Friday, October 9, 2009

Time suckage and Cat poop

Wow. So I started this blog and then I got all off on this crazy tangent and when I read back through it I thought it might be a little offensive and break my own rule of not (absolutely not under any circumstances) talking about religion or politics on my blog. So I deleted and you should be all like whew! I really dodged a bullet on that one and thanks so much for saving me Spot! You're welcome.

Anywho, I read several blogs on a daily (sometimes twice daily) basis. See my listings at the side and feel free to peruse. And while I depend upon these people to make me laugh and put me in a good mood (if I'm not already in one), it takes a lot of time. Not just to read them, but to come up with a comment worthy of leaving. And sometimes, even these people have off days or maybe it's me having an off day or maybe I'm just not getting it but whatever, I sit in front of my monitor dazed for a few minutes and then I'm all like. Geez, I got nothing. And then I feel bad for not commenting. Because I totally needed something else to feel guilty about.

So in my quest for surrounding myself with other witty proficient writers I follow those blogs and search out others. Because I just have too much free time or well, time I should be doing something else with but I'd rather be online. Sometimes I click on other bloggers blogrolls (people they enjoy) and sometimes I check out the blog of note. And sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised like when I found Kathryn's blog but other times I sit there going. Wait? Wha? Why?! And I'm sooo totally confused about how they pick the whole blog of note because really? Really? Just saying... And I've totally decided that I don't like cooking blogs which is so weird because I love food and I love to cook so I can't figure that one out but there you go. Add it to my ridiculously long list of eccentricities. So anyway...I would love for everyone to just leave me one recommendation in their comments of their favorite blog so that I can check them out. I promise not to blog tomorrow and be all like "what were you thinking"??!! Even if I don't agree with you. I'm way too nice for that.

Now for the cat poop part because well I kind of promised by putting it in the title and all. So we've lived in our house for 7 and a half years now. We've had cats the entire time. But suddenly, last summer, my husband decides that we should not be flushing cat litter down the toilet when we (and I say we but I mean me) clean the boxes because it's bad for the septic system. Why he suddenly came up with this I don't know. And I try to tell him that's the scoopable kind not the regular kind like we use but he insists it's all litter and then he gets my dad to back him up with this story about how their landlord had to get their septic system cleaned out and the septic guy was a douche and made the landlord climb in the tank and chip the litter (which supposedly turns to clay) off the inside of the tank. And I kind of want to believe him but I'm not sure it's for real or if my dad's doing that weird male solidarity thing because I'm pretty sure I saw him flushing cat litter last time I was there!

So the new thing is we're supposed to put the used litter and kitty presents into a plastic bag (don't say we don't reuse. totally a new use for those grocery sacks) and then put it out the basement door in a can and he will go around and pick them up everyday and take them to the dumpster. Riiiggghhht. This is the man that overlooks a full trashcan that's staring him in the face but he's going to remember to check the back of the house for kitty purses. I don't think so. And when I expressed my disbelief, and the fact that if he didn't pick them up in the summer it would begin to smell, he assured me he'd remember and it would be "fine". Well not surprisingly enough, I was right. So in my outright rebellion, I went back to flushing. So he yelled again and promised that he would do a better job. So the other day I went down to clean boxes. I got my plastic bag and my scooper and squatted in front of our three (we have too many cats!) boxes. As I was sifting through the litter and then depositing it in the bag it dawned on me what this was reminding me of. I finished my task and went back upstairs.

Me: Can you get me some of those gloves like they wear in hospitals or food service?

My hubby: Why?

Me: because I don't want to contaminate the evidence.

My hubby: What evidence?

Me: Well it occurred to me that I'm sifting through the boxes for evidence...then I'm bagging it. Quite clearly, I'm CSI laundry room. And I want some gloves.

My hubby: *stunned silence*

Me: By the way...there's a rather large pile of evidence behind the better get that to the lab. Stat!

waiting on my gloves,


  1. Ha haaaa, thats crazy funny, I am picturing you with your gloves and your csi miami Horatio sunglasses. I feel your pain, if kitty cigars were dollar bills I would be rich,rich,rich! Unfortunately I have to carry the "evidence" to the "lab" myself.


    He's fabulous!!!

    I love CSI Laundry Room ... if only I could get Gerrard Butler to play my "Grissom" ... mmmmm


  3. Mark~ me too baby, me too. I'd be crazy rich. Oh yeah! I could rock those sunglasses!

    Danica~ Gerard Butler...yum! I guess that's who my "pretend" partner will look like. Because I have to have someone to exchange witty dialogue with, don't I? Thanks for the blog recommendation.


  4. I found this one last week, so far I have enjoyed her blogs.

    I have never heard of flushing the presants, We have always bagged. Nice reference to CSI! My hubby does the trash only on sundays before his race, all other times I am on my own.

  5. HA! LOVE the reference to "kitty purses". Poop is never doesn't matter whose it is. And it always smells! I'd flush...just the poops, though.

    I'm offering up two of my favs: and

    Both great reads. Thanks for the mention, sweetie!

  6. Heather~ You need to train your hubby better!! And thanks for the recommendation. I did enjoy Sprite's craft blog!

    Kathryn~ you know that the mentioned was well deserved! And since they insist on burying the poops, the litter would go with it. Once I got used to bagging, it's not so bad. I do have to nag him to remember to collect the purses though! And I did enjoy your recommendations as well!

    Mark~ you didn't leave a recommendation. I'm going to assume that it's because me, Danica, and Kathryn are your three favorite blogs! =]