Saturday, January 23, 2010

The one where Lulu acts like a 5-yr old and Sean tries to get me arrested...

First apologies for not blogging the last two days. Thursday my folks stayed until about 2 before they went home and quite honestly I was too exhausted to do anything else the rest of the day. Like I didn't even cook dinner for my family. My hubby heated me up something in the microwave. I probably lost a corner from my "50's housewife" card or something! But it was a good visit with my parents and there will be more on that in the days to come.

And yesterday? Well I fully intended to blog when I got home from town but again with the tired. Okay. And we decided to watch a movie. But I commented on some blogs so that should totally count for something! We went to town yesterday for my dr. appt, Sean's appt, grocery shopping, to get movies and pick up med refills. It was not the best day ever. I have to go back to the doctor in 2 weeks so that's never good. Sean has a pretty good case of pneumonia. I had to go to 3 different grocery stores. And we never did get to see our friend K and her brand new baby M, which was the sole reason Lulu tagged along to town.

Now most of the time, I adore spending time with my children. With Lulu so recently moved back into the house, the dynamics are slightly off. And both children were slightly cranky yesterday. Sean due to the pneumonia and Lulu, well, because she can be?? So they were bickering with each other as well as me. By the time we hit Sean's appt, I had a headache. But as usual, his visit was a riot. My kids see a Nurse practitioner that they've been seeing since their old doctor retired about 8 years ago. She's a fantastic doctor. She and Sean have always had a very sarcastic relationship. So we leave Lu in the waiting room with her book and go back to the exam room. The nurse tells us that there is an NP in training and is it okay if she sees us first? No prob. She comes in and does her exam. Sean is on his best behavior, oddly enough. When she finishes, his regular NP comes in~

NP: Were you nice to her?

Sean: Of course!

NP: You can be as smartass to me as you like but you better be nice to new people.

New NP: (looks totally confused) He was nice to me.

NP: So what's going on? No. Wait. Let me have a fever and a cough? Geez. Can't you come up with something new? It's always the same with you. Pneumonia.

Me: He says he knew he was getting sick on Friday last week and still went to the polar bear camp out this weekend.

Sean: well I was already getting sick so what was the difference?

NP: What kind of stupid man logic is that?

Sean: if I stayed home every time I thought I might be getting sick, I'd never go anywhere!!

*** so then the NP stops and discusses some of Lulu's stuff with me for a minute. The outcome being that Lulu needs to get her flu shots and they can work those in today since she's in town with me. Then she turns back to Sean***

NP: Okay, it's all about you again. I'm your most humble servant.

Sean: You are anything but humble.

NP: Watch out're talking to the kettle. At least I don't need a garage size door to fit my inflated ego head into my house.

***they decide to do blood work to check for mycroplasm (the walking pneumonia germ) even though we all know it will be positive. Sean goes to the lab to get blood drawn and I go to the waiting room to tell Lu the nurse is going to call her to get her flu shots. She has a fit. Seriously, I mean like a five year old. Now, she hates shots but for real?! The H1N1 shot has saved lives this year. Could she be more ridiculous?***

Me: You're all the time wanting to be treated like an adult and right now you're behaving like a spoiled 5-yr old. That is what I'll treat you like.

Lu: Good! I don't care. I don't want flu shots.

Me: You don't want alot of things. That doesn't mean you don't need them. Are you going to make your children get shots?

Lu: Yes.

Me: Well then?

Lu: Not after they're eighteen. The choice should be theirs then.

Me: Why? Quite obviously, the good decision fairy does not come along and tap you on the head just because you turn eighteen.

Lu: *sticks her tongue out at me*

***the nurse comes and gets us. Lu gets numbing spray and shiny band aids. They even offer her a sucker. She whines about her arm hurting. I give up and take them both to lunch at Jimmy Johns. Where I try to ignore Lu as much as possible when you're sitting next to someone. Which leads to me reading the signs on the wall. Then I read one out loud***

Me: We'd love to see you NAKED but state health code requires the wearing of shirts and shoes.

Sean: Huh. Well since pants don't seem to be a requirement I'm not wearing any next time I come here.

Me: I think they just figure most people don't walk around pantless.

Sean: I'm not most people.

Me: Truer words were never spoken.

***Lu does get over her tantrum, although she continues to claim her arm is going to fall off. By the time we get through the second grocery store, I have a monster headache and I just want to go home and put on my pjs. And spend some time not with my children. At the checkout***

Me: You're supposed to push the cart a little around the side Sean.

Sean: well that's not how I do it.

Me: okay but I have to have room to get to the little thingy to write my check.

Lu: you should get a debit card. Checks take forever.

Me: (under my breath) I cannot wait to get home and get away from you two.

Cashier: (starts laughing hysterically)

Sean: What did you say?!

Me: Nothing dear. I love you.

Sean: (looks at cashier all serious like) She beats me.

Cashier: (more laughter)Really?

Me: No one believes you Sean. I think I'd have a better chance convincing people that you beat me.

Sean: show me the bruises.

Me: Oh honey. They're all on the inside.

Thankfully no one was really harmed in the making of this blog. I got about 30 minutes of peace eventually. Later, when I was telling hubby about my day I said~

Me: I'm exhausted. You're kids drove me crazy today.

Hubby: Yeah, I thought you were crazy taking both of them.

Me: Maybe next time you could say something, you know, before I do it.



  1. I forgot to mention that I fixed the commenting problem on What Spot Saw so please do head back and leave your comments. I'm also posting a new review later today...


  2., this scenario looks like the one well my siblings and i bug my mom when we;'re out doing run-arounds. Ahhh, the excitement of motherhood....myb i should stop acting that way to my mom, my daughter is going to grow up eventually, right? lol

  3. OH that was pretty hilarious...I suppose so long as you're not the mom actually IN the story. I hope your headache abated with some peace and quiet! and everyone is well. including lu and the knot in her arm. : )

  4. Oh the things I have to look forward too!

  5.'s always so much funnier when those kind of days belong to anyone but me!

  6. KT~ you should definitely be cutting your poor mom some slack! You don't want karma to get you!

    DfG~ well it was either the peace and quiet or the motrin. Either way, I survived.

    AA~ look at this can always blog it later...

    Suzicate~ So true. So true. Lol.


  7. Rarely do I regret the fact that my children are grown and now have families of their own. But this post makes me miss them being home a little -- the hassle, the argument, the silliness, and the obvious love.

  8. Aw. Thank you Jerry. I missed Lulu alot when she moved to Iowa. And even though they are a hassle, I'm glad to have her home!


  9. So...after all only got 30 minutes to yourself? What is wrong with this picture?

    Pneumonia? When do you find out if it's walking?
    Is Sean walking?

    Everyone's sick...and yet...she doesn't skip a beat!