Monday, January 25, 2010

Did I say Lazy?? Whatev...

So I know that everyone is doing awards and blog bling on their 100th post, but you know me...I gotta roll different. So I'm doing some today on my 99th post. Because, well, because I can! But since I just did an award post earlier this month...I'll play the game but I'm not handing them out because I just did that. I will however point you in the direction of some talented people you should probably check out. But first a convo with Lulu from yesterday...

So I had planned to have a lazy weekend, but as everyone knows the best way to make the universe laugh is to make a plan. Lulu ended up sick on Saturday. She threw up all morning and slept all afternoon, with some mom cuddles in the middle. Luckily, she seemed fine the next day. And then, well, laundry was piled up, there was cooking to do and the boys wanted their taxes done. So I gave up and did housework. Lulu ended up taking my car to town yesterday as her's had a flat tire. She met some friends for lunch, saw a movie, hung out with another friend and then went to work to do inventory. Somewhere between leaving her friend's dorm and getting to work, she called me. I was carrying a load of laundry to the back of the house and the phone rang right as I passed by.

Me: Hello?

Lu: Why does it say "brake" on your dash?

Me: What?

Lu: Why is there a light that says "brake" on in the rpm thingy?

Me: Do you have the emergency brake on?

Lu: I don't know. Is it that pedal thing?

Me: Yes.

Lu: Oh. I may have hit it when I got in. How do I get it off? I tried pushing on it but it just keeps going down to the floor.

Me: Yes, you're just putting it on more.

Lu: Well how do I get it off??!

Me: There's a little thingy with a "P" on it on the left hand side by the steering wheel.

Lu: You Oh. Right here. No. it is! But I pushed it and nothing happened.

Me: Because you're supposed to pull it!

Lu: oh! There we go! Thanks

I hung up shaking my head and explained to hubby. He said "I really worry about that girl. I'm not sure there's any hope for her." Does anyone remember that cartoon Dexter's Laboratory?? This is why we called her and Sean~ Dexter and Dee Dee.

So on to business...

First, I got tagged by Suzicate at The Water Witches Daughter. The rules are I have to tell you seven things about myself that you don't know. That's a toughie. I feel like you all have a pretty firm grasp on who I am. But here goes...

1. I hate Physics. Seriously. It was the only class in high school I actually studied for. And I still couldn't grasp it. I had to study with the class brain (who happened to be a good friend of mine and a brilliant girl) just to pull a C on the final exam. I worked so hard that the teacher (who was not known for her friendliness) put a smiley face on my exam. Seriously, for a C!

2. I can touch my nose with my tongue. Which is kind of gross but totally amazes small children.

3. I talk to strangers (whoa, what a surprise, huh?!). I always have. My parents hated this trait when I was small, but eventually gave up trying to make me quit. It sometimes frustrates my children as well. (Do you even know that person, Mom?? Well, I do now!) This is why I loved working at the bookstore. They paid me to talk to strangers about books, which I do for free anyway. Awesome, huh?

4. I love the snow and I want to move to Alaska someday. Or maybe somewhere else with mountains and lots of snow during the winter.

5. I'm really good at math. I can do complex problems in my head before my hubby can work them out on the calculator. I'm not especially fond of math, it's just a random ability. My dad has it. Sean has it. I can still beat Sean in speed, but probably not for much longer.

6. I love the color purple and I'm kind of a goth at heart. It fits doesn't it? I mean with all the scary stuff I like? Black is a staple of my wardrobe and I often have blue or purple fingernails. I try not to be too outrageous, since I have to attend functions for hubby's work. But since my birthday, I've decided life is too short not to be who we are and I'm getting ready to do some drastic things to my appearance.

7. Apparently (according to others), I have an amazing smile. I'm told it makes everyone think that I'm smiling just for them. My hubby says that my smile says "hi! Want to be best friends?" and that when I'm in conversation with people I also have the ability to make them think that they are the most fascinating person I've ever met, even when it's someone I can't stand or find seriously boring. I think it's the actress in me because sometimes I'm making a grocery list in my head, making mental notes for the next day's blog, or plotting their slow and painful death. It's pretty awesome that this doesn't come across to them.

There you go. Seven things you may or may not want to know! That's it for the tag game. I also need to send a big thank you to Heather at Welch Happenings and Angelia at Living, Loving, Laughing for bestowing on me this award:

Thank you to both of you! And now for some well deserved recognition:

If you haven't already, you should definitely check out Margarete at Beyond Breathing. Her blog is a beautiful tribute to her daughter Jena, whose life was cut tragically short by Cystic Fibrosis. Her blog is always inspirational, although you may want to have a few tissues handy. And I recently noticed I am on her blogroll, which makes me incredibly proud.

Also check out Tina at The Clean White Page. She is a majorly talented writer. I cannot wait until the day I get to order her first book off Amazon! And I have no doubt that I will one day be doing so! In Sean's words~ "She may be even better than you Mom." And I wholeheartedly agree.

I read many, many other blogs on a daily basis and they all have something to recommend them. But I don't usually follow the super popular ones unless they immediately catch my interest.

I did fix the comment thing on What Spot Saw, so if you feel like it, please peruse and comment. I'm going to get up a book review blog soon and possibly one with my fiction on it. Do not, under any circumstances, feel obligated to read or comment on them out of friendship. Life is too short to waste reading something you have no interest in! That said, you know I'm a huge comment and attention whore...Lol.



  1. Thank you darling Stacey (and Sean!) Perhaps ignore the email I sent you then...

  2. Tina~ too late! I already responded. Lol. And you're very welcome. =]


  3. I once drove around with the brake on, I got to the store and wondered "What is that smell?"
    What is it with Lulu and flat tires!
    Them boys want you to do their taxes? As smart as they are, they should be able to do it.
    Love your list of things we should know about you. Black, huh! Interesting!

  4. I'm so envious. I wish I could make my tongue touch my nose. Alot of ppl disliked physics. I think I'm one of the few nerds that loved and I'm actually upset i never got to study it in college. But, I'll live. ;)
    You should def dress and act the way that is true to you. Life IS too short. That's how i started living last year, and it has gotten me into trouble, but it's also showed me how real people are. And it's truly liberating to be vulnerable.

  5. Oh, big congrats, Spot! Totally deserved always.

    SO...I'm dying to know...what is this drastic change to your appearance you're contemplating??

    Hmmmmm? Inquiring minds wanna know!

  6. mad crush on you for your hysterical schooling of dick, especially the squirrel references. looking forward to reading more from you, here and over there and wherever else you go. love your clueless daughter and your account of dialogs with her that would send some people over the edge.

  7. Purple is awesome! But seriously, you can touch your nose with our tongue?! Love those two blogs...I'd only recently discovered them. Poor Lu, I did that this weekend because hubby drove my car and put on emergency brake which I never do. And congrats on your so deserve them!

  8. LOL. That emergency brake can be tricky. ;)

    I can touch the tip of my nose with my tongue too!

    I'm not big on talking to strangers though, that's more my husband's arena. He gets stuck for hours in the grocery store parking lot, talking to someone he just met. Gets a little aggravating to the rest of us, who are waiting for him to have a meal, or are worried whether or not he's dead. ;)

    Thanks for stopping by today!

  9. Heather~ thanks! I should make the boys do their own taxes. And Lulu too. But it's probably easier to do it myself. Lol. Yep, I was goth, before goth was cool.

    KT~ you and Sean. Nerds. He always has to explain physics to me. And yes, it will probably get me into trouble too. Gosh, I hope so anyway! ;]

    Kathryn~ I post pics when I do it. Mostly change of hair color & a piercing Lu and my friend J have been urging.

    Magda~ thanks for stopping by! I'm always happy to have new friends! Dick totally deserved the setdown. And man was it fun. I visited your blogs. Loved them.

    Suzicate~ A "psychic" once told me I have a huge purple aura which invades everyone else's aural space. I wonder if I should go around saying "excuse my aura". LMAO.

    Mrs.Bear~ You're welcome. Loved your blog. I just can't seem to stop the "friendly". People fascinate me.


  10. I don't understand this tag thing or what the award thing is all about -- but it somehow resulted in me learning new things about you. So I guess it is good.

    No. I'm not going to try to touch my nose with my tongue. It's silly and I am too adult for that...

    ...okay, so my tongue does not quite reach my nose. Are you going to hold that against me?

    [Two blogs? A split personality thing?]

  11. Okay, I've been trying to read for DAYS. I must seem like a stalker I come here. Start reading, phone goes nuts at work.

    So I know I'm waaaaay behind and I don't know what the statute of commentation is anyway. Man I hope I spelled that right, bacause that sounded REALLY cool and lawyer(ish). I'm scaring myself.

    ANYWAYS, the whole letting your inner goth thing out at 40 TOTALLY ROCKS. I just got to that point myself this year. I am going to be WHO I AM, and WHO I am comfortable with. To heck with anyone else. I SWEAR it's an age thing which is what makes me LOVE the late thirties/early forties. And just only gets BETTER! Woot!