Friday, January 8, 2010

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

but the fire is so delightful. Since we've no place to go...let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Mmmkkk. I really do like that song and usually I'm totally up for it. But we seem to be having a bit of snow overload currently. And still, I'd be totally cool with that if I didn't have anywhere to go. But for some reason this week I've had more places to go then I do in a month most of the time. Still, I'm not complaining. I just put on my long johns, my jeans, and my hoodie. Add snow boots and gloves and that's my winter go to town uniform. I don't wear a coat because I think they're cumbersome and I get hot. You can do the same thing with lots of layers. (which can then be removed when warm). My mother informed me last time I saw her that I looked like a farm girl. I replied that I didn't much care because I was trying for warmth and comfort not style. Also, my snow boots not only keep my toes warm, they keep me from busting my tooshie on the ice. So there.

As I said yesterday, a trip to town was on the agenda. Hubby had an appointment which ended with a mole removal from his chest and Lu had a hematology appointment. Her platelets are at the very lowest "normal" number 150,000. Which means they've been steadily dropping 10-20 thousand per week. Since you can still have surgery when they are as low as 70,000 we have a couple more weeks before she'll need treatment again. Hopefully. As usual we have to watch for signs of a more significant crash. Extra bruising, nosebleeds, petechiae. Then we ran some errands. Let me just say...getting out of our drive and off the gravel required a truck. No way either of our cars would have made it. The highway had barely one lane cleared and the roads in town were still horrible. Add people who can't drive properly and you get awful road conditions. We were in Hubby's work truck which is a good size truck but not 4wheel drive. Lu had come to town in DEBF's 4wheel drive to buy the parts for him to fix her car and then he dropped her off at the clinic where we met her.

Well he called to let us know that the snow had drifted pretty bad on the road to the house and he had some trouble even with having 4wheel drive. Hubby had plowed that road earlier but well, drifting snow has a mind of it's own. So we get to the road and get three feet down it. Then we're stuck. Really stuck. So Lu calls DEBF and no answer. So she calls the house and gets Sean. He bundles up and walks to Hubby's shop where DEBF is fixing Lu's car and they come to the rescue in the 4wheel drive. Hubby, DEBF & Sean hook chains between the two trucks then hop back in. At first we go nowhere. There's a lot of smoke and burnt rubber smell and tire spinning but we don't budge. So DEBF backs his truck up close to ours (I close my eyes in case he hits us). Then shoots forward, jerking us forward too. I give a little scream and Lu turns to me laughing.

Lu: Haven't you ever been pulled out before?

Me: No. I try to make a habit of not getting stuck. (DUH?!)

Lu: Well after two years of dating DEBF I've had lots of experience. Sometimes we're the pullers and sometimes we're the pullees. I've been pulled out of mud, snow, floodwaters, and ditches.

Me: My. What an exciting life you lead.

Lu: Being pulled out not so fun. But we always had fun getting stuck.

By this time we're being pulled down the road. Then the chain snaps! Luckily we're unstuck and able to go on our own. Although I'm still worried we're going to hit the back end of DEBF's truck. Then Hubby pulls into our drive and slides sideways, nearly taking out my car before righting himself. I flinch, tense and shut my eyes. Lu turns to me again.

Lu: Geez mom, have a little faith in your man. Their trucks are like their penises. They know how to use them.

That just may be the best analogy ever. If only it hadn't been my daughter who said it...



  1. So what happened to the post that you had prepared for the day? And what's up with the DEBF?

  2. Funny and probably true. but this post is making me glad I don't have to deal with snow! Though even Texas is below freezing for the next couple of days.

  3. Scary! The snow kept us out of work for the last three days. It was great!!

  4. That is a fantastic analogy. So true, my husband LOVES his truck.

  5. jajajaja! she reminds me of my cousin. She just says anything and everything to her mom. Me? not so much. I'm weird enough for her as it is; i think i'd freak her more if i just said EVERYTHING on my mind.
    Luckily, it doesn't snow in FL. BUT it's been SUPER cold here in South FL. Since i grew up in tropical weather my whole life you know i;m suffering.

  6. Roxy~ the post I had prepared for the day got bumped again. I'm trying to decide how to word it without sounding whiny. Lol. And DEBF? Long story...okay another post.

    DfG~ I'm loving the cold and the snow. But then I'm strange that way. Lol.

    Tina~ yay for snow days!! That means you get to write more!

    WW~ Yeah, I never noticed this phenomena before I moved to the midwest. But they sure do have some love for those trucks. You're a lucky woman if you come before his truck and hunting on his "things I love most" list!!

    KT~ new name? I'm sorry you're suffering. I know it must be hard on you since you're not used to it! My kids never filter what they say to me. But that's okay, I'd rather have it that way. And at my house, we truly embrace strange!


  7. I would need a really long massage after all that!

    Glad everyone got home safely!