Thursday, October 15, 2009

Aack! I will never go MIA again. Wait, that's probably a lie...

So I haven't been online in like two days. I know right?! You're probably all like omg did you have withdrawal symptoms? Were you deathly ill? Wtf? But no. I wasn't deathly ill. I may or may not have had the shakes. My daughter got home Monday and she had Dr.s appointments and an infinite list of things to accomplish and then I had to spend time with my family and grocery shop and well, my other life seriously cut into my computer life if you will. So I've spent all morning trying to catch up with at least everyone's most recent blogs and now my head feels like it may possibly explode. But I did have a wonderful time hanging out with Molly and Sean for the last two days. And I have a new tattoo to show for it. See what happens when I'm not online??!

First...Monday my husband comes home from his side job and since we have to meet our oldest adopted son and his gf who's also my bff for dinner that night since it's Brian's bday my hubby hops right in the shower. When he gets out of the shower he says-

him: What kind of dope are you smoking?

Me: (completely confused bc I'm not smoking dope, I'm laying on the couch in the family room half heartedly looking at a magazine while Molly spends an entire hour looking for a photo to put on her new blog.) Huh?

him: The Boogeyman post (read it on G & H). What the hell?

Me: (getting up and following him into our room) What do you mean? How did you even see that? I posted it while you were gone. (Plus, I don't think he even knows how to get to my blog. He's technoretarded.)

him: your friend was reading it on her iphone and she came and read it to me and Brian.

Me: So you didn't think it was funny? (He so doesn't get me).

him: sure it was funny. (Thanks for the ringing endorsement dear.) She was laughing hysterically, that's why she read it to us.

Me: But you didn't think it was funny? (I may or may not have used my pouty voice here.)

him: Sure it was funny. (He's so overboard with the praise.) But where do you come up with this shit?

Me: um. Maybe if you paid attention when I was talking you'd realize that I say this kind of shit all the time. This is further proof that you tune me out. Ha! You've just busted yourself.

him: OK punkin. (That's what he says when he's humoring me.)

And then Tuesday morning he did it again. I got up, felt like death warmed over and had to go to town to run 50 bajillion errands with the kids. So I stumbled into the kitchen to get coffee and he was making a sandwich-

him: What's up cutie?

Me: I think I woke up in hell, but it looks suspiciously like a Tuesday morning.

him: (no response he just went back to making his sandwich)

But on the plus side, Mo was in one of her "I'm bored and need to do something drastic" moods so she talked me & Sean into getting the tattoos we'd been talking about for months. I got "mathair" on my right wrist, which is Gaelic for mother. She got "deirfiur" which is sister in Gaelic and Sean got "dearthair" which is brother. But that is a whole other blog. With a picture.

missed you like the crazy person that I am,


  1. Hey- thanks for the sweet compliment today! I feel better that your husband doesn't "get" you. Mine doesn't "get" me either and I used to feel like Oh no- what a colossal waste of humor but then I found the interwebs and yay- lotsa people who get me, so he's good for some other junk. He can't even remember the name of my blog. "Happy hours...and meals....???"

  2. Glad to have you back, Spot ... I know Mark's been havin' withdrawal :)

    Nobody seems to "get" me anymore ... well 'cept you guys ... I luz ya for dat.

  3. I totally missed the comment with the heart at the end.

    It's my fave...and I was SO going through withdrawl...

    Glad you had a few, nice "unplugged" days :)

  4. Yup, missed you!

    Not very many people understand us.
    Mine and hubby's humor are probaly the only things we "get" about each other. The rest of the time we are saying "Who are you?". Which then brings out the laughter again.

    Wow, you still get called "Cutie"! Lucky girl!

  5. Wow! Can't wait to see the pics of the tats....glad your day improved...loved the "woke up in hell, but it's Tuesday" reference...

    Hubby needs to learn to get you. Tell him he must work on this....

  6. Hey, welcome back! I'm glad you had some "me" time...or "you" time. Whatever kind of time you had. And I can tell from your comments on my posts that you "get" me...unlike the man who I've committed myself to I've given up reading my posts to him. Talk about a buzzkill.

  7. Well I guess it's my turn to vanish next and I would too if just for once the voices would say it's ok. They never do.
    I was getting a posse together to hunt you down but when they found out I wasn't a rapper and they weren't being hired for that kind of posse they all took their pot and left. So goes my life.
    I am glad you're back and even gladder you weren't sick. Who knows how long it would take to mix up a batch of vaccine for blog-flu. Sounds like you had an awesome time with the family. Thats cool.

  8. Sue~ I so know the feeling. I don't know which is worse~ when he stares at me blankly and shakes his head or when he just goes back to what he's doing. Oh well! Indeed, my blog buds get me! And thankfully so do my kids. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the comment. And your welcome!

    Danica~ thanks! It's good to be back!

    Jessica~ thanks for stopping by and commenting. Thanks for the compliments and thanks for missing me!

    Heather~ I say that to my husband alot. "who are you?" but it's usually not in a good way. I think people are continually growing and changing and sometimes it's not in the same direction as the other person. But at least I have you guys to "get" me. =]

    Kathryn~ he used to get me. Just somewhere along the way lost that ability! And yes, that day thankfully got lots better! Thanks for the comment!

    Mindy~ I do "get" you! And I know you get me! Buzzkill is so the right word for it! Thanks for the comment!

    Mark~Aww...sorry about your ever so demanding voices! And I'm sorry the posse left you. Damn hip hop riff raff! And I did have an awesome time with my kids. Thanks!

    I missed all you guys too!!!