Wednesday, January 13, 2010

And I'm off again...

So I'm going to Hildi's again. I know right?! I was just there last month for my birthday. Well yesterday was Hildi's birthday! And actually Lu & I used to go every year on this weekend. See the guys have a big boy scout camp out on Martin Luther King weekend. It's aptly named "Polar Bear". Because it's always so freakin cold. The troops build their own shelters and camp in them. Yes, it does seem freaktarded to me too, but who knows what goes through men's minds? All I know is that almost every year, following this camp out, Sean gets sick. Asthma + being out in the cold all weekend = pneumonia. Luckily, the last two years he hasn't gotten it. Knock on wood.

So we are heading out today to stop in Springfield overnight and see the folks. Then we'll drive to Ohio tomorrow. On Sunday we'll head to Indy to stay the night with J & her clan. Then home on Monday. I will try to blog while I'm gone since we'll have Lu's laptop. And since I'm trying to get Hildi back to blogging. (Btw...I posted on Gert & Hildi, you might slide over and check it out...) And next week I'm thinking of starting two additional blogs. Why?? Because I'm a glutton for punishment that's why. So coming attractions include "See Spot Read" where I do book reviews because I read pretty much constantly. And "What Spot Saw" where I will do movie reviews. Because if I'm not writing or reading, I'm watching a movie.

But today I will leave you with this little bit of humor...

We have a black lab named Maggie. She was given to us by Hubby's gpa about the time we moved out here. His family has always raised hunting labs and Maggie was the last in a line of really well trained duck dogs. His gpa was getting older and didn't get out with her much and since they lived in town, she was confined to a kennel in the backyard with not much activity. So Maggie came to live with us. Unfortunately I am severely allergic to dogs. Like I even break out when they lick me. And they cause very severe asthma attacks. But since Maggie was used to being outside, that's where she stayed. We also keep her in a kennel, because I don't want her to get eaten by coyotes. The kennel however is twice as large and Sean goes out with her everyday. He walks her all over camp and they are generally gone for an hour and a half (which explains why Sean has not an ounce of fat on him even though he eats like a 300 lb man). She's 12 now, but just as fit and active as before. No sign of the hip dysplasia which can affect Labs. She won't go out on the lake when it's frozen and she doesn't swim as far, but other than that, she's still her chipper self. Well, with the temps as cold as they've been lately (in the negatives), at the end of their walk, Sean will open the back door and request a jug of hot water to thaw out Maggie's water barrel. This gives me a chance to give Mags a treat and her to go nose to nose with Lu's cat Sparkplug. They have an odd friendship.

So the other day, I'm sitting here posting and I hear the back door open. Sean hollers in~

Sean: Can I get a jug of water?

Me: (wait for it...) Of course you can! (Sean always says that when I ask for something and makes me say "but will you get it for me?" or "May I have". Why? Um...because he's a jerk??)

Now picture me laughing maniacally and dancing around my kitchen.

Me: (in a sing song voice) I got you! I got you! How does it feel??!

Sean takes off his trapper hat (you know, the kind with fur lining and ear flaps) and throws it at me. It hits me in the butt.

Me: Ha! I'll wear that hat. (I put on hat and dance my way to water jug)

Sean: Fine. I don't need it. It's freaking warm out here today. I think I'm sweating.

Me: Really?! What's the temp?

Sean: Like 22 degrees.

Me: Um yeah. That's a veritable heat wave!

We both start laughing.

Isn't it sad that 22 degrees feels warm?? What a winter! I'm lovin it!



  1. I really love reading the exchanges between you &'ve got such a great kid...and he's got a truly great mom!
    As we're both traveling this weekend, drive safe, I'll be thinking about you and 'Happy Trails'!

  2. Have fun on the trip. I say wear the hat.

  3. I happen to know for a fairly reliable fact what goes through the minds of most men ... food ... sex ... fix stuffs ... bond with other men types and brag about the previous ...

    Pretty sure that's roughly it in a nutshell.

    Have loads of fun ... looking fwd to the new blog fare.

  4. hahahaha! Spot and Sean conversations are the best!
    And I'm excited for the new blogs!

  5. I'm thinking the big fur-lined trapper hat could have had something to do with the sweating. =) Have a good time on your travels! I'm jealous. I'm about ready to gnaw my way through the walls around here. =)

  6. It's a good thing yall took her in, I just can't imagine a life in a kennel. Bad for your allergies, but good for the soul.

  7. Sean truly has a great mom I was waiting for the cliche... can I have some money?

  8. i wish i could just road trip for the week. yeah, i definitely can't wait until i'm done with school for good...

  9. Miss you Have fun and stay sane

  10. I thought the same thing yesterday with 28 degree weather.

  11. Have a great trip! Happy Birthday to Hildi!

    22 degrees would be great for me! I love the cold! People here in Texas, however, would cover their faucets outside that are built into the house, so the pipes won't freeze and burst. Right? LOL.

  12. Brite~ thank you! I think he's a pretty good kid most of the time too! And the drive wasn't bad at all.

    Mesi~ It warmed up too much for the hat. :{

    Dani~ I'm pretty sure you pegged it! Thanks!

    DV~ thanks!

    Mindy~ aw! That's why I have to come see Hildi! Small children and elementary school= no spontaneous road trips!

    Heather~ Thanks! We love her.

    Paul~ Haha. He knows better! And thank you!

    KT~ but college is worth it! And you just got back from a trip!! Lol. Nicaragua= better than Ohio!

    Roxy~ thanks! I'll try!

    LMB~ yesterday was in the 40's! I didn't even have to wear gloves! Where did my cold weather go??!

    Angelia~ thanks! I will pass that on to Hildi! Me too! Lu thinks she wants to live in Texas.


  13. That is sad when 22 degrees feels like a heat wave! Looking forward to your two new blogs. And I'm sliding over to Gert and Hildi's to check it out.