Saturday, January 16, 2010

How I saved Lulu from utter despair...

So as most of you know, my daughter Lulu has been living her life in true soap opera style. I definitely owe you all an update and will do so next week when I'm back at home. For now, we'll suffice it to say that the hippie is not taking her return home well, and DEBF is not happy that she did not immediately rush back into his arms and resume their pre break-up imagined bliss. She's feeling confused, bad for the guys and isn't quite sure where to go from here. Wednesday was a particularly rough day for her.

So Thursday, as we're driving, I looked over at her and asked~

Me: Are you still depressed? Or are you feeling better today?

Lu: *sighs* I guess I'm feeling better.

Me: It's because I'm awesome.

Lu: Oh?

Me: Yes. And currently you're trapped in the car with me. Therefore, my awesomeness is eclipsing all other feelings. You're welcome.

Lu: Mmmmk.

Or I guess it could be a new character who we'll call Never Dated But Have Been Flirting Since Seventh Grade. Or NDBHBFSSG for short. Or maybe just Tim. But I prefer to think it's my awesomeness.



  1. It could be NDBHBFSSG but I agree. I think it's probably you!

  2. By far, it's your awesomeness! She is just too young to know better. :-)

  3. Yes....bring on the soap suds. Love me some romantic interludes. =)

  4. what did she say after that then what did you say

  5. Of course, it's you! She just doesn't know it yet. They say kids don't appreciate the full intelligence (fun etc..) of their parents until they hit aobut 24. Hubby and I are still waiting to be smart and funny! Hey, I'll be giving you a shout out about the award on Thurs...been saving it for my 100th post. And thanks again for it.

  6. uuuuhhhhh, you got me intrigued.....pfft, of COURSE it's your awesomeness. My tells me that ALL the time, and i always tell him he's right. It's always the rentals, awesomeness. =P

  7. I've given you an award for awesomeness...Come on over for it..

  8. I agree with Suzicate, she just hasn't reached that point, when your parents are awesome.
    A new guy already, YIKES!

  9. You just never fail to make me smile ... ya know that?

  10. Tina~ I'm going to have to agree. =]

    Angelia~ oh she knows!

    C~doesn't it always??!

    Mindy~ haha! Well get yourself some chocolate and get cozy...

    Anonymous~ after that? I'm pretty sure we both just started singing along with the cd. Me, content with my awesomeness. Her, counting the hours til she could get out of the car. Lol.

    Suz~ I'm pretty lucky that my kids already think I'm funny. Can't wait til they realize I'm smart too! You are welcome for the award!!

    KT~ you have a smart dad!!

    Tina~ Awww...thank you!!

    Heather~ I know right??! She can't turn around for bumping into some guy who's convinced he's in love with her. It's my fault for making her awesome. And mother nature's for making her beautiful.

    Danica~ I'm glad!! That's what I aim for!


  11. Hi Spot. Yes, of course it's you! It's just hard for daughters to admit that. Also, maybe she is happy to be away from all the boys who do not seem to be perfect for her. She deserves Perfect!

  12. Too funny! Yes, I am sure it was you. Oh, I don't want my girls to grow up! I am not ready for all this stuff! :)

  13. You KNOW it's you.....MO knows it's YOU....everyone knows it's YOU.

    She's lucky to be in such close proximity with such blatant I've heard that too much of it can cause one to glow neon orange...not unlike the color of George Hamilton's skin.

  14. Oh no, I can't be caught watching (reading) soaps. I have a reputation (not that one pervert). Great blog the awesomeness can be seen from here.

  15. DfG~ Yes, I think she enjoyed the break from having to make decisions.

    thelumberjackswife~ sweetie you will never be ready, trust me! Just cuddle them as much as you can now!

    Kathryn~ thanks. Well the neon tan might discourage the boys, right? So once again, I'm just helping her

    Mesi~Hahaha. Thanks. but my soaps are narrated with sarcasm, so it's all good.