Sunday, October 11, 2009

Me & Weird Al make our confessions...

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Usher's "Confessions". There was a first song where he tells the woman he loves he was cheating on her. The second song tells her that the woman's having his baby. Weird Al decided to do part III for him...

I picked the video with the lyrics printed so everyone would get them. My son made me watch this and I was rolling!! Hope you enjoyed!

Now for my confession...I've been leading a double life. No, not the really cool kind like where I'm a secret agent and stuff. Although, even if I was I couldn't tell you without having to kill you so I wouldn't tell you anyway. So really, you don't know for sure I could still be a secret agent. And no, not the kind where I'm a secret stripper on the side either. Because if I was, A.) I probably would not have time to blog. and B.) I'd be rich. And I'm sooo not. I'm like the opposite of rich. Oh and C.) You've seen pictures of me. I'd be way buffer and hotter because you have to be to make money as a stripper. Right? Unless, they're paying you to put your clothes back on. Hmmm...! No, my other life is my other blog. (Geez, what else did you think I'd be talking about?! Blogging quite obviously is my life).

I'm not just Spot. I'm also Gert at The Gert and Hildi Chronicles. My sister is Hildi. And she's pretty freakin hilarious. So you should go check it out. We started the blog after I realized that her emails were funny and I was reading them to people. I figured why not just do our emails in a blog? I also thought maybe it would make her answer back sooner but apparently she doesn't respond to blog guilt. Because she takes her sweet time getting around to her turn. (Yes Hildi, this means you!).

So why Gert and Hildi, which are so obviously not our names? Well, my folks used to have this monotone answering machine that was soooo boring I hated hearing it pick up. So one time I decided to be a smartass (color you all surprised, right?!) and leave a fake name and so I said I was "Gertrude von Beaverhausen" (and yes, I totally stole that name from Karen on Will and Grace. So when my dad called back he asked for Gertrude and then he just started calling me Gert. So my sister (of course!) was all like I want a nickname too. So I told her she could be Hildegarde because it sounds like some huge German female bodybuilder. But of course she shortened it to Hildi which sounds all cute. *sticks tongue out at sister*

So last year at my cousin's bridal shower we had to address envelopes to ourselves so she could send thank-you's for the gifts and we both addressed ours to our fake names. It was funny. Well, funny after my cousin figured it out. So, I've even gotten mail addressed to Gertrude. Hehe. Wonder what the hell my mailman thought! So now, you know my deep dark secret. Well OK. So it's not very deep. Or dark. But it's all I got. Your turn?

Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend,


  1. Gertrude was my grandmothers name! So naturally I like it!

    I thought about doing something simular, I was thinking it just yesterday. I thought I would do another blog and post the funny emails I get all the time.

    I have no deep dark secrets, I'm pretty dull. I should work on that, secret agent sounds cool!

  2. Well. THIS is a whole side of you I did not know. I shall have to investigate this further.
    I made Taylor come upstairs out of the Batcave to watch this video. We laughed. You may now pat yourself on the back for managing to elicit a laugh from both mother and son.
    Regina Filange (know where THAT'S from?)

  3. Kathryn ... it's Pheobe's alias on "Friends" ... before she became Princess-Somethin'-or-other-Banana-hammock.

    Spot ... I have read your other blog the odd time - you follow another blog I follow ... I never connected you before. Sigh ... guess I had better add that one too :) 'cause you are right ... you two are pretty funny.

    I, too have another blog ... it isn't nearly as fun. It is my attempt at being an "actual writer" ... so pretty much, it blows. Also there are only three posts on it ... but it still counts.

  4. Multiple blogs? secret identities? Sheesh, Im soooo in the dark here. I will be requesting a bloggers handbook from Amazon immediately after I check out the gert and hildi chronicles. Great Post from an amazing writer! You make me laugh every time!

  5. Heather~ I love Gert. Seriously, I would change my name if I didn't think my parents (ok, my mom) would totally get all pissed off. My dad already calls me Gert more then Stacey anyway. I'm not so much with the deep dark secrets either. I'm pretty much an open book.

    Kathryn~ I knew what it was before Danica blurted it out! Honest! I'm giggling because my son calls his basement room the Batcave as well. You and I really are like twins seperated at birth.

    Danica~ There is no negativity allowed on this blog. Therefore your other blog cannot blow! Can I get to it from your regular blog? I will be investigating that today. I'm glad you like Gert and Hildi although I'm sorry to add to your load. Haha. And it was Princess Consuela Banana Hammock!

    Mark~ You better watch it with the high praise there buddy. Flattery will get you stalked. Just kidding. Or am I?


  6. Yeah ... you can get at it from my page. It is called Flightless Dragon. Be gentle ... I'm more raw about this one. It's surprisingly much MUCH more personal.

    ...and Mark - you are a good one to talk about multiple blogs... You know what I mean. Sorry, Spot for abusing your comments section :)

  7. Not a prob. I will get over to Flightless Dragon soon.