Friday, October 30, 2009

It's all about me...

So, a couple of days ago, OK, it was Wednesday, I posted that Sparky had given me another kreativ blogger award. Well, I want to be sure and do the things I need to so that I can post it. Which means I get to tell you guys another 7-10 things about me. How excited are you?! I know right! Anywho...just a few other things first...

1.) Do not go see Paranormal Activity in theaters. It is not the scariest movie ever made so that is some seriously false advertising. It's not even the second scariest movie ever made. Sean and Michael (Mo's ex-bf) went with me to see it and they both thought the entire first hour and a half were boring. I didn't mind it so much because I'm one of those people who likes to just watch other people. But seriously the ending was the only scary part. Plus it was predictable and the guy was irritating. Please, guys, if your gf is being stalked by a demon, lets not assume your BA enough to taunt it and take it on. Because seriously, it's a demon. Like from hell. You will not win this battle. Just saying...

2.) Please go and visit my daughter's new blog. She is Lulu of Life, Love and Luluness. I helped her out with the first one, interview style. I do promise she will be entertaining.

3.) Tune in tomorrow for my Halloween post. I have promised Mark a scary story.

Okay...back to moi...

1. I was voted "most likely to get divorced" in high school. Seriously. I had a habit of dating someone for two weeks and then getting bored. Really, it was just all about the chase for me. I plotted conquests like a campaign general. And I usually got whatever boy I set my sights on. (did I mention I was younger, thinner and prettier then??). One of my ex's coined the name "The Ice Princess" and it stuck. Of course, it only boosted my popularity because every boy wanted to be the one who managed to hold my heart. I'm no longer proud of this and I only mention it here so that I can say...prediction unfulfilled...I've been married 20 years in February. Stick that in your yearbook!!

2. I am an awesome cook. I refuse to be modest about it because well why should I be? Everyone should be really good at something, right? I really enjoy cooking, and I like it best when there is a large group at the table. So that there are more people to enjoy it! I really like new recipes that I either found or made up. I cook alot, not just because I enjoy it, but because it's cheaper then frozen food or fast food. I'm also a budget cook. I can do a really good meal for a price well below what you'd pay at a restaurant. It's almost like a game with me. Like name that tune? Only it's cook that meal. Haha.

3. I almost became a psychiatrist. I majored in Psychology my first time in college and wanted to be a psychiatrist. People always told me their life stories anyway. Figured I should get paid for it! Switched majors to English when I went back to school after having the kids.

4. My 19 year old son, CJ, has autism. He is amazing. Having him in my life completely changed who I am. I am a way better person now. He taught me compassion and empathy on a whole new level. The divorce rate for parents of autistic children is 80%. It is hard on the entire family. But I firmly believe CJ's disability is what cemented our relationship. When we got his diagnosis we were sitting in a behavioral pediatrician's office two hours from our home. I was 6 months pregnant with our third child. I was 23, Hubby was 21. The doctor said "your child has all the classic signs of autism" and I promptly burst into tears (psychiatric background remember?). Hubby looked at me and said "is it that bad?" and I nodded "yeah, it's that bad" at which point he teared up. It's one of the few times I have ever seen my extremely manly husband cry. I had never loved him more then I did at that moment.

5. I still love my husband. After nearly 20 years and all we've been through, he's still my rock. He drives me crazy probably 90% of the time. He's nowhere near the boy I married. Some changes were for the good. Some were for the bad. But when it comes down to it...if I'm hurt or scared or sick...there's nobody else I run to. And isn't that what love is about?

6. I really really like my children. They are some of my best friends. I choose to spend time with them not because I have to, but because I want to. No one gets me like they do.

7. I sew. Yeah, like from scratch. I can make things. I know it's kind of a lost art and not alot of people do it anymore, but I enjoy it. I have a machine and I can sew by hand (although threading a needle seems to get harder every year). Until my kids were teenagers I handmade every costume they had for Halloween. Except 1996. I had a staff infection in my lung that year and spent most of the month in bed. They were so freakin excited about their store bought costumes. Ingrates.


  1. Typical kids ... betcha they cherish those hand made memories, though.

    You sound like a totally cool mom. I am already aware of your bloggy coolness ... what's next, Spot ... are ya runnin' for office? Curin' a bad disease??

    Seriously though ... you rock!

    I would follow your daughter's blog, but I write some speckled stuff by times ... you really want her reading my rubbish?

  2. Another page turning post, Spot! I was expecting something Spot-Scary - I'm sure I'm the only one - but I'll wait patiently for tomorrow on that...

    You sound oooober talented. Wonder how I can smuggle myself into your kitchen. I think I could easily blend into the large group around your table.
    (Just keep that room in your garage away from me.)

  3. OK, so Lulu's blog is a hoot! Wonder where she gets it...
    I'm in.

  4. WOW! You are truly amazing, girl...and inspirational! 20 years and still crazy about him? Or is it just plain crazy?? (kidding....)

    You have a wonderful outlook on life and an amazing sense of humor!

    I'm off to visit Lulu-

  5. My nephew also has Autism, I think it is Asperger.
    That is great that your sons diagnoses didn't tear yall up. Not very many couples are that lucky.

    Wow, a cook! What time is dinner?

  6. Danica~ I have absolutely no plans to run for office and I'm afraid I'm not good enough at biology to cure any diseases. Thank you for the compliments. I do try to be a cool mom. And sometimes I even succeed. Lol. You can follow Lulu and you can be speckled as you want. The girl grew up in this house and survived. And she reads alot of the blogs I follow anyway. I got her hooked. And some days she's more mature then I am anyway.

    Cynica~ glad you liked her blog! Did you check out the first post where I interviewed her? I promise you a scary tomorrow! Although it's going to be loooonnng. And I'm pretty sure we can fit you in at the table and you'd fit right in. I must warn you the conversation is very rarely appropriate. Bless their hearts.

    Kathryn~ probably just plain crazy. But I think it's more that we grew up together. We were so young when got married and started having babies. Plus, according to other people, he's pretty awesome. And if I didn't have a good sense of me I'd spend alot of time crying. Because this has been one heck of a ride. I decided long ago that if you laugh, the world laughs with you, if you just ruin your makeup. =]

    Heather- There were some rough spots let me tell you, but at the end of the day we stuck it out. Maybe we're just stubborn! My 10 year old cousin has Asperger Syndrome. He's much more verbal and functioning then CJ. CJ is completely nonverbal. We use alot of sign language. It's tough and frustrating but he truly embodies unconditional love.

    Wouldn't it be great if we could all get together for dinner. I'll cook if someone else cleans up!


  7. You = awesome.

    Me = a lot of work to do.

    You keep it positive though, so I'm hopeful, not depressed.

  8. Straight Guy~ Aw shucks. Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed. And I'm really glad it's hopeful, not depressed!