Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'd like to thank the academy...

Sorry dear readers (commenters and lurkers alike)! I spent most of yesterday with Mo before she headed back to Iowa. She made us play Clue and watch movies. Dang, I miss that girl. But my attempts to lure her back home with food and mommy cuddles have so far not exceeded the lure of her boyfriend and the freedom of living on one's own for the first time. *sigh*

And I don't have much time this morning as Sean and I both have Dr. appts today. Blah. But we will raid the video store and pick us some fast food so it won't be a total loss.

So today's post is um...well hopefully not a "toot your own horn" kind of thing. But then again it might be. But it's really meant to be a humongous ginormous THANK YOU!!!

First...I recieved another tag for an award. This one came fromSparky. And it is also a Kreativ Blogger one, but since the image is different, I'm still going to accept it. And gratefully, I might add. Because it's my blog and I do what I want!!! So thank you Sparky!!!

Second...Mindy gave me this amazing review over at her blog~

"My cyber-friend, the blogger-extraordinaire a.k.a “Spot” with What Passes for Sane on a Crazy Day has tagged me to answer 35 questions with one word because she thinks I’m “Over the Top!” Which, all I can say is, that speaks volumes coming from her. She’s flippin’ hilarious and authors one of the blogs that I find myself looking forward to reading on a daily basis. Read it. You’ll be glad you did."

And third, Danica gave me a huge shout out and routed people to my poem!~

"You need to go here CLICK RIGHT HERE and read this poem.

I think this is really REALLY good, and I wanted to share (with anyone who didn't already follow "Spot") her delightfully creepy poem.

Just do it - OKAY?? "

I was stunned. Speechless even. Ok, only for about three seconds, at which time I began screaming "hey everybody!!! Come here!!!" Which really only consisted of Sean and the cats because they were the only people here. But Sean did come into the room. And then I pointed out how awesome I was. And he said~

Sean: oh man. Now your head's going to be all big today. You're going to be walking around going "I'm Spot!" in this "aren't I fantastic?" voice. And no one is even going to know what you're talking about.

Me: Oh they know.

Sean: You're right. Maybe you should get a costume. And a cape. And the next thing you know there will be a huge heart symbol in the sky instead of the bat symbol. And there will be "I ♥ Spot" t-shirts and everything.

Me: Oh my! You think so?

Sean: No. So are you going to take a shower or what?

Okay, so he's a smartass. But I totally like the t-shirt idea...

thanks again everyone!

PS- I will post the required things for the blog award next post!


  1. Oh, you're such a good girl. I am SO FAR BEHIND on my awards stuff (hangs her head in shame). BUT, CRAP keeps happening to ME!

    I would def buy an I (heart) SPOT would know what it meant, or they wud think I like that little doggie from the cardboard books and that's just LAME. So, it wud have to have the disclaimer "not the Spot from those stupid cardboard books...the talented Spot....from Blogville...." or something to this effect.
    I'm gonna stop typing now...I can't see w/my head hanging down and all...

  2. I would buy an 'I heart Spot' too! They would make fabb Christmas prezzies! :)

  3. Kathryn~ That's alot to put on a t-shirt. They probably charge by the letter too so it would be costly. Also, I have a cat named spot. So he might think we were all talking about him and he does have a rather large fan following so it might get confusing.

    Also, I understand the "crap keeps happening to me" thing. Completely. Because funny shit is kind of a regular occurence at our house too. Someday's it's really hard to choose!


  4. Smileyfreak~ Thank you for the comment!! And now that I know there's a market, I may have to put some more thought into this....


  5. I want a T-shirt too!!

    Such publicity, I also mentioned you in today's post. You know the one I promised you.

    You deserve it all! I also can't wait to see your what your next posts will be. You are super funny and spooky! LOL!

  6. Heather~ Thank you very much! I can't wait to see your new post!


  7. are more than welcome! I meant every word. I'm glad you're getting so much recognition for your bad-assness. =)