Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's freakin Thursday already?

Lately my days have blended together and flown by. I think it's because I spend so much time right here in front of my computer. If I'm not showing some bloggy love, I'm working on the novel. It's crazy. Yesterday I had to take an enforced break from writing and go to town. (I'm pretty sure I had withdrawal symptoms). I had to take a "stress test". Um. Let me just say that was probably the most not fun I've had since last Tuesdays trip to the ER with Lulu. But you can read all the funny about it over at G & H. Then I had to grocery shop. Now, usually I kinda like grocery shopping. But is it just me, or have the prices of every little thing gone up again? Then I came home and there were groceries to put away, a refrigerator that I swear I'd grown penicillin in, laundry to do, and then my guys expected some supper. A friend called and when I answered the phone~

J: I didn't know if you'd answer. I thought you might be writing.

Me: No. I just got home from the store. I'm actually doing laundry.

J: Oh. I guess you still have to do your other job.

Me: Well yeah, until I can afford someone else to do it for me.

And then after dinner, I chose to sit on the couch and snuggle my extremely neglected husband for awhile. He responded with "What's your name again? And you do know I'm married, right?" He's such a funny guy. Or sarcastic bastard. One of the two. So today it's back to the dungeon for me. I need to crank out about 5000 words. And two blog posts. And clean straighten my house. So without further ado...Spread the word Thursday....

First shout out to, UPS, and Stephen freakin King. Because around 5:30 last evening a huge truck pulled up in my drive. I'd forgotten to turn on the outside lights and it was way dark already so all I could see were the lights. So I headed to the front door and opened it and it was my UPS guy (did I ever mention how adorable he is? If not, well he so is) and he handed me...Under the Dome, Master King's newest book. O.M.G. It was like my birthday and Christmas all rolled into one, I was that freakin excited. But I was a good girl. Kind of. I didn't open the box or peek at the book or read the first 80 pages until four hours later. Four whole hours people!!! Let me just's going to be a great book. And a ginormous distraction.

Funniest read of the week? Well a tie again:

1. The Blogess. Japan. Part one of I-don't-even-know-how-long-this-will-be. Normally I don't include her in my game because everything she writes is laugh out loud pee your pants funny. But she outdid even herself this time. Also she has several thousand readers so she doesn't need my help. And, if you should decide to pick up stakes and follow her instead of me, *sigh* well I'd totally understand.

2. Happy Meals and Happy Hour. The One Where The Kid Walks In On Us. I'm pretty sure we can all relate. And laugh.

That's all I got peeps. Have a good Thursday. See you tomorrow.


  1. This week flew by! I can't believe it's Thursday, too. Good luck as you continue writing!

  2. A new Stephen King book! Gotta go to the store now, bye! jk

    I know the feeling, this week is just gone and what do I have to show for it. Boxes of Christmas stuff and a few posts. That's about it.

    No worries, I would never abandon you.

    Too funny over at G&H!

  3. Your husband is quite obviously a sarcastic bastard which is funny. I like him already. Unfortunately I've sworn off of Mr. King. But let me know how the book is.

  4. I'm really looking forward to reading Under the Dome! I think I'll put it on my X-mas list. If I can wait that long.

    The Bloggess is hysterical, and I loved her Japan post. Looking forward to part 2.

  5. Oh! A new Stephen King read, yay!

    I haven't read the Blogess too often but I follow her tweets which I love. I will go check it out.

    Stress test huh? Hope it turned out okay? I can't imagine you NOT showing stress
    ..blogging...novel writing...reading...domestic goddess.
    Stress.Stress.Stress. Stressed = dessert it's does, I'm a sugar dyslexic and I'm stressed a lot!

    HA. I just read it the stress test. *too too funny*

  6. I love getting new books. I get so excited.

    I need to write in my novel too. Big time.

  7. M~ thanks lady! I actually just sat down and knocked out 3979 words this afternoon. This makes me happy!

    Heather~ but you have the satisfaction of doing a truly good deed. That's got to count for something! Hurry...before they sell out!

    Management~ you already liking him will work out well when you come to dinner! Btw, tonight is soup night, so hop on over. No knives!

    JD~ Oh my. I'm so flattered that you commented! You are a big time blogger. I feel special now! Yes, I love most of the Blogesses posts. I told Lulu maybe she could be her when she grows up. Don't wait. Instant Stephen King gratification is the best kind!

    Angelia~ It turned out fine. Guess I'm not going to get out of writing my novel that easy! Lol. I'm pretty sure dessert is the only cure for stress. =]

    Whispering~ Yes, I adore new books. And a new Stephen King book is like the pinnacle of my happiness. I think only having my own book published or winning a million dollars could top it! Get to work girl! And may the words flow freely for you!


  8. hey! i'm a BIG LIME BLOGGER!

  9. Okay, I have tried to read Stephen King but soon began studying the behaviors of everyone around me absolutely certain that they were some type of psychopathic freak of nature. Not great for building relationships. =)
    Congrats on your writing...keep it up!

  10. Gp~ I'm so sorry. I know you are a big LIME blogger. But mostly because of that bird you have in front of your face. Birds scare me.

    Mindy~ Well, you know his writings effective when it turns you into a paranoid mess, right? I can only aspire to such heights. Hehe. Thanks for the encouragement.