Monday, January 11, 2010

Drumroll please...

So to kind of link my posts coherently and prove that I'm not really just random chaos rolled up into a little ball of fake organization...I'm going to do the awards thing-ys I received over the holidays and am just now getting too. Please do not think in any way shape or form that I was not filled with appreciation at receiving them!! Because I am always always glad to receive a little something that screams "good job"!! So without further ado...

Thank you to Danica at Platitude Paradise for these two awards:

And thank you to KT over at Love is Definitely Enough for this one:

So now to pass the awards...

The fine print for keeping the Lemonade Stand Award torch lit:

- Put the Lemonade logo on your blog or within your post. (done!)
- Nominate at least 10 blogs with great attitude or gratitude. (done!)
- Link the nominees within your post. (done!)
- Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog.(doing...)
- Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.(and done!)

And the award goes to (drumroll please):

1.) The Nerdy Nomad
2.) From the Inside Out
3.) Dreamfarm Girl
4.) The Clean White Page
5.) Booshy
6.) The Suburban Life
7.) Airing My Dirty Laundry One Sock at a Time
8.) Send Chocolate
9.) Beyond Breathing
10.) The Screenplay

All of the above blogs are extremely talented. Some of them make me laugh and some of them make me cry. And some of them amaze me with their gift for words. All of them keep me reading time after time. If you haven't read them, please go check them out for yourselves. I promise you won't be sorry.

The fine print for keeping the Happy torch lit:

A. List 10 things that make you happy. (See below)
B. Try to do at least one of them today. (Will do!)
C. Tag 10 bloggers that brighten your day. (Tag!! You're it!)
D. For those 10 bloggers who get the award, you then link back to my blog and create your own "makes you happy" list.

And the award goes to (another drum roll, if you please...)

1. Welch Happenings
2. Love is Definitely Enough
3. Gay Guy/ Straight Guy
4. Happy Meals and Happy Hour
5. Living, Loving, Laughing
6. The Water Witches Daughter
7. Carolyn...Online
8. A Little Blog About Nothing
9. Everybody's Working for the Weekend
10. Life, Love, and Luluness

All of the above blogs make me smile, if not outright belly laugh! Some of them could post a little more frequently though!! (hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink). They are all also worth your time and perusal!

Fine print for the From the Inside...Out award~

The first thing is that you may/may not put this award on your sidebar....and you may/may not link it back to me. I'm not looking for free publicity's all about the loooooove. (Done!)
The second thing is that you need to fill in the following blanks. (see below)

1) My site rocks because:
2) In my next life, I want to come back as a: Because:
3) For me, the best part of blogging is:

Finally, you may pass this award on to three (3) other deserving blogs as a way to continue passing on the loooove (and done!)

So the award goes to~ (yeah yeah, you're tired of the drumroll...)

1.) Danica at Platitude Paradise
2.) Sas at Sas' Magical Mystery Tour
3.) Brite at But I Digress...

Now the homework~

*Ten things that make me Happy*

1. Waking up alive every morning (beats the alternative, right?)
2. Spending time with my family (I already did number 1 today, but I'm going to do this one too)
3. Snow (and boy do we have alot of it right now!)
4. A really good cup of hot tea. (with milk and honey. nothing relaxes me faster)
5. A new book by a favorite author (any author but Stephen King notches up my happiness level just a bit)
6. Feeling like I've accomplished something during the day (even if it's just laundry or a scrumptious dinner)
7. Writing (really it's like my own special brand of crack, only not illegal and not bad for your health)
8. Anticipating something new (a new movie, a new book, a trip. I love having something to get excited about)
9. Laughing (I know that's what you do when you're happy, but even if I'm in a bad mood, and someone makes me laugh, it turns it around)
10. Nature (whether it's a beautiful view or a furry creature)


1. My site rocks because- I make people laugh (at least I think I do) and because I hold nothing back. You come here, you're going to get hit with honesty, good, bad and ugly.

2.In my next life I want to come back as a cat because I'm already fond of sleeping and eating and being cuddled and that's pretty much all they do.

3.For me the best part of blogging is a.) all of the wonderful people I've met b.)having an outlet for my thoughts and c.)having the opportunity to find new and fascinating blogs that I want to read.

So there you have it folks! I hope no one's feelings are hurt because I forgot them or didn't choose them. I tried not to duplicate people who already had the award. I also tried to spread them out. Regardless of whether you are an award recipient or not, if I read your blog it's because I think it's good. I don't read ones I don't like and I sure as heck don't comment them. So everyone needs to give themselves a pat on the back!!! Because, contrary to popular belief we are not just bloggers, we are all writers. Thank you to all of you. You are appreciated more than you know!!!



  1. Thank you! You and your blog rock!

  2. Awww, thanks soo much for the award!!

    Your blog does rock and you do make me laugh. I have learned not to drink anything while on your page or I might choke or dribble it down my shirt!

    Congrats on your awards!

  3. awww thanks honey!
    big sloppy kisses to you.

  4. Congrats on your awards and thanks for passing one on to me!!

  5. You ARE the sweetest thang! Thanks so much for thinking of me, sweetie...I'm honored to be in such great company!

    Kudos to you for receiving so many (much-deserved) awards! And congrats to the other recipients as well!

    More great reads! Whee!

  6. Thank you Spot! I love my award. You and afew others (who probably know who they are) are the reasons why I love blogging, and even though I don't write as often I always check your posts, becasue I just can't function throughout the rest of the day without reading them. THANK YOU! and you are most definitely a writer!

  7. You had me at "crazy" and "edge". Been there.
    Am there.
    Nice to meet ya!

  8. Well, garsh, Spot. Thank-y! I appreciate the award and will be following through on the rules soon. More importantly, congrats to you! You definitely brighten my day and I always know I am in for something good when I open up your blog. (P.S. Your blog made a spot on my favorites toolbar.So did Land's End. See? You're in good company up there.) =)

  9. haha, I love the random awards that go around. Congratz! You deserve every one, twice over (if that made any sense :P)
    Anyways.... You rock! Keep doing your awesomeness!

  10. Congratulations Spot on your well deserved awards and tyvm for giving me 'your site rocks' award, although I'm not sure that my site 'rocks'.I think it kinda of teeters and wobbles mostly.

  11. Ooh, You're so sweet, thanks! Don't be pissed at me, but I wrote my post before I read yours. You've been tagged, so I hope you'll play. I realize you probably don't want ot come up with seven more blogs, but maybe you could tell us seven things about you! I can't wait to check out all the blogs on your awards lists.

  12. Tina~ You're so very welcome! And thank you.

    Heather~ You're welcome! And thank you also. I hope I haven't ruined too many of your shirts. There are alot of blogs I ruined shirts over before I learned my lesson!

    Sas~ Well thanks.!

    WW~ thanks and you're very welcome!

    Kathryn~ Thanks! And I hope you enjoy the other reads...I know you're reading schedule is already pretty full!

    KT~ aw thanks sweetie! And you're welcome. You deserve your award! I especially always love the pictures on your blog.

    TPTM~ well thank you! Nice to meet you as well! I think some of us just permanently reside there. Lol.

    Mindy~ Lands End?! Wow. I am in good company! Thank you! And you're welcome! Did Jack ever let you put the Halloween Decorations away? I've been wondering about that...

    Dorkvader~ It did! Well, to me anyway. And thank you so much!

    Brite~ thank you, you're welcome, and I really wish I'd said what you said. That was funny. But no, it rocks!

    Suzicate~ Why would I be pissed?! Thank you!! But I may put it in the hold pile for a day or two. Linking all those blogs...took forever! Lol.


  13. SPOT! HAHAHA. I am really just awed by our "great" minds. Yes! It's kinda Stephen King creepish, isn't that cool????

    Thank you for the HAPPY 101! I love it as much as the others, because everyone knows I am triple happy - all on my own - but double top shelf maragaritas add some fun. :-)

    It does take forever to link up. And please do not worry about following the rules. As far as I'm concerned you completed your happy award for me too. :-)

  14. Dear Everyone (aka, The Internets): Spot is awesome. That's pretty much all you really need to know...that and always check for bats in the cave (FYI? bats = boogers. cave = nose)

    PS: Spot - thank you! A real live lemondae stand. FOR ME! Yay!

  15. Angelia~ mmmm...margaritas. I got distracted. That was the important part of your comment, right?! Thanks lady! And I think you rock too!

    Jess~ I hate bats in my cave!! You should check for real bats in real caves too, because guano (batshit) is groooosssss. You're welcome! And thank you!


  16. Thanks for the love man. I'm a little concerned that you want to come back as a cat...

    But thanks for the award - it looks fab on my shelf.