Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Pantry Ghost...

So I'm a little pressed for time today. Had an early appointment today, ran to the grocery store, video store, and brought Sean home McDonald's (because I'm the most awesome mom in the world). We watched a spooky movie while we ate it (of course). And it was actually pretty good. It had Tim Daly, you know that guy from that old sitcom Wings? I've always thought he was a cutie. Tom Arnold was also in it. And it had a perfect blend of spooky and funny to it. But of course the ending was a huge let down. I hate endings that leave you going...but wait? What? That's the end? But if you want to give it a go, for the laughs at least, it was called The Skeptic. It's on the new release wall at Blockbuster. Anyway, then I laid down because I had a massive headache, which I'm going to blame on the rain. Then I had to straighten the house really good because Roxy (my bff) is coming over tonight and bringing Pizza. Yay Roxy!!

But I didn't want our ghost streak to end so I'm going to share one (well two, actually) of my favorite ghost footage videos. I've seen a tremendous amount of ghost hunting shows, books, websites, and footage. These videos scare the living daylights out of me!!! I don't see any way they could be faked. Oddly enough, I first saw them on an episode of Maury. He did a ghost show and my hubby was kind enough to dvr it for me. He watches Maury while getting ready to head out to work in the mornings and I'm often still asleep. The video was taken by the owner of the home, who I understand put the house up for sale very soon after this. As would I! Supposedly there is a documentary on the pantry ghost, but I can't locate a copy.

The videos are self explanatory if you listen to the audio and they are well worth the viewing. Unless you get scared might not want to do this! So I hope you enjoy them as much as me, my daughter, my son and my sister did. Even my hubby was mildly impressed.

Be sure to listen to the audio in this one:

I guess there are some videos of people trying to debunk this one. I watched and was not convinced. It didn't sound like a plausible debunking to me. I suppose it's possible it's faked, but that doesn't mean that it is!

shivers & goosebumps,


  1. I'm too askeerd to watch it. I DO NOT LIKE things that are SCARY. And since I'M not changing and YOU'RE not changing, we'll have to agree to disagree.

  2. Oh, I would have liked to watch them. I have dial-up and for every minute of video takes an hour to load. Sorry.

  3. Thanks for the warning, Spot! You are the coolest ghost girl I know.
    ( So I actually covered my eyes while I scrolled to get down here...\\\0.0/// ! )

  4. Kathryn~ Really? Okay. Sorry to be doing my best to spook you. But that's totally what the month of October is for...I mean really why put such a cool holiday as Halloween at the end of it if you didn't want people to spend the whole month working up anticipation?

    Heather~ Awww. That bites. Darn dial-up! I'm very sorry you didn't get to see them as I'm sure you would have enjoyed!

    Cynica~ Thanks! I would love to be one of those "ghost tour" tour guides. But unfortunately we don't live anywhere close to a city large enough to have one.

    Thanks ladies for visiting my blog, even if you didn't see the videos! Lol. Trust me, they were scary. =]


  5. Oooooh! I love to read about and watch the videos of ghost sightings. Some of them are downright creepy and seem WAY too realistic to be faked.

    You should see the move "Paranormal Activity." VERY suspenseful and creepy.

  6. Can't believe Maury did a ghost show. Unless the ghost was maybe some chicks baby-daddy. lol