Saturday, January 2, 2010

It's a love story? part three...the saga continues...

First...I just want you to know that I'm not especially happy with Lu at the current moment so writing about her has lost some of it's appeal. But I would never leave you hanging like that so I will forge ahead with my tale. But for those of you who don't follow me on was my status for Wednesday...and it was directed at Lu. Sometimes I think you only ask for my opinion so that you have someone to blame when things don't go right. That's totally unfair and you should probably stop. But since I know you won't, I'm going out tonight and consuming mass quantities of tomato juice and vodka. Okay, so that really isn't about you but see how blaming others works? Totally unfair. You probably feel bad now. And yes, she did. But I'm still perturbed with her.

Soooo back to our story....

Jackass texts me the very next day "I guess I'm in a little bit of trouble, huh?" And I replied "well, you did sort of ditch her". He said he didn't ditch her, that he waited til 8:00 for her to text him and when she didn't he figured she wasn't going to make it so he went to the bar and forgot his phone at home. I said I hoped he had fun and he said not as much as seeing her would have been. (I know, you totally want to forgive him, right? Don't do it!) I told him he should apologize to her and explain and she would probably forgive him. I show her the texts and she laughs and says the apology better include a puppy. But another two days go by and she gets no texts from him. Not one. I text and ask if he's ever going to apologize or has he given up on them. He says no he hasn't given up but he's scared to text her, he hates it when she's mad at him. (Meanwhile his FB status says "confused" and many ex gf's are commenting on it. Suspicious, no?) Well, he still doesn't text and finally Saturday she texts him and says "I'm coming down tomorrow. I'll be at Mom's. It would be nice to see you at least once more." He says he'll text if he can make it over. No text. Lu sends him a last text that reads "Same old player. Same old games. Take my playing piece off your game board. Our game is definitely over." And kicks him to the curb.

Meanwhile, Hubs and I take CJ back to school in Springfield on Sunday. And the weather is atrocious. The plan is for Lu to come down from Iowa, stop at the house and pick up Sean, the presents, and the mac-n-cheese I made and meet us at Hubby's sisters for Christmas with his Dad's side of the family. We are running almost an hour late due to weather. Luckily, roads are getting cleared from our house to town, but Lu is running late. Then she calls because she and Sean have a flat tire...on the highway close to town. I tell them to change it. (Lu and I changed a tire about a year ago...I know she knows how to do this.) Sean has never changed one. Luckily, a guy she knows vaguely stops and does it for them and by the time we find them, they're set to go. We head to Christmas. Hubs tells her he'll take the tire to the ag center tomorrow morning first thing to be fixed. I ask what if it's unfixable? He says he'll have to go to town and get another one. She has to leave early to make it to work on time.

Enter Drunken Ex-Boyfriend. (Who's a mechanic, by the way). He has been texting me to say that he's going to rehab. After nearly killing himself in an accident on Christmas eve and getting a consumption ticket earlier that week his friends and family (well some of it) have banded together to convince him to go to rehab. His lawyer also highly recommends this move. I wanted to say "hello? Who tried to get you into rehab last year?? Oh yeah. Me & Lu." But instead I said good plan, so proud...blah blah blah. But really, I am glad he's doing this. It will probably save his life. So I told Lu. Mentioned to him about her tire and he said he could fix it at his Gpa's that night. Tell all this to Lu. She has not spoken to him since May. She has ignored all texts and calls ect. So she decides to talk to him and get the tire fixed. He comes to the house that evening and they go to his Gpa's. But it's bad news. Sidewall's shot. She needs a new tire. He says he'll call first thing in the morning to get one.

After he leaves I ask her about things. She says she told him she was really glad he was going to rehab and she would support him and be his friend but not to count on anything else because it would take a really long time to prove that he'd really changed. That yes, she did still love him and probably always would but she wasn't putting herself in that situation again unless she firmly believed he'd changed. He asked if she'd come in for his counseling sessions if the therapist asked and she said yes, she could do that. I'm pretty proud of her for not immediately caving to him. He got up at 7 the next morning and drove to town to get her a new tire, he had it back here, on her car and her on the road by 9. She said they had this conversation:

DEBF: If you had a bf who serviced your car regularly...

Lu: I did. I got rid of him.

DEBF: Oh. Was he an asshole?

Lu: Yep. Servicing the car was probably his best quality.

DEBF: What if he could change?

Lu: Well, it would take a long time for me to believe that.

However, the one decision she did make that day was that she was moving home. Things are going nowhere with the Hippie and she's tired of driving back and forth. She resolves to talk to her boss and see how much notice she has to give and how good is the possibility is of transferring to the store near us.

*Personally, for awhile, I was rooting for Jackass. I really hoped he'd changed. And he's definitely Sean's choice. But alas, I feel like he played us all. So um, goodbye Jackass. The Hippie? Well, no one's really rooting for him. He's a nice guy but he needs to grow up alot. And Sean really doesn't like him. DEBF? Well I guess his friends and family are rooting for him. His stepmom told him they hope Lu takes him back because they didn't have to worry about him so much. Lu kept him in line. Plus she knows he really loves Lu. His sister's (also alcoholics and truly a little psychotic) don't like Lu at all, but his Dad told him they'd deal with the sisters. His friends even said they were sorry for helping break him and Lu up last time. They thought she was trying to suck the fun out of him by not letting him drink. Now they see that she was trying to help him and they hope he gets the chance. Hubby really doesn't like DEBF. Says he sees too much of his younger self in him and knows how hard change is. Doesn't think DEBF has it in him. Sean? He gets along with DEBF as long as he's not treating his sister badly. Me? I don't know. I'd really like to see her single for awhile. Get to know herself. And figure out what she really wants.*

And tomorrow...she tells the Hippie her decision and places a frantic call to DEBF because her car is making funny noises. Don't miss the next exciting episode of La Vida Lulu.



  1. Oh wow... this story totally did not turn out how I thought it would. Probably because this is real life, and NOT a scripted daytime drama. LOL

    I hope the dust settles between you and Lu soon.

  2. Good clever girl. I recommend being on your own to figure stuff out and also have fun without looking after men's problems! Just for a little while, of course.

  3. I have little doubt that Miss Lu will make the right decisions. She's learned from a pro.

    I hope the wrinkles in your mother/daughter fabric smooth out quickly ... no doubt they will.


  4. I am not looking forward to the time when Natalie starts to date.

  5. Well, that was a surprise, but I'm with you on staying single for a little while. I was single for a little over a year and then found the hubby.

    Just step back and take it slow.

  6. the saga continues...da da daaaaaaaaaa

  7. C~ I know right?! I wish people would just behave the way I want them too. I always said I was going to write a novel so at least I got to decide the ending. But alas, even my imagined characters don't listen to me.

    Tina~ it's doubtful. Since the girl started dating I don't think she's been single for more than a month.

    Dani~ well you have more faith than I!

    WW~ no doubt!! As Natalie is already headstrong. =] She does remind me of little Lu.

    Heather~ I hate that people can't do what you want them too. Lol.

    Mark~ I can hear the star wars theme...or maybe it's Raiders of the Lost Heart. I mean Ark...


  8. I'm with this point, I'd love to see Lu be "Just Lu" for a while.

    Too much drah-ma! And none of these guys are good enough for her!

  9. Wow, that girl does know how to attract drama, huh? Oh, and don't worry too much about your own issues with Lu. If my mom hadn't spent half of my single years pissed at me I would have thought she didn't love me! Us girls are brought on this Earth to keep mamas on their toes. =)