Sunday, January 24, 2010

Boy Genius...

So I don't know if anyone else was as bored as me saw the article on MSN's home page this morning about Kid Geniuses? Anyway, I was intrigued, so I read that article and then clicked through to another .one. The second article was on so it was funny as well as informative. Then I saw something that caught my eye...

"Some consider William James Sidis the smartest man who ever lived, with an estimated IQ of 250 to 300. For the sake of comparison, you only have to have an IQ of 136 to be a mere run of the mill genius, and your average person is somewhere in the 85 to 115 range"

and I had to call in Sean, my very own Boy Genius.

Me: So I'm reading this article about child prodigies and guess what? You are just a run of the mill genius! You aren't even like a super genius or anything. And my IQ qualifies me to be a run of the mill genius too. What do you think of that??

Sean: Did you look at the pictures of those kids? I'm pretty sure I don't want to be that smart if I have to be that dorky. And that one? Yeah, he took a vow of celibacy. Are you kidding me? No way.

Me: He probably just wanted to not get distracted by the whole boy/girl thing.

Sean: Or he was a huge dork and couldn't get a girl to go out with him.

Me: This one was performing operations at 7! What were you doing at 7?

Sean: plotting total world domination.

Me: Oh yeah. You were a little scary back then. I'm just saying. If it hadn't been for those chubby little cheeks...

Sean: Obviously those kids are some serious overachievers with no idea how to have fun. I'm just pacing myself.

Me: well you better do something impressive soon. Slacker.

Sean: That's it! When I build the world's first spaceship built for long term space travel, you are soooo not invited.

Me: Whatever Mr. Average Genius Joe.

Seriously, can you imagine raising one of those little guys? Sean was hard enough. I wonder if the three year old kissed his mom before heading off for a hard day of college physics???



  1. wow. the problem with those kids though is that they're going to fry before becoming legal probably. those poor kids. i would MUCH prefer a an average genius, than an above average genius. lol.
    and Sean is right, i def wouldn't want my kids to be all dorky and take a vow of celibacy (not a mom thing to say. but true). being not-celibate is so much fun, right?

  2. I would not want a genius.

    I'd be so lost when they spouted math formulas at me. I'd have to say, "Mommy doesn't understand, sorry."

  3. Wow, a little Doogie Houser! I wouldn't even know where to begin on how to nurture a brain like that.

    I have an award waiting for you over at my place.

  4. I believe that'd be Dr. Sheldon Cooper...

  5. Wow, Noooo can't imagine that. I haven't helped Sydney with math since 4th grade. Gives me a headache!

    Sean is anything BUT average! LOL.

  6. I don't care how damn smart he is, I don't want a seven year old dork operating on me!Yeah, I have one of those "gifted" underachievers!I'll be sitting in the stands with you when they do something incredible and we're not invited, ha!

  7. Give me run-of-the-mill genius any day. I can imagine a super genius analysis of my typical "Because I told you so!" comment.

    Sean seems just about perfect genius-wise.

  8. Love the comeback of "plotting total world domination" - classic.

    Why worry about performing mere surgery when you're going to dominate the world.

    Interesting fact about Tori Amos. Didn't know that about her.

  9. KT~ yes, in all seriousness I feel sorry for those children. They've never had that hapless innocence that most children are born with. I honestly can't imagine being driven to do something from such an early age. And no, I don't want dorky kids either. =]

    WW~ oh I get you. It's bad enough when Sean has to explain physics stuff to me. It was the only class I ever struggled for a C in. And then sometimes he explains and my eyes gloss over and I maybe drool a bit. Very embarrassing.

    Heather~ modern technology makes it a little easier to nurture I think. But still, too much responsibility!! Thanks mucho for the award!

    JP~ nope. Some Askrit Jaswall kid. I hate surgery. Pretty sure my surgeon being 7 would be less than reassuring.

    Angelia~ so true. But shhhh...let's not tell him that. =]

    Suzicate~ awesome! At least I won't be alone comtemplating why I wasn't nicer to him.

    Jerry~ Yeah, I don't want one either. Sean's ego is big enough, I can only imagine wanting to slap one of them.

    LMB~ I didn't know that about her either. It was an interesting article. And yeah, remember that old Pinky & the Brain cartoon. Sean is definitely the Brain.


  10. I was just one of those run of the mill geniuses. And I am with Sean... total world domination. Then I realized that would be a lot of work. Can't I just take over a town?
    Also, those kids get their asses kicked by other nerds.

  11. I can't whore out everybody you know. And.... I will now always be on the lookout for spelling errors here. Ass.

  12. mepsipax~ it would be a lot of work. A town sounds good. Or maybe a small island. Remember, he's still got the enthusiasm of youth on his side. As for your second's called spellcheck. And said "Ass"!

  13. I've always maintained that I just wanted right in the middle....I can live with that. Not too far to either extreme...just blend right in.

    I can't imagine how these parents deal with it.