Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A convo with Lulu...

So yesterday was one of "those days". You know, the ones where you bust your ass right up til bedtime? While I was out of town, the dirty laundry fairy apparently visited my house because I swear to Bob, every damn piece of clothing anyone owns in our house was in the dirty laundry pile. Seriously, I was almost afraid it was going to spring to life and start gobbling up cats or something. Add to this I have a sick child and my parents are coming tonight for a visit. Can we say mega-panic-mode? So here's how the day went:

I got up at 7 and got coffee. Logged on and started doing blog stuff, checking emails. Told husband to go wake up Bobby because he had a dentist appointment and if he didn't get up right now, he would miss it. Reminded Lulu of the time so that she would get off to work on time. Finally got the three of them out of the house. Made Sean something to eat and watched a DVR'd episode of Sanctuary with him. Got him settled in the family room and started on the laundry. Got a roast and potatoes in the crock pot and rolls in the pan to rise. Went back downstairs to clean kitty boxes and make boys beds, straighten their room and sweep. More laundry. Called my Dad to make sure they are still coming and warn them that Sean is sick. Discussed dinner plans for their visit. Made beds. Cleaned bathroom, my bedroom, Lu's bedroom, living room, and family room. Insert more laundry randomly. Also fixed Sean ham, egg, pepper jack cheese roll up for lunch. Loaded and ran dishwasher. Got a phone call from Manager of store who wanted to know if Lu had found a job. Relayed message to Lu so she could stop in after work. Finally took a shower. Proceeded to make mashed potatoes (I like mashed, hubby likes roasted), carrots with butter and brown sugar and bake the rolls to finish up supper. More laundry. Listened to Lu's day when she got home. Served and ate dinner. Finished wrapping parents Christmas gifts. Made and sewed pom-poms on two scarves I'd made for other people. Final laundry load folded and put away. Soooo ready for bed. Get ready, climb in, and Bobby gets home from work, and he and Lu pile on my bed for conversation. 11:45 pm...pass out. Add to that the fact that my body was in revolt from having no "down days" in the last week. Had to take an extra muscle relaxer after dinner.

After dinner Lu had invited DEBF (whose name will from now one be changed to EBIC~ ex boyfriend in counseling since he stopped drinking and is in outpatient counseling). She had decided that while she still cares about him deeply, it's not the romantic "I want to spend my life with you forever" thing it used to be. She'd put so much effort into getting over him that things had changed. And she needed to let him know that while she wanted to be friends and support his efforts, there wasn't a romantic chance for them. Obviously, this went over like a lead balloon. So he leaves and Lu goes to the bathroom and comes into her room and lays on the bed. I've finished wrapping and am delivering her laundry so I lay down beside her as she usually wants a cuddle and a chat after something like that. She snaps "I didn't invite you to lay down." Well, after the day I'd had, it royally pissed me off. In fact, I'm kind of still pissed off. Anyway, I left, got out my sewing and claimed the family room couch and TV. Eventually she wandered in and lay down on the floor. She tried to make conversation but I pretty much ignored her. Then I told her "I'm pretty pissed at you. That was extremely rude. A simple, I don't feel like talking about it would have done." She said she knew and she was sorry, she hadn't meant it to come out mean, she just wanted some time alone. Then the following convo~

Lu~ I think you should write a blog about being a mom.

Me~ isn't that what I do?

Lu~ No. I mean yes. But your blog is usually funny incidents. I think you should write one with Mom tips. Like how to be a better Mom. Because you're amazing at it. And some moms suck and maybe they'd read your tips and be better.

Me~ I'm not wearing my rubber boots, maybe you could stop stacking the shit so high in here.

Lu~ I'm not just saying it. Really. I mean look at all you did today! I'd never be that motivated. And you cooked Sean like three meals today. And lunch must have been awesome because he told me all about it.

Me~ Yep. I'm awesome and way unappreciated. But flattery is not making me less upset with you. You really really hurt my feelings. I never turn you away when you crawl onto my bed or want to talk. I've never said "I'm really busy, can we do this later?" the way my mom used to. Never. I am always there for you and drop everything if you or your brothers need something. I don't deserve to be treated like that. No one does.

Lu~ I know. And I really am sorry. I really didn't mean it the way it came out. I was just upset. I hate hurting him and seeing him cry. Can I have that cuddle now?

Me~ I suppose. (at which point she crawled up on the couch with me and we finished the movie I was watching. And then she offered to get the last load of laundry so I guess something good came out of it.)

Having semi-adult children is hard. I'm not sure I'm going to survive. Or maybe I just need to toughen up.

Anywho...on a different note entirely...I started the movie review blog. What Spot Saw.... Check it out if you like, I posted a link on the sidebar. Hope you like it. =] And on another good parents are bringing pizzas and I don't have to cook. And I get Christmas presents!! And I get to give them theirs! And I know the kids got books and movies that I can make them share. And I know I got chocolate! So things are looking up...



  1. Oh, sweetie! I'm exhausted just reading this!! Yowsa! Is Sean feeling better? I hope so.

    I'm glad you can recognize all the things your mom may have not done for you...and get to hear Lu acknowledge that you're such a great mom (which you KNOW you are).

    I think women are very good at realizing what we DIDN'T like about our parents and improving on it. I wish more GUYS could follow suit, ya know??

    I hope you get in some "Spot-time" real soon!

  2. Wow, I am way to lazy to do all that. I will check out your other blog later. It better be good.

  3. Yeah ... I'm tired after reading that too ...

    I think I'll just take a little break ... ahhhh

  4. I feel inspired to spend Saturday doing that. Do you think the feeling will last until then? Off to check out the new blog now!

  5. I'm exhausted. Good for you...can I nap now or do you need me to get the laundry?

  6. i agree with Kathryn. I felt out of breath reading how your day went. I don't how you did all that. Thankfully, i only have the one child, so it doesn't too crazy. But I kinda want 4?? crazy, i know.
    BTW you know your heart TOTALLY melted when Lu said, "I think you should write one with Mom tips. Like how to be a better Mom. Because you're amazing at it. And some moms suck and maybe they'd read your tips and be better."

  7. Bloody Hell Spot! How on Earth do you find the energy to do all that!

    Your body must be telling you to take a break by now!

    I agree with Kathryn, I'm tired just reading it all. And like Kathryn, I hope you get some Spot time as well.

    Hope you have a good belated Christmas :o)

  8. Good night Nurse! You are a freakingly busy lady. Or, I'm just lazy which is entirely possibly. Your conversation with Lulu reminds me that being a mom is the toughest job on Earth...with the highest payoff! It's nice to get that recognition. =)

  9. I think I need to go to bed!

    After reading all that you did, I'm out of breathe.

    Glad you two made up and hope Sean gets better soon.

    Doesn't anyone else in your family know how to do laundry?

  10. Yowsa! What a day! No ice cream at the end or anything?? Poor Lu, it's tough making those decisions. Glad you could be there for her and she reached for you. That's awesome. Yay presents!! Have fun with mom and dad !

  11. What better compliment than for that to come from a teenage daughter,,,woo hoo! I knew she knew you are amazing. And well, you got more done in one day than I've gotten done all week! Going to check out the review.

  12. "I'm not wearing my rubber boots, maybe you could stop stacking the shit so high in here."

    I will have you know, Spot, I was drinking a Diet Coke and spit it all over my desk. I love you!

  13. I can't leave a comment on what spot saw...Am I a retard or is it broken? You know when I can't comment I get the shakes, and start sweating.


  14. Kathryn~ thank you. I don't know, I was ready to strangle her that night! Sean isn't feeling too badly. =]

    Dani~ wish I'd fit a nap in there!

    Tina~ Hope the motivation lasts!

    AA~ would you get that laundry?! Thanks!

    KT~ okay, maybe it melted a little.

    Sparky~ oh yeah, it's screaming at me to take a break. I've planned a lazy weekend. =]

    Mindy~ indeed it is. I'm not that motivated everyday!

    Heather~ apparently the answer to the laundry question is "no". Haha.

    Angelia~ I know it's hard on her that's why I try not to get my feelings hurt when she snaps. But it's tough, you know?!

    suzicate~ thanks. Yes, it does feel good to hear it...just wish it didn't only come out when I'm angry at them. Lol.

    UnA~ Ha! I love it when that happens! I ♥ you as well!

    I humbly apologize to all for the problems with commenting on What Spot Saw! I'm pretty sure it's fixed now so feel free to give me your two cents worth!!