Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Don't leave the dyslexic girl in charge of the lottery tickets...

So as you know we road tripped to Ohio, by way of Springfield, and home, by way of Indianapolis over the weekend. Well we had a fabulous time with Hildi and her family and my cousins. Then we went to Indy and had a fantastic time with J and her family. We left her house around 1:30 pm yesterday and got in the car for another 5 hour stretch. Well after all the fun, Lu and I were a bit exhausted and maybe a tad cranky. So the trip was mostly us singing along to cds in order to not snap at each other. I did find out what Lu's thinking as far as her "boy drama" is concerned and I will totally relate that in another post. But other than that, there wasn't alot of talking.

Well having consumed two cups of coffee at J's, and having a monster size Coke in the car my bladder felt like it might explode. And for some totally insane reason, over half the rest stops along the way are closed. So we pulled off in some dinky little town to use the restroom in a gas station. Thankfully, said restroom was clean. Here's what happened on the way out.

Lulu stops and says "hey, I'm going to get my lottery ticket I bought Thursday and cash it in."

Me: Okay. Grab mine out of the car too!

Lu: You have the keys.

Me: Um. No. I gave them to you. (I can see the purple ribbon thing dangling out of her purse)

Lu: No U didn't! Oh wait! Here they are.

Me: Duh. (she proceeds to the car, comes in, hands me my ticket which I hand to cashier. It's a two dollar winner so I ask for two more tickets. Cashier eyes me like I'm an idiot)

Cashier: This isn't a winner.

I take the ticket back, peer at it for a minute, and look at Lulu.

Me: You grabbed the wrong one! (I'd had two sitting on her console, one a winner, one not)

Lu: (cashes in her own ticket for 5 more). Um. Well. I'll give you one of mine. I threw the other ticket away when I cleaned the car. I thought I grabbed the right one. (She peers at the ticket) Oh! I must have just seen the 2's and thought it was a winner. Sorry. I'm so dyslexic with numbers!!

~At Hildi's house on Saturday, Hildi left to take her girls to grandma's since we were all going out that night. Lu started up the stairs to take a shower.

Me: You need to take your phone with you to shower?

Lu: yes, because if I leave it you'll read through it.

Me: What?! I would never! That's a total violation of your privacy!

Lu: Oh really, snoopy snooperson?

Me: Well, what do you have to hide? Oh...I know...all those naughty texts from Mr. Tim. I know all about your "sexting". (Please note that I was totally kidding. She was not sexting).

Lu: Sexting? Is that a real word?

Me: Oh Lu. You're so sad. Get in touch with your generation! Of course it's a word!

Lu: It's so weird that my mom uses more slang than me. I'm not sure if it makes you completely cool or really weird.

Me: It makes me awesome. Duh. I don't know why I have to keep reminding you of that.

~And as we were leaving Hildi's...

Lu is driving and we go through Mickey D's to get insanely large Cokes. In the drive thru I tell her I'm going to text J to let her know we're on our way.

Lu: I hope her back is better. I would hate for her to be in pain the whole time we were there.

Me: No doubt! That would totally suck fer shizzle.

Lu: (blinking at me) Did you just say "fer shizzle"?

Me: Yeah? And?

Lu: You just totally used it in a sentence and you weren't even joking. Sometimes you just boggle my mind.

Me: Yeah. That's how I roll, yo.

glad to be back,

PS- Sean totally has pneumonia. Stupid freaking camp out. Why Boy Scouts? Why??!


  1. Awesome! Fer shizzle, or something. I want to talk to Lu. Just because.

  2. It's hard being awesome. We're completely misunderstood. Yo. =)

  3. Wow, that's some slang girl!

    Oh, and Booooo on the pneumonia, I guess 3 years without it was just too much to ask for.

  4. Gawd ... I hope I am as cool as you when I grow up ... er ... well ... you know.

    Glad to have you back, Spot!

  5. You are so funny with your slang! I could never pull that off with a straight face. And those I might use it around would never let me live it down.

  6. Lu needs to get with the hip! It's a fly mom thang, word. :-D

    Poor Sean! That's awful!

  7. lol...the more i read your posts, the more you remind me of a female-version of my dad. needless to say you and him were get along SO well. He, as well, gets hip and stays to the time and knows more slang than i do. But thnks to him, I will hopefully be a time-chameleon as well, once my daughter is older.

  8. Tina~ She's pretty cranky lately...but you can talk to her if you want. Lol. I think she might actually blog tomorrow.

    Mindy~ True dat. =]

    Xtreme~ yeah, I'm trendy like that. I know right?!

    Dani~ thanks. And you totally will be. I think the awesome is totally catching.

    Jen~ oh my kids don't! They are usually making fun of me. I once texted my foster son "fer shizzle home skillet" and he texted back "NEVER say that again". I just don't care.

    Angelia~ Dude. You know it.

    KT~ Since you appreciate your Dad, I'm sure you will be. Like I said, the awesome is totally catching. =]


  9. You're TOTALLY COOL and Lu knows it!!!!