohio was awesome. We had cold, but clear driving weather the entire time. I got to Christmas shop with my sister, which is something we don't normally get to do and it was so much fun! She threw me a party Saturday night with her friends and our cousins and it was great. We stopped on the way home from her house and had lunch with my friend J in Indy. That was two hours worth of amazing. I really wish I got to see her more often. Sean stated after lunch that he could totally understand why we were friends because we were so much alike. Then we stopped at my parents in Springfield and had an awesome dinner and presents and cheesecake! We got home Tuesday and Mo came down and we went to dinner, just the four of us then came home and watched videos. They got me awesome gifts and I will even forgive the black balloons. Luke didn't make it but he did send the cake, which he made.

Tonight we are having dinner with two other couples to yet again celebrate my birthday. And I'm supposed to go out with "the girls" for drinks on Saturday night for my birthday. Really, how much "birthday" can one person take?? Thank goodness I never turn 40 again. I might not survive.

In other news, I found my parents a condo for February. They are going down to Myrtle Beach for the whole month. Since my dad retired they've been talking about doing all kinds of fun things and this is only the beginning. Mo, Sean and I are for sure going to join them for a week. I can't wait!!

Do to J's posts on Facebook about having lunch with me, several old high school friends have found me. I think this is a good thing, but it does leave some explaining to do to Mo (who totally cyberstalks me). Like "what does this G guy mean about getting busted in the balcony at Prom junior year??! What were you doing??!!" She's not buying "I don't remember. That was a long time ago. I'm old. Leave me alone!" Apparently it was his now mother in law who busted us. Hmm. Awkward.

And speaking of old boyfriends coming out of the woodwork...remember my story about Mo's first love, the marine? And how he called her from Iraq? Well...guess who started texting us both last week? Yeah, okay so that was kind of a "gimme", just play along anyway. Guess who's dying to see Mo when he comes home next week. Yep. Zach. Well, things haven't been all roses in Iowa with Luke. In fact, they are having some huge issues. And let me be clear and say that I like Luke as a person. But hubby and I have been concerned about whether it was the right situation for Mo for a while now. And she's beginning to have serious doubts herself. How do ex bf's know this stuff?? It's like they have radar when you're unhappy in your current relationship. Three of her exes got in touch with me last week. Two marines and drunken ex. Anyway, she and Luke are "talking about the fate of their relationship" and she's going to come home and see Zach on Sunday. At my house, not like alone. Because, well, they've never been able to resist each other. But the bad news is...he's stationed in California and he goes to Afghanistan in July. I will have to give you a post on their history for you to be able to understand these two. It's a doozie.

Well, I'm going to go catch up on my blog reading and commenting and then I'm going to sew til my eyes cross to try to finish up some more Christmas. Hope everyone stayed healthy and happy while I was gone! I missed you!!

home again,


  1. I missed you, my friend.

    Good to have you back ...

    SUPER - D - Duper Birf-day to ye, Lady!!

  2. Happy 40th/20ish!!!

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday!! Welcome back.

    I know how you feel. I was out all last week. I've been trying to catch up, blog, work, Christmas shop and drs appts! It's a nutty time of year. Ho Ho Ho!

    Great to see you!

  4. And a Happy Happy birthday to you!! I highly concur that age is relative and that 40 is the new 20!! We know more, even if our bodies don't play along all the time!

  5. Oh, Happy Happy Day! That's MY kinda birthday! The kind that goes on and on...but in a good way.

    I think Mo's ex's realize what a great catch she is and that's why they never want to let go.

  6. That is a lot of celebrating the big 4.0.! Mine passed with no hoopla, thank goodness! LOL
    Happy birthday!

    Glad to have you back aand that you had such a great time!

    I hope Mo makes the right decision for herself.

  7. Wonderful bday celebrations! Yippee for you. 40s are the best, I promise. It's nice to have you back!

  8. Yay! Glad you're back! And it sounds like you had an awesome week...of birthday celebrating. Geez...need attention much? I'm only saying that because I'm totally jealous. I guess you're a pretty cool cat...thus the reason for all the partying! Welcome back! =)

  9. Ummm....yay!!!

    Though I totally thought I was going to have to send out a search party...

  10. Hey! So apparently when I thought I came over here and followed, I didn't. So sorry I'm late! And congrats on all the birfday parties. I love b-days like that. ^_^ good to see you.

  11. Craaazy. If the Department of Defense could somehow channel this uncanny human radar, they'd make a killing in weapons R&D (My brother has radar too: whenever I'm in the washroom, he suddenly materializes outside the bathroom door and bangs on it, yelping that he REALLY has to go. Luckily, this hasn't happened as frequently since I moved to Kuwait.) : p

  12. Happy Belated Birthday!

    I hope you had a good Christmas.