Monday, January 4, 2010

It's a Love/Hate relationship.

No, I'm not talking about Lu's life. That saga ended yesterday...oh I'll keep you updated when things change but you've got the major drift now. And I'm not talking about any of my relationships with people. I'm talking about my Wii Fit. You know, the best Christmas Present ever?? The one where Hubby actually listened to me and got something I wanted and it was a total surprise?? Well, be careful what you wish for...

I love the Wii Fit. Mostly. I love the variety of exercise and workouts I can do. I love that I get to do it in my living room whenever I feel like it. I love that it keeps track of my weight, BMI, how many calories I burn, how much time I put in, what my goals are, and my social security number. Okay. It doesn't really keep my social security number. I don't think. But I do love those things about it. But at the same time, I kind of don't love it. Why?

Here's what happened the other day when I started up my Wii Fit it said "You haven't been here in four days." Um yeah, well I was busy and stuff. "Exercising every day is important for weight loss." Um the hell? Did you just call me fat? "Step on. Ohhhh..." I'm gonna 'ohhhh' you!

So I do my workout (or attempt too, some of that stuff is really hard) and the whole time my personal trainer guy is offering helpful hints like "try to stay balanced" um, duh? or "your leg seems to be shaky today, you should work on strengthening it." really genius? because that's a news flash.

Then at the end, when I'm sweating my butt off and it's time to step on the scale, my Wii Fit informs me that I've gained a pound back. Well crap. Then it decides to hold me personally accountable. I'm asked to pick which reason I think made me gain back a pound. Guess what? PMS bloat is not an option. Because that's totally what it is. I know this. But apparently the small Japanese child who lives inside my Wii doesn't think that is an option. Maybe the makers should have warned it that telling a PMSing woman that she's fat could be hazardous to your well being. She may just decide to put her foot through her TV screen. Or jump on your damn balance board. Or maybe she'll remember that your an expensive piece of technology that she actually asked for. Lucky you. She decided to console herself with chocolate instead.

Hopefully I haven't gained another pound. How do you tell the machine that you gained weight because you were saving it's life???!



  1. Spot,

    I had to catch up on your blog. Lots of reading! Lu's story is crazy! Hope things are well for you.


  2. We just got the Wii Fit Plus, but haven't used it yet. Does it still tell you you're fat?

  3. My relationship with the WiiFit is over. I hope you get on better with it. I must say it moved on a bit quick from me. Typical.

  4. The visual of you fighting with the little white board is priceless ... and then kickin' the crap outta some little Japanese avatar ... snort

    I'm laughing too hard to type.

    Get on it while holding one of the cats (or possibly a fruit cake)... that'll fix its wagon.

  5. Just out of curiosity, was "eating like a fat pig" an option? If so, that would have been my answer.

  6. HA! This had me rolling. I gave Jason the wii and the wii fit plus. I was trying it out this weekend. Told me I gained 0.75. WHATEVER! I haven't even started dieting yet. LOL. But I really hate that the avatar when I weighed grew around the middle like a balloon. Ouch.

    I don't know if you have a wii fit plus but they have Kung Fu rythm game, I just love it.

    Maybe, I'm channeling my inner Japanese child. Hooah!

  7. Oh my! HAHAHA! This had me rolling :P
    Stupid Japanese... who are they to tell you PMS makes you look fat?! (jk, I'm not racist or anything)
    Lot's 'o love! Tell that Wii exactly what you think of it's comments!

  8. My Wii fit and I have been at odds now for the better part of a year. I think it's obnoxious, it insists that I am fat, so until it concedes and makes my mii skinny we aren't talking...

  9. Oh, crap. Another piece of machinery that belittles us humans? I. don't. think. so.
    I'd considered asking for I think I'm happy I didn't!

    This was hilarious, btw!

  10. OMG...a huge reason why I don't own the WiiFit. I don't need some piece of bullsh&* electronics to tell me I need to lose weight. And, it's not like you even get to experience a little bit of eye candy by promising yourself to some overly-excited inflated trainer. You get some little fake balloon guy making you feel all bad and stuff. Tell the Wii to "blow it out its little animaed butt."
    p.s. Can you tell I've been cutting out carbs? Angry much?

  11. That was soo funny, I shut down the computer and called mom to read it to her!

    She says she will stick to her old fashioned way of losing. She has lost over a hundred pounds in five yrs, just by walking and food control.

    I'm too friggin lazy for any kind of weight loss and I wouldn't stand for any machine telling me crap!

    Good luck!

  12. Ha ha ha! Oh, you people and your Wii Fits. I WANT ONE! I don't care if it's judgmental.

  13. UnA~ thanks girl! All is well.

    JP~ I believe it's word is "obese" in a lovely sing-song voice.

    Tina~ I'm going to prove I can outlast it. Haha. I'm going to make it cry...

    Dani~ Are you kidding me? Then my little mii character would end up as round as it is tall. I'll look like a weeble.

    LMB~ yes, overeating was indeed an option.

    Angelia~ I know. The swelling of my little mii was rather disheartening. Especially compared to the kids miis. I haven't found Kung Fu Rhythm.

    DV~ Oh don't you knows how I feel! And so does anyone else in the house who overhears me...

    AA~ indeed. Pesky little thing...

    Kathryn~ as I said, it does have it's good points. If it would stop acting like it's the know-it-all of fitness...

    Mindy~ haha. Girl, eat a cookie!! Actually my little trainer guy looks like a normal person. And he has this perfectly modulated voice...but yes it's very judgemental.

    Heather~ I hope your mom enjoyed! And good for her!! I'm really trying to ignore it because I figure any exercise I'm getting is better than none.

    JD~ Nice to see you! Well I'll let you know when I'm ready to sell mine...(only slightly damaged, mind you...)