Tuesday, January 12, 2010


So once again in keeping with my bloggy theme, (I know, me with a theme three days in a row, it's like hell froze over or something) I wanted to share a couple of conversations I've had lately. The first is with my husband the other day after he came back from town and a meeting at the Scout office.

Hubs: So, when people ask me what you're doing now can I tell them about your blog?

Me: Um. Yeah. Why wouldn't you?

Hubs: Well, I don't know.

Me: Unless you're ashamed of it or something? It's not like you're telling people I sell crack cocaine to elementary school children or something. I mean, I can understand keeping something like that a secret.

Hubs: It's just that if I tell them, they might want to read it.

Me: So? That's kind of the point. I blog. Read me.

Hubs: Well, it's just that people will know who you are. You won't be anonymous.

Me: Well since any fifth grader with basic computer skills can figure out my real name I'm really not that concerned. Wait a minute! (the light finally dawns) This isn't about me! This is about you! You don't want your friends to know the shit you pull. Hahaha.

Hubs: Um. No. It's actually about not getting fired because you've trashed my boss.

Me: (slightly subdued) Well, I didn't say his name so he can't sue me for slander. And I didn't sign any contracts with morality clauses or 'don't talk about me on your blog' clauses. So? Ha! But do what you want honey. You can just tell them I'm a writer. Or you can just tell them I'm doing that 50's housewife thing. It's whatev.

Then I had this conversation with Lu~

Me: (very pleased) so one of my followers gave me an award today (It was KT) and she called me a "brave and admirable woman".

Lu: (wrinkling her nose in confusion) why would she say that?

Me: For real? Did you just ask why someone would compliment me??

Lu: No! I mean, I guess I did. But that's not how I meant it. I mean, I think you're brave and admirable, I just don't see how anyone would get that from reading you're blog.

Me: I don't know. I guess mostly people think homeschooling is brave. Although I never thought of it that way. And they think I'm admirable because I haven't killed any of you yet.

And Sean~

Me: I had so many page views yesterday! And I have two new followers.

Sean: Yeah, it's like why people read true crime or watch 48 hours or Snapped! People kind of get addicted to crazy.

Me: Gee Sean, thanks.

I sometimes wonder how I manage to keep my self confidence level so high in such a doubting atmosphere. And then I remember it's because of all the therapy. And vodka lemonade.



  1. Hear hear for vodka lemonade. Those of us readers appreciate you honey.

  2. Spot, you make me laugh. I love reading your conversations. :)

  3. awww...=D
    yup that vodka lemonade definitely does the trick. For me its the vodka cran...

  4. It's my first time here but I like it! It's clean so thats all that really matters to me.. Vodka gives me courage but with very bad results...

  5. HA! Your fam is so busy being witty, they don't even realize they're not being supportive!

    Ya gotta love their sense of humor...and w/o 'em, you'd have lots less to write about & we'd have lots less to laugh at!

  6. You can tell them we love them and their craziness, too! Reading your blog is addicting. However, I do kinda sympathize with the husband's need for privacy...I find it kind of freaky when I find out one of my family (other than my daughter who's a follower) has read it (and not left a comment, so I'm caught unaware)...my first thought is holy crap! I hope I didn't say anything I wouldn't want them to see.

    And BTW, home schooling is VERY brave.

  7. mmmmm Vodka lemonade. Thanks Spot!

  8. Well if they wont do it, I will...

    Your awesome, funny, caring, witty, fabulous, sweet, ect, ect...

  9. Congrats on the award and I have to admit, all I could see of your kids comments about was this:

    Me: (very pleased) so one of my followers gave me an award today (It was KT) and she called me a "brave and admirable woman".

    Lu: blah, blah, blah...

    Me: I had so many page views yesterday! And I have two new followers.

    Sean: blah, blah, blah...

    I'm guessing the blah, blah, blah means "Mom you have a great blog and can see why people follow you and recognize your talent".

  10. Roxy~ thank you dear! And um...cheers!

    Danica~ thanks!

    UnA~ I'm glad! Everyone needs a daily giggle.

    KT~ Mmmm...vodka anything!

    Paul~ thank you for stopping by. I will warn you...somedays it's not as clean, but it's never downright vulgar. (I think?)

    Kathryn~ it's true. And I know they are supportive, they just have odd ways of showing it.

    DfG~ thanks! I don't think anyone in my family reads my blog. Occasionally, my hubs will ask what I wrote about, but other than that and Lu reading occasionally...so I don't worry about it too much. =] Thanks for your support and daily comments!

    AA~ you are so welcome! Wish I could have drinks with all my blogbuds in reality. What a hoot that would be!

    Dear Blogger who writes in a different language~ I can't read your comment so I'm going to assume it was supportive and witty. So thank you very much!!

    Heather~ aw shucks! Thanks much lady!

    LMB~ that's totally what they said. It's like you read their minds or something!!! Thank you!


  11. Yep, we can always read through to what the hubby means when he's saying something else. And kids, gotta love em'. Vodka lemonade-we can all use a dose of that!

  12. Well, I have to go back to older posts now because I didn't know you homeschooled. How fabulous! I think you are marvellous!