Friday, January 1, 2010

It's a love story? Part two...

Sorry about yesterday but I had to grocery shop and then I had to nap and then it was New Year's eve. Trust me that's all relevant. I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's Eve and is enjoying this first day of the new decade!'s the story....

Lu & the hippie have been having problems for awhile now. Mostly it's about their very different life views and trying to integrate them into a future together. Lu is very goal oriented and has very strict views on things. The hippie is completely laid back, content to drift, and his views are diametrically opposed to hers on most subjects political and some personal. Lu is the original "hugs not drugs" girl and has never tried any. The hippie is obviously quite fond of his mary jane. He believes in abortion, she does not. He doesn't vote. He is perfectly content to drift. Lu works a 30 to 40 hour week in the retail world. She doesn't miss work unless it is absolutely impossible for her to make it. The girl has been in the ER in the morning and at work that evening. She gets this work ethic from her father. She will definitely vote now that she's of age.

So in one fight she finally told him that she feels like he just moved her up there to be his sugar mama and pay all the bills. He got equally angry and told her if she felt that way she should just move home. She replied "maybe I will". Then she asked him what he'd be doing if she wasn't there to pay for things and he said he would just do without. She came back with "do without the gas I put in your car? do without the food I bought?" and he said no, that he'd ask his parents for money. Lu was outraged. She pointed out that his parents weren't rich and why was it their job to support him when he supposedly lived "on his own"? He said that his parents didn't mind and he was only nineteen, he shouldn't have to know what he wanted to do with his life yet. Lu responded with a you're not really living on your own if your parents are supporting you. You're perfectly able to work and your blowing off school anyway. That in her family, living on your own meant financially supporting yourself. That we would help her if she got into trouble, but would not send her money monthly as she was perfectly capable of earning her own. And that why the hell shouldn't a nineteen year old at least have some idea of where their life was headed?? She and Sean both had life goals and they were younger than he was.

So as you can see, things are not going smoothly. Can the hippie change? He promised to look for a weekend job (although Lu points out he promised that months ago as well and to date has put in not one application). He says that he knows at least that he wants to be with her for the rest of his life. But Lu worries that he either won't buckle down or will resent her if he does.

Enter the Jackass. Jackass starts texting both Lu & I on December 11th. Not sure exactly what their texts consisted of but mine were mostly how much he missed Lu and our family and was coming home for Christmas and hoped to see us. Especially Lu. That he'd done stupid things while he was home last and should have come to see us. How he thought he was ready to settle down, just looking for the right girl, and by the way how was Lu doing?? We reminisced about crazy old times and set up a day for him to come out and see us. Lu decided she was going to come down and see him that day. At our house, not alone. And no, she wasn't going to tell the hippie. Well, she had some trouble getting away because the hippie wanted to accompany her (did I mention he's pretty much up her ass 24/7? We can't even talk on the phone without him bugging her.) and didn't understand why he couldn't come. But she managed. The night was fun. We'd invited some of his other friends too and we all sat around reminiscing and telling funny stories. I gave the boys blankets and offered them their pick of couches and went to bed. Lu and the Jackass stayed up most of the night talking. (Yes, just talking. Yes, I know this for a fact.) They were very cozy the next morning. Reluctantly he left and she said that they talked about the future and the past and where they might go from here. He texted me later to tell me how amazing Lu was and how he really wanted things to work for them but was worried about the distance issue.

Well, she and the hippie were coming down on the 23rd and she was going to drop him at the house and head into town to give her cousin her xmas present. She was also going to see Jackass. I got to hippie-sit. I tried to watch a movie with him but he's one of those people who talks through the movie and not even about the movie. Man, I freakin hate that. (The movie by the way was Lars and the Real Girl. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. Ryan Goseling gives an absolutely amazing performance.)

Things don't work out. She can't get ahold of Jackass, who's told her to text him when she gets to my house. She phones his mom and finds out he's at the bar and left his phone at home. Needless to say...she's pissed. She texts him "Thank you for making me feel like an idiot. I knew you hadn't changed."

What does our heroine do next? How does the rest of the family feel about this turn of events? Where does Drunken Ex come in?? Can Jackass turn things around? Can the hippie? Tune in tomorrow for the continuing saga....



  1. I want her to be free of both of them! She is smart and together and deserves so much better! I'm all caught up in this now! Tell us immediately when something happens!! Sorry, that's demanding. But still...!

  2. I'm with Tina!

    Lu needs to take out the trash!! I know that is hard, but she is a hot tomale and they are nuthin' but wet dough ... smotherin' the life out of her.

    (I know SHE has to make that choice for herself and mama bear has to sit ... and wait ... but - still)

    She'll land herself a good man. Just not one of these moops.

    PS - did I mention I am SCARED?? I have TWO girls comin' up ... eeeesh.

  3. Oooh! This is better than a soap. Can't wait 'til the next episode. : )

    P.S. Is it bad that I'm rooting for the Jackass? lol

  4. Holy cow. Lu has got quite the drama happening right around now, eh? That's what happens when you're a good catch! You better keep us updated on this sitch...I'm now following this as closely as Days of our Lives! =)

  5. Okay. I don't like any of them. None of 'em are good enough for her....ya got that?

    Tell HER I SAID she's to dump BOTH their sorry asses and find someone WORTHY of her fabulousness.

    Yes, it's a word if I say it is.

    ps: who needs dramas on tv when you've got this stuff??

  6. Tune in tomorrow same Bat time same Bat channel. Sorry I was totally reminded of Batman just then. I bet Lu will eventually dump both of these guys and find a nice young man to date. You may have to bring her out of the 100 acre wood though. She's pretty, and goal oriented, there should be guy's beating a path to your door. A quick word though about us (most) guys...we really do spend the majority of our late teens and early twenties with our heads planted deep in our asses. We cant help it, it's our nature.

  7. Wow! 19 seems so young to even be thinking about settling down with someone 'for good'. I'm of the opinion that no one should be allowed to marry until they're 40.I hope she takes her time, keeps looking for the 'right one' because I don't think either of these two are it.

  8. Tina~ you and me both!! And this is still just backstory...the drama continues!

    Dani~ two of them. Be afraid. Be very afraid. The sitting, waiting, watching?? Hardest thing like ever.

    C~ no. I rooted for Jackass for a long time too. Their babies would have been phenomenal looking. Like angels or something.

    Mindy~ oh you bet! Couldn't let my loyal readers down!

    Kathryn~ so lucky to have boys! And would that she would listen!

    Mark~ I know, right? I wish she'd enjoy singledom for awhile and make the move to Ohio scot free.

    Brite~ hehe. At nineteen I was about to get married and already pregnant. Met the hubs at 17. I agree that neither of them are right tho.


  9. It's so hard to tell teenagers anything thats good for them, cause they believe they know everything already and can handle it themselves.

    I agree with's time to take out the trash and start fresh.

    One's a drunk, the other can't even remember the "Love of his life" is supposed to see him, and the other is obsessive, lazy and a user.

  10. Heather~ Amen sistah!!