Sunday, October 18, 2009

Should have stayed in bed...

So it's Sunday morning and I'm slightly disappointed. And really really tired. That's probably my own fault because I stayed up too late watching really bad ghost stuff on TV. And then when I went to bed I saw my book laying there and thought "oh, I should probably finish that". So then I stayed up later reading and still didn't finish it because I fell asleep and dropped the book and it hit me in the face so I threw it on the floor and put out the light.

But this morning I got up and I was all happy because yesterday when I went to town I stopped by my hubby's ex-aunt's- (is that what you call someone who divorces your uncle? and then the uncle dies? but she's still the mother of your cousin?)- bakery and got some donuts. And usually these are my favorite donuts but today they just didn't taste good. Then I went online and read this blog that I found last week and thought was insane and hilariously funny, but after a week I've decided that it's just insane. *sigh* And Sean is playing an xbox game in here because I bought him a new xbox (well it was a late bday present) and he didn't want to put it downstairs in the Batcave because the last one got all kinds of cat fur and dust in it and died. So it's in the family room. We also moved the big TV up here which is crazy because the couch is only like 4 feet from the TV but it's awesome for watching movies on! Anyway his game is really loud and he's sick so he keeps snuffling and coughing and it's really throwing me off my "A" game. (Stop that! Of course I have game!)

So last night when I was watching the ghost shows on Bio., there was this psychic and she was talking about the presence she felt and then she was all like "omg. I'm getting goosebumps and that means that what I'm saying is 90 to 95% accurate". The Hell?? What kind of self respecting psychic comes with a disclaimer?? And does that mean if she's saying something and doesn't get goosebumps she's only 20% accurate and there's a good chance she's totally making this shit up?? I was very nonplussed.

And then they had this girl who'd apparently been haunted because she started playing with tarot cards. And she tried to make herself all out to be this great tarot card reader but she said she did a "Celtic" spread only she pronounced it "sell-tick". And if you can't pronounce it properly you probably should not be doing it and deserve whatever you get! Yes, I know that people get confused because of the whole Boston Celtics (pronounced "sellticks") but since the tarot card spread was passed down from an ancient race of people and not a basketball team you should probably not pronounce it like that. Geez! Where do they find these people?!

Hmmm...reading back through all this, I may or may not be a little cranky and snarky. I think I might go for a walk to shake this mood. Sorry. But I promise you a story to amaze and astonish you tomorrow! Seriously.

fake psychics and stupid peeps,

PS- while I was getting the link to for you to link it up, I took the "find your dead celebrity soulmate" quiz and came up with King Henry the VIII. Hahaha. Of course. I've always been fascinated by him. The young handsome him, not the old fat him with the disgusting smelly gimpy leg. And really I'm not all that attached to my head...


  1. Spot, I really like reading your posts. I am going to make a point of using the word nonplussed in a future blog. Oh yeah, if it's my blog that went from insanely funny to just insane, sorry, I will try to do better! My dead celeb soul mate was Mata Hari. Hey I'd hit dat! lol

  2. Aw. I'm glad you enjoy my posts! And of course it was not your blog that let me down. And feel free to use nonplussed in a future blog.

    Mata Hari, that's fun! I wonder what all celebs they have? I mean, could somebody get Hitler or Lizzie Borden? There are some very unsavory characters in boggles the mind....


  3. My hubby watches all that stuff like psychics and ghost hunters. I am still not convinced they are real, the ones on tv, that is.

    Henry the 8th! That is a little scary, he liked to kill his wives!

    Hope your walk made you feel better.

  4. Oh, Spot! Everyone's entitled to an "off" day! I can't seem to remember when that spooky stuff is on, so I can't offer an opinion...other than the typical cynical New Yorker's take, which basically means it's probably all fake anyway.

    Ya know what I'm sayin' to you? (Said like the Godfadder)

    Wawk, my friend....come and wawk & tawk wit me.....

  5. We all must be snarky sometimes. In the end it makes us feel better. Luv ya. Feel better

  6. Heather~ my hubby will only reluctantly watch it but my son will depending on what it is. Lots of times I'm on my own though! I looovvveee the Ghost Hunters! They're best because they have a realistic attitude and do debunk some stuff. Thanks for your comment and the walk did help!

    Kathryn~ My sister and I text when it's on because we both love it. And if I can't watch, at least I know when to set my dvr! And yes, I'm convinced alot of it's fake on tv but I still get a kick out of it! Goofy or not. =]

    Roxy~ thanks! I do!


  7. Now were all afraid that we've been reclassified from hilarious to insane.

    By the way, maybe she was playing with Boston Celtic collectors cards, then her pronunciation would be forgivable. Beware the faces of Bob Cousy and KC Jones, they portend dark changes...

    Oh, now I see, I am insane.

  8. Omg. Omg. Omg. Straight guy reads my blog?! Hmmm...I see your point about the Basketball cards. That is scary!

    And you are not just insane, you are funny as well! No, I don't leave comments on the aforementioned blog because I just want to tell this person that I think they might need medication. So if I comment your're in the clear. And this person is not in my sidebar. Even though I still read the blog because it's kind of like a train wreck and I just can't look away...

    Thanks for the comment!